How To Choose The Best Nail Dust Collector

How to choose the best nail dust collector? You may have often faced an awkward situation while stepping into a professional salon. The masks over the manicurists make it a little creepy. And, obviously, it’s not the most welcoming sight one would expect while entering the salon. The main priority of any professional salon should be to provide the best services to its customers. It should be able to make their clients comfortable and valued. And, often it has been seen that these masks prove to be pretty much unwelcoming. The warm smile and friendly words that anyone would expect while entering the salon. This can sum up your unwelcoming attitude towards your clients.

How to choose the best nail dust collector:

How to choose the best nail dust collectorTherefore, in order to ease your jobs, Nail dust collectors have been launched in the market. They are considered to be the essential component of a manicure table. It is very obvious that during manicuring, there can be a release of filing nail dust, fungal spores from the toenails, chemicals, and other minute particles.

These particles are so light weighted that they keep floating in the atmosphere. They also tend to settle on the surfaces and most importantly, we may even end up breathing in that toxic cloud of dust and chemicals. Obviously, this does not sound healthy or hygienic at all. Also, no client will ever like to go into those salons which equip a huge cloud of nail dust around its manicure section. Here is the answer of How to choose the best nail dust collector.

What is a nail dust collector?

This equipment is a piece of masterpiece. It has been designed in such a way that it can suck in those throat-choking dust particles with efficiency. Though they are meant to be used only in the salons, yet they prove to be multifunctional. They can also be used at homes to absorb those noxious dusty clouds. It is essential to know the meaning of dust collector before learning how to choose the best nail dust collector.

What are the pre-requisites of the best nail dust collector?

  • Its design: This is also an important factor to consider. It decides the functionality of the equipment. Your set How to choose the best nail dust collector - dust collectorof nail dust collector must be designed in such a way that it can dissolve in the salon’s décor. It should also be able to fit in within the space available in your salon. The most important factor is that you must be able to use it in the way as you desire to.
  • Its ventilation: Always make sure that your set of nail dust collector comes pre-equipped with good ventilation. It must be able to suck in those noxious clouds without getting overheated.
  • Dustbags: It has been seen that some nail dust collectors come with dust bags rather than those trays. Before, buying your own set, do make sure that the dust bags are reusable and washable too. Also, go through a deep check-in determining how many bags can be availed in one purchase. These bags come really handy when it comes to collection of nail dust and throwing them without any hassle.
  • Power Consumption: This factor must be considered before you go buying your own nail dust collector. You must be well aware of how much power the device consumes and whether it comes pre-equipped with any sort of voltage protection. You must also consider its efficiency and compare it with other nail dust collectors before making your purchase.


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