How To Create Sparkle Nails At Home?

In this same old monotonous life, a little blink of sparkle always adds a livelier outlook. Similarly, adding up sparkle to your nails is a great way of getting a glamorous and sophisticated appearance. How to create sparkle nails at home is a question with a very simple answer. Sparkle nails can be achieved with the help of a sparkle nail polish or by applying loose sparkle over regular nail polish. Unlike everybody’s belief, it is a much simpler process if it is done following a step by step technique.

Sparkle nails can be created at home by using two techniques. The first one will result in nails all covered with vibrant sparkle, it is ideally used for night parties and special occasions. On the other hand, the second technique will have a sprinkle of sparkle on the nail polish for a more sophisticated and elegant look.

How to create sparkle nails at home

Always apply a base coat

base coat nail polish
  • It is necessary to apply a base coat at the start of any manicure as it removes the excess moisture from your nails and makes it smooth for even application of nail polish.
  • It is recommended to use a non-acetone base coat for the prevention of harmful chemicals on nails.
  • After applying a base coat you may apply a nail polish depending upon the color of sparkle you are choosing for your nails.
  • If you are going for vibrant multi-colored sparkles then go for a bit subtle and nude nail polish.
  • Similarly, it is best to choose a darker shade for the application of light-colored sparkles.

1st Technique – Apply a sheet of sparkles on the nails


This technique doesn’t come with the need for applying a nail polish before the addition of sparkles. In this, a base coat is enough since there is no point in applying a nail polish when it won’t be seen under the sparkles.

  • Dip your nails in a pot or container of sparkles.
  • Roll them back and forth so that the sparkles get evenly stuck on the sides and edges.
  • Sometimes there might be an extra sparkle on the cuticles but no worries it can be easily removed with the help of a shadow brush.

2nd Technique – Apply a Nail polish with sparkle

how to create sparkle nails at home - sparkle nail polish

This one demands a nail polish of vibrant color for a glamorous and awesome look. 

  • All you need to do is apply nail polish.
  • Add a sprinkle of sparkle by your finger on the nails while the nail polish is still wet or directly apply a nail polish which already has bits of sparkle in it.
  • This is a well to do and easy method for getting desired sparkled nails

Sparkle nails are a perfect match for someone who always looks for dazzles and shine. It is altogether something different from the usual shades and textures of the nail polish. For a long-lasting sparkle finish it is always advised to apply at least two topcoats over the sparkles so that they are settled perfectly. Be careful not to wipe up the sparkles while applying the topcoats.

Now that you have learnt how to create sparkle nails at home, you can save money and spend on other things. Keep sparkling!


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