How To File Toenails?

How to file toenails? Feet are the foundation of our body but we never tend to take care of it as we should. We usually are enough concerned about our fingernails but most of us don’t really bother about toenails.

It is important to keep in mind that ignoring the condition of our feet especially our toenails may lead to a lot of infections and embarrassing appearance. Even if we are really busy, we can at least take out 5-10 minutes to do the basic care for our toenails like filing them.

Filing the toenails will keep them healthy and in shape for a good time. Filing should be done in a proper way to avoid pain and any unnecessary damage.

Steps that show how to file toenails in a proper way.

Always use a clipper before filing

toenail clipper
  • It is recommended to use a clipper before filling the toenails since a clipper helps in removing all the sharp edges and outgrown nails.
  • A clipper makes the process of filing quite easier and more effective.
  • Large clippers should be used for long and hard toenails to avoid excessive effort and any kind of damage.

Use a proper technique

toenail filer
  • There is a proper technique for filling the nails for the best results.
  • The filer should be held firmly in between the thumb and index finger.
  • It should be kept at 90 degrees all the time.
  • Keep in mind to use the filer in a single direction as using it in a backward and forward motion can lead to ingrowth of toenails.
  • Use the filer in the same direction till you achieve your desired shape. Always make sure to use the filer safely without causing any damage to the toenails and nail bed.
  • Using it safely and in a proper technique will give great results in a small span of time.

Aftercare of the toenails

how to file toenails - nail repair pen
  • After filing the toenails, remove the nail dust with cotton or a damp towel. Check for any sharp edges or uneven and frisky surfaces by passing a cloth and ensuring the nails don’t stick to it.
  • Applying an aloe Vera gel or vitamin E will make the toe beds smooth and soft.
  • It is recommended to use a nail polish accompanied by a nail hardener for a beautiful appearance and long-lasting care of your nails.

This is exactly how to file toenails. There is no need to fret if you had been filing the nails in a wrong way, all you have to do is file the nails using a proper technique on the next time you file your nails. To make your feet perfectly healthy and beautiful you should start taking care of calluses and heels as well.

Cleaning the heels and calluses with an exfoliating scrub in warm water every week is enough for getting the desired results. Remember that there is nothing that could not be changed or modified, just proper care and enough efforts are needed.



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