How To Grow Eyelashes?

Eyelashes are the small hair that we have at the edge of our eyelid. It protects us from dust and bugs and warns us about their presence near our eyes. Some have long and thick eyelashes, while some have less or maybe like none. At times we also face hair fall of our lashes.

How To Grow Eyelashes?

How To Grow Eyelashes

Today we are going to talk about all the questions you have in mind like, how to make your eyelashes grow?”, “how to make your eyelashes longer?”  “how long do eyelashes take to grow back?” and many more. So let us start with the frequently asked question.


  1. How to grow your eyelashes?

Moving to your eyelashes and the DIY hacks that you can do to grow your eyelashes before seeking any medical treatment for the fall of eyelashes. But do check with your dermatologist about any new trick or product that you want to try over yourself. It is good to have an opinion from others, especially when the other person is a master in it.

Now, coming to the question of how to make your lashes grow? Let us find out.

  • Usage of olive oil: It is said that olive oil can improve the overall structure of the eyelashes. Simply using the olive oil by brushing it with a cleaned mascara brush is a tip to try out this trick, which can also be stated with “how to grow eyelashes naturally?”
  • It is made naturally with natural ingredients like olive lavender, almond in a combination. It is organic. Did you just ask how do you grow eyelashes naturally?
  • You can try an eyelash growth serum, which you can get with the recommendation of your doctor. You will always find several eye serums in the market but pick the one that will suit your eyelashes.
  • Vitamin E, the most popular among all the celebs and has been used for a long to strengthen and moisturize your eyelashes, and if you always wonder in market questioning “how can we grow eyelashes naturally?” Then this is for you.
  • Comb your eyelashes with brushes, which enhances the eyelashes to appear long and make them look beautiful.
  • Are you the one who keeps on asking “how to grow lashes naturally?but do not understand from where and with what to start, then this hack is for you. Coconut oil, an easy and available product at home that is handy and can be used conveniently. Applying coconut oil on your eyelashes before and after bathing helps the less loss of protein.

 All the above, are the hacks, that you can use to answer the question “how to make eyelashes grow?”

  1. Wondering how to get longer eyelashes?

  • Using petroleum jelly to moisturize the lashes. Brush the lashes with the jelly and leave overnight. Wash your eyes in the morning.
  • Good nutrition, the only answer remaining constant for all the eyelashes queries.
  • Application of green tea on eyelashes treats the hair loss problem. It contains vitamins and antioxidants, which are good for the lashes.
  • Next time when you question how to make eyelashes longer?” peep into the gardens and see aloe vera waving at you. The flesh and the liquid of aloe-vera are good for the hair nutrients and make the hair strong.
  1. How to grow eyelashes with Vaseline?

Firstly, this product is not as expensive as the skincare product one buys. It is budget-friendly.

  • Have you ever wondered how can eyelashes grow longer? If yes, then this hack will help you. Usage of Vaseline over eyelashes make it look longer and also thicker. This hack is inexpensive and can be used whenever you wish for it as this product is available at home.
  • The chance of reaction with this product is less, if you are going through any eyelid dermatitis, then applying Vaseline may provide moisture to your eyelashes.
  • This is the simple answer to your brainstorming questions of “how to get longer lashes?” With a simple skincare routine and also with a simple yet powerful product.
  1. Does biotin grow eyelashes?

If you are someone who keeps on looking for hair growth of eyelashes or hair on your head or otherwise, you might have heard of biotin. In the case of eyelashes, some may even consider biotin as the answer to their question of “how to grow your lashes?” to be honest one must be aware of the product they use for hair growth. And maybe biotin isn’t the right product for hair growth, and without any backing of science to it, it still popular among the pages of “how to make lashes grow?”

Biotin is popular based on the personal experiences of the people, who review the product with their positive experiences. Therefore, making the product popular in town. 

  1. How to grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home?

Who doesn’t love long and thick eyelashes? And it is believed that eyelashes hold their place in the book of beauty standards. From common people to celebrities, people love luscious lashes.

  • Use shea butter, which is rich in vitamin A and vitamin E, which is the main source to strengthen your eyelashes, and also nourish the hair follicles enhancing the growth of the eyelashes.

Method of usage: Take shea butter on your fingertips and gently massage your eyelashes with the fingertips. Follow this procedure daily before going to bed and wash your face in the morning for the best results. It will provide you with stronger and thicker hair.

  • Castor oil: This oil is a hair growth stimulant and with its fatty acids providing healthy eyelashes and better growth for eyelashes. And it is also the most answered the question of “how do you grow eyelashes?” Castor oil is the answer to many hair problem questions be it “how to get thicker eyelashes?” to “how to get longer eyelashes?”

Method of usage: With the help of a Q-tip, apply the castor oil on your lashes and leave it overnight. Rinse your face in the morning. Following this method daily, will give you great results with the rise in volume and also in the length of the lashes.

  • Using lemon-infused olive oil for your eyelashes. The lemon is the hair growth stimulant, while the olive oil nourishes the eyelashes from their roots and promotes the growth of the hair.
  • Method of usage: Soak one lemon peel in the olive oil in the morning and apply the oil at night on your eyelashes.
  1. How to make your eyelashes grow overnight?

We all love eyelashes, it makes us look pretty and also provide an edge to the make-up we apply. We do have all the fake lashes, mascaras, and other products, but still one loves natural more than artificial eyelashes any day.

How can eyelashes grow faster overnight? Do you think it is possible? Let’s see it step by step.

  • The first thing that would strike your mind is the growth serum, but not all serum work or are okay. The market is filled with fake products and one must be aware while choosing a product, as you are dealing with a sensitive part of the body. It must be handled with care and the top quality product must be used.
  • The classic method of opting the petroleum jelly for growing eyelashes overnight. To apply the petroleum jelly on your eyelashes using a cotton swab. You can also use your hands but make sure it is clean. The general purpose is to protect the eyelashes from the substances present externally, it will moisture the eyelash and also make them big.
  • Using egg white and oil is another method to grow your lashes. If you are okay with the smell of the egg then you can apply it to your eyelash. The egg is filled with protein and thus applying the same will provide protein to the lashes and help them to grow big and luscious. Take the egg whites and mix oil in them and apply on the lashes. Use once a week. 
  1. How fast do eyelashes grow?

You mostly do not notice when your eyelashes fall out, but you start noticing it when it starts to fall out rapidly.

The eyelashes grow typically from 0.12 millimeters to 0.14 millimeters. People always wonder how fast do eyelashes grow back it is because you have about 100-160 eyelashes on the upper lid and 70-80 on the lower. 

  1. How to regrow eyelashes?

You may be wondering how can eyelashes grow back and speed up their growth.

  • Supplementing with vitamins for hair growth. Such as biotin which promotes growth and helps to convert the nutrients to energy helping your hair grow.
  • Adopting a healthy diet. Good food means good skin and hair. One must include fatty fish, nuts, sweet potatoes that might promote your hair growth.
  1. Do your eyelashes grow back?

When you open the internet to look upon the article for eyelashes, you will stumble on a variety of questions like “how to grow eyelashes fast?”, “how does it take to grow eyelashes back?” “how to get eyelashes to grow?” etc

Most of the questions are how do you grow eyelashes back fast or how to grow longer eyelashes to which we can say that one must use a natural method that is safe and does not cause any harm to the eyelashes.

Asking about eyelashes growth, it does grow after fall out, and if it doesn’t, you must seek medical attention. It can be any health-related problem.

Eating right always solves the problem.

  1. How long for eyelashes to grow back?

The growing back of eyelashes depends on the reason for its fall out. If the fallout is natural, then the eyelash will grow back naturally.

Pull out: It might take six weeks to grow back in case of a cut or burn, but in case of pull out it might take longer.

Eyelash extension: If you use extensions then remember you might damage your eyelid follicle temporarily or permanently cause of the glue which attaches the extension to your lids. And for the eyelashes to grow back, it might take six weeks with no permanent damages.

Chemo: In the case of chemo, it will take several weeks for the eyelashes to grow.

As we have seen how to make eyelashes grow back, now let us also know how to get your eyelashes to grow with care

  • Handle with care: be careful while removing your make-up, gently wipe off your makeup rather than rubbing it vigorously.
  • Always remove your make up before sleeping, never sleep with make-up. Sleeping with eye make-up can cause harm to your eyelash hair making it weak and can also cause acne and dark circles.
  • Use products that are branded and never use cheap quality eye make up which can harm your eyelashes. Use mascara of high quality from a renowned brand, also never use expired products on your eyes it can cause a major effect on your eyelashes.
  • Be careful with eyelash tools, always be gentle while using eyelash tools. Do not curl your eyelash with curler when the mascara is applied, as the wet hair tends to fall out much easier than any other time. Avoid using eyelash curler as it damages your eyelashes.
  • Last but not the least, good food habits, it is underrated but it is the most needed and crucial part of having healthy eyelashes. Good food provides the nutrients and proteins which is required for strong, long, and thick hair.

There are various hacks for beautiful and healthy eyelashes with organic products and also with some medically recommended products. Some people are lucky to have naturally thick and long eyelashes, where some people struggle to have one. If you think you cannot do anything about the natural eyelashes’ volume and length or have you ever thought about how to grow eyelashes back then congrats, as you can do that.

Few more tips for your eyelashes

  • Do take makeup breaks. Some of the components in the eye make up like mascara can make your eyelashes dry so, do take a break from your make up.
  • Cleansing your face and rinsing your eyes with some clean water always clears out the dirt and other substances from it. Removing making properly with the help of cleansers like olive oil is a good option other than the chemical remover.


Hi, I am Purtika. I am a Beauty and Fashion vlogger. I like to try out beauty products and experiment with makeup ideas. My hobbies include reading, cooking and obviously shopping.

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