How to Sharpen Tweezers?

People who wish to get rid of ingrown hairs, extra brow hairs, or wish to place the false lashes in the exact position very well know how essential tweezers are! The best way according to most people to get rid of unwanted body hairs is, using a tweezer which is why we came up with ridiculously easy solutions for how to sharpen tweezers!

Before we begin, why do we even have to do that? As in, do you have to sharpen tweezers? Well, yes! Unless you’re okay with bearing the pain from dull tweezers. Using a dull tweezer for hair removal can be extremely painful and clumsy too. Blunt ends easily slip the hair off and increase the pain. In worst cases, the hair is broken, and it is difficult to even grab these tiny ones. This is why do you have to sharpen tweezers whenever you find them dull or blunt.

What to Use to Sharpen Tweezers?

how to sharpen tweezers

When we know why it is obvious that we try to know how to do it. So, before we proceed to find out how to sharpen tweezers, here are what to use to sharpen tweezers

  • A nail file or an emery board,
  • Sandpaper,
  • A pair of scissors,
  • A Dremel,
  • A knife sharpener, etc.

Let’s discuss how to sharpen dull tweezers using each of the tools mentioned above individually:

How to Sharpen Tweezers with Emery Board?

how to sharpen tweezers

Emery board or nail file is a common way of sharpening tweezers at home. Most people found this method to be handy and convenient among all the others based on how to sharpen tweezers at home. There are various nail file types available to us like emery boards, metal files, etc. We need a double-sided file to sharpen the tweezers properly. Here is how to sharpen tweezers with a nail file or how to sharpen tweezers with an emery board

  • Close the tweezers’ ends around the nail file. Hold the tweezers using the dominant hand and the file with the other, and ensure that the nail file stays firm and doesn’t fall off.
  •  Pinch the tweezer such that the tips are pressed against the file.
  • Now, start pulling the tweezer across the file. The motion should be short yet sharp. Apply gentle pressure on the tweezers and start moving them across the file’s ends. We need to repeat this process until we feel our tweezers are sharp enough.
  •  Rinse them thoroughly before starting to use them. There are chances of metal pieces and dirt accumulation during sharpening. Cleaning ensures that there will not be any unwanted deposits on our faces. We can use our hands to clean the tweezers while running them underwater.

It is best to sanitize our tweezers after each use to avoid infections. This is how to sharpen tweezers with a nail file.  This also applies to how to sharpen tweezers with an emery board. The same applies to sandpaper too. We’ll use sandpaper in the same way as the nail file, and the rest remains as it is.

How to Sharpen Tweezers with Scissors?

how to sharpen tweezers

Not everyone possesses a nail file at home. So, how to sharpen tweezers at home? Don’t worry, we can use a pair of scissors! The following is the process for how to sharpen tweezers with scissors.

  •  Grab your scissors and split them in half.
  •  Position the blunt tweezers’ ends into the scissor blade.
  • Press the tweezers against the scissor blades to have a proper grip and pull them across the blade ends.
  •  Repeat the process until you reach the desired sharpness. Don’t overdo the process, as the tweezers might end up being too sharp.

That’s how to sharpen your tweezers with a pair of scissors. We don’t have to buy any equipment or take professional help, for a pair of scissors are owned by everyone!

One thing to note here is, whenever we talk about how to sharpen our tweezers, most of us will think of sandpapers in the first place. Of course, sandpapers are one of the easiest ways. But not everyone is comfortable using them. This is why most of us search for how to sharpen tweezers without sandpaper.

Things are easy for us now! The steps we’d mentioned above work for how to sharpen tweezers without sandpaper, for we aren’t using it there! The best part here about how to sharpen tweezers at home is that we don’t need specific tools and equipment to carry out the process.

People also search for how to sharpen tweezers with Dremel and how to sharpen tweezers with a knife sharpener. It is possible to increase our tweezers’ sharpness using a Dremel or a knife sharpener. But they are slightly complicated and we might end up getting hurt.

Tweezer Hacks and useful tips

how to sharpen tweezers

Apart from knowing how can you sharpen tweezers, we need to know the level of sharpness required. Too much sharpening may lead to wounds, and insufficient levels may cause pain. How do we know when to stop the process and how to sharpen dull tweezers? By knowing the purpose of using tweezers! If you know where to use the tweezers that can help in understanding how can you sharpen tweezers.

Some commonly found tweezers that aid in deciding how do you sharpen tweezers are listed below:

  1. Slant Tip Tweezers

These are the most commonly used tweezers and are also known as the classic slant tip tweezers. They serve the best to detangle brow hairs. So, for those looking for how to sharpen eyebrow tweezers, you must be having the slant tip tweezers with you! They also help in placing false lashes perfectly. They are known to have excellent grips due to the slant surfaces. We can find that most information related to how to sharpen eyebrow tweezers covers the slant tip tweezers more.

  1. Pointed Slant Tweezers

This baddy is a combination of pointed and slant tip tweezers. Though the slant here is severe, we will still feel the same way as in the case of slant tweezers. These aren’t so sharp as the pointed tweezers but still manage to tweeze fine hairs decently.

  1. Pointed Tweezers

Using the pointed tweezers is tricky as their ends are extremely sharp and pointed. Unless we have steady and firm hands, we’ll end up getting badly hurt. Their magic is for the shortest and thinnest hairs. The pointed ends make them ideal for removing splinters and ingrown hairs too. We need to be extremely careful while thinking of how do you sharpen tweezers of this kind as they are probably the sharpest of all.

  1. Round Tip Tweezers

Tweezers with round tips work best for straight tweezing. They are known to pull more hair at once when compared to others. This makes them ideal for tweezing from different angles. The round tip tweezers are probably the safest of all tweezer types. The process involved for how do u sharpen tweezers of this kind is very easy when compared to others.

  1. Arched Claw Tweezers

The arched claw tweezers are the best to see how much hair is trapped between the ends. This is because they have arched claws with more leverage. They work the best for tweezing hard areas like areas around bikini lines, light-colored or short hairs, etc. These areas are usually hard to tweeze as they aren’t easily seen.

  1. Flat Tip Tweezers

People searching for how to sharpen eyelash tweezers mostly own flat tip tweezers. They aren’t advised for regular tweezing as they pull out too much hair at a time. They work the best for applying false lashes. The searches related to how to sharpen eyelash tweezers mostly relate to flat tip tweezers as they are known to be the best way of setting the lashes right.

  1. Wide Grip Tweezers

These tweezers come in various tip shapes but with a wide body. The motto behind providing these tweezers with wider bodies than all the others is to ensure better grip and comfort levels. So, using wide grip tweezers improves a person’s tweezing skills.

These are the various types of tweezers available to us in general. Based on the usage, you can decide how do you sharpen tweezers. As mentioned earlier, we can use various props like an emery board, knife sharpeners, Dremel, sandpaper, scissors, etc., to sharpen our tweezers. The process is almost the same but, the tool used decides the level of sharpening.

We also need to know which prop works the best for what type of tweezer. Pointed tweezers may not go well with sandpaper but, an emery board can work well. So, we should be able to pick the appropriate tool and carry out the process accordingly. Having said that, people mostly find sharpening with scissors more convenient, for they are ever available! The same applies to nail files as well.


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