How to Use Beauty Blender?

The beauty world would be forever grateful to the infamous makeup artist Rea Ann for the beauty blenders. Over time, people realized that brushes aren’t entirely up to the mark in giving us the look we are craving for. After all, how can we get that with uneven coverages? That is when Rea came up with the beauty blenders giving natural and even coverages. Let us see how to use beauty blender for applying various beauty products.

Blenders over Brushes and Other Makeup Sponges

how to use beauty blenderMakeup sponges were a professional’s tool until recent times. Though they are in existence for quite some time, sponges weren’t a common man’s thing. Only qualified makeup professionals used them to create flawless looks. It is because people didn’t know how to use beauty blender in the right way.

Once a lot of people became familiar with how to use makeup sponge, there was no stopping from then! There are different tools like brushes, other makeup sponges, etc., but the magic created by a beauty blender cannot be matched! Don’t be fooled that we can use the blender for foundation only. There is so much we can do with these little tears if we know how to use a blending sponge!

Beauty Blenders – Uses

how to use beauty blender

We can play around with our looks just by knowing how to use a blending sponge. Most people are fond of these blenders than brushes and other makeup tools. Before we begin with the detailed usage guide, we would like to clear the air by breaking a common myth. Most people believe that beauty blenders can be used for normalizing face foundations and nothing else.

These words are nowhere near reality. Apart from face foundation, beauty blenders can be used for other makeup products like bb cream, concealer, etc. We’ll go by with everything in detail. But before that, here is a general guide on how to use beauty blender.

Usage Guide

There are some things to keep in mind before knowing how to use beauty blender. In short, the following steps are a pre-prep to how to use beauty blender. Following these will ensure flawless looks and improves blenders’ lifespan.

  1. Pre-prep

how to use beauty blender

The biggest mistake with beauty blenders is using them when they are dry. Lack of knowledge on how to use a silicone beauty blender means a waste of money and pathetic makeup. How can we let these mistakes ruin everything? So, it is crucial to know how to use beauty blender before anything else. Here is what we need to do before using a blender.

Step – 1: Start by moistening the sponge with water and ensure it is saturated thoroughly. It is up to us to choose either warm or cold water. Coldwater gives a refreshing look when compared to warm water.

Step – 2: Get rid of all the excess water by gently squeezing the sponge. Though we need our sponge wet, this doesn’t mean it should ooze water all the time. This is how to use beauty blender for even makeup.

Don’t put too much pressure on the sponge, for it is delicate and tears off easily. You could use a towel or tissue paper to remove water. Just wrap the sponge around either of them, and they’ll absorb the excess.

Step – 3: Keep a spray water bottle or a setting mist handy if you use the blender for full makeup. It dries out as we start using and needs to be rehydrated as and when required. Some manufacturers provide reactivation sprays exclusively for this purpose. We can use them too.

  1. Usage

how to use beauty blender

We are now ready to use the spectacular teardrops! Here is how to go about and make the best out of them.

  • Makeup Application

We can use the silicone sponge to apply makeup or correct the flaws while applying different products. First, let’s know how to use beauty blender to apply makeup.

Step – 1: Gently dab the sponge onto the makeup product you wish to use. Don’t apply too much pressure as we don’t want to pick more than the required quantity.

Step – 2: Dab the round bottom part of the sponge on the face once you picked the required product. Do not wipe the blender on the face. Either bounce it or press it and let the face absorb the makeup.

Step – 3: Use the pointed edge for smaller areas under the eyes, along the lips, and around the nose. The pointed edge requires a little extra pressure for the makeup to sink-in than the round bottom.

It is tough and time-consuming to use a blender alone with products like foundations, concealers, etc., as the whole face requires their application. In such situations, we can use the following method:

Step – 1: Start by applying a small portion of the makeup on desired areas without using the blender.

Step – 2: Now, bounce the round part onto the skin and let it absorb the product. Use the pointed end in case you feel the makeup is spreading to unwanted areas.

Step – 3: Once the bouncing is done, gently roll out the sponge in the same areas. Blending sometimes leaves uneven and patchy looks. Rolling a blender smoothens the surface and eliminates these patches.

  • Makeup Correction

Apart from using these blenders to apply makeup, we can also use them to erase makeup mistakes. Keep in mind that we need to use a dry sponge here instead of a wet one. The following are the required steps for this:

Step – 1: Wipe blender over the areas with excess makeup to get rid of unnecessary additions. As the sponge is dry, it picks up more makeup and gives a natural look.

Step – 2: For the cakey areas, roll the sponge over them and let it absorb all the excess.

  1. Post Usage

Post usage care is as crucial as the pre-preps for better results from the blender. Take care of your sponge or blender by following these steps:

  • Do not forget to wash the blender after each usage. The blenders are known for their absorbent properties, and leaving them uncleaned attracts loads of bacteria.
  • We can find blender cleansers in the market and use them to clean. If you are searching for how to use beauty blender, it is quite simple. We can use it as we use the other cleaning agents!
  • In case you don’t want to use this method, an antibacterial dishwashing soap will do.
  • Warm waters clean the blenders better than cold waters. Damp the blender with warm water, create a lather using a cleanser or soap, and wash it until the water is clear.
  • If you find stains on the sponge even after washing it, leave it soaked in liquid soap and warm water mixture overnight. We can also use baby oils to get rid of tough stains.
  • After usage and washing, let the blender air dry. Do not commit the mistake of leaving a damp blender.

Knowing how to use beauty blender helps in maintain these sponges properly. We can also create more natural looks with a clean blender than a dirty one. These are the general ways of using a beauty blender. If you’re looking for how to use it for specific products, the following information is for you!

Beauty Blender and Different Products

  1. Foundation

Well, the procedure is the same as above. The only difference comes while picking the makeup product. Be it a liquid foundation, cream, or a normal one, it depends on the extent of the face and neck you wish to cover. The process remains the same for how to apply foundation with a beauty blender, how to apply liquid foundation with a sponge, how to apply cream foundation with a sponge, or how to apply foundation with silicone sponge.

how to use beauty blender

For larger areas, apply any kind of foundation directly onto the face and follow the steps mentioned above for using a blender to apply makeup. If you are trying to cover areas like eyes, nose, etc., use the blender for both picking and applying the products. It also applies to how to apply foundation with a beauty blender, how to apply liquid foundation with a sponge, how to apply cream foundation with a sponge, or how to apply foundation with silicone sponge.

  1. Other Products

The steps for how to apply bb cream with a beauty blender are also the same as above. But the sponge method works the best for oily skin people. Creams might leave an oily impact. So, blending them would be an excellent solution. The addition to how to apply bb cream with a beauty blender is we need to use a spraying mist on the sponge before picking the cream.

  • Another search related to these sponges is based on how to apply concealer with a beauty blender.
  • Start by applying the concealer in the areas required.
  • Spray the setting mist on the damp blender before using it.
  • Use the round bottom to blend the under-eye regions.
  • Create an even surface near the v-junction of the eyes using the pointed side of the blender.

how to use beauty blender

This is how to apply concealer with a beauty blender easily. Contouring is also possible with these blenders. Here is how to use a blending sponge for contouring.

  • Begin by applying a highlighting concealer in an inverted v shape under your eyes.
  • Dab the damp beauty blender in those regions and don’t spread it all over.

That’s it! The steps for how to use a blending sponge for contouring are so simple! We’ll finish the tips on how to use beauty blender by answering the question – how to use beauty blender. Usually, the average lifespan of the blender lies between 3 to 6 months. It also depends on the person using it.



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