How to Create Beautiful Nails with IBD Hard Gel

Ibd Clear Builder Gel

Ibd Clear Builder Gel

Made of best qualify raw material
Proven quality
Stylist approved
Ibd Natural II Hard Gel

Ibd Natural II Hard Gel

Made of best qualify raw material
Proven quality
Stylist approved
The package dimension of the product is 2"L x 2"W x 2.5"H
Ibd Xteme Builder Gel

Ibd Xteme Builder Gel

IBD are the world leader in gel nails both professional and domestic
Offering complete catalogues in Soak off Gels and Builder gels as well as acrylic nail products and accessories
Choose from our complete catalogue
Ibd Pink Builder Gel

Ibd Pink Builder Gel

Gels shades to create the perfect French manicure.
LED cures save you time
The gel is perfect for sculpting and tip overlays.
Ibd Hard Gel – White

Ibd Hard Gel – White

Item Package Length: 5.08cm
Item Package Width: 5.08cm
Item Package Height: 4.826cm
Item Package Weight: 0.200 lb

Perfection is a conscious way of presenting ourselves to the world. We take a lot of care to look flawless every moment. But sadly, sometimes this isn’t possible as we tend to ignore the minute details. Yes, you heard me right. These little yet important details are the deal-makers. One such detailing is taking care of the nails with an IBD hard gel.

Wonder how nails can ruin a look? Well, we often miss the fact that though nails are tiny, they play a crucial role in deciding our look. For some, nails are one of the first things that they observe in a person. It is evident that nails demand equal care and attention to complete the entire look.

IBD Hard Gel vs. Builder Gel

To make the nails look stunning, we have many ways and solutions. The famous among these methods are using different hard gels or builder gels. There is a wide range of hard or builder gels from different companies in the market. But we are more interested in the gels from a famous manufacturer – IBD.

Usually, there is confusion between the types of gels, i.e., many people try to understand the differences between a builder gel and a hard gel. Closer observation will reveal the differences between IBD hard gel vs builder gel. However, the similarity between these gels is, builder gels are available in two variants – soft and hard builder gels. Let’s check them out. Hard builder gels are, in short, known as hard gels.

Hard gel or a builder gel, the common reason to use any of these gels is to either strengthen the nails or extend them (create an overlay) to increase their beauty. People use soft gels to strengthen the nails or increase the thickness. Hard gels find their usual application to either extend the nails or repair broken and damaged nails. These kinds of gels require a UV or an LED lamp curing method.

The advantage of soft gels over the hard ones is that both are similar in functionality; soft gels are more comfortable to remove. Acetone can effortlessly remove soft gels. On the other hand, hard gels require filing to leave the nails. As we now know, what exactly is IBD hard gel vs builder gel, here are some tips related to these gels.

IBD Hard Gel – Buying Guide

Though there are various best-selling gels from different manufacturers, IBD has gained immense popularity and the trust of various people around the world. Be it using the best raw materials or delivering uncompromising results, the IBD gels manufacturers never failed to impress their customers with promising results. Here are some reasons why the world prefers IBD hard gels over others:

  • These gels provide exceptional luster and long-lasting results.
  • These are durable and remain intact for a very long time.
  • These gels from IBD come with high-flow and self-leveling formulae making the usage pretty easy.
  • With no additional effort required for leveling the gel, these products are suitable for beginner customers.
  • Ibd builder gels give excellent sculpting results, nail extensions, and tip overlays requiring simple application steps.
  • These gels cover the needs of people with different choices by providing a variety of gels.
  • The gels with different colors, some with odors and some free from fragrance, work for the same purpose but work according to them.

The main advantage with IBD builder gels is the variance the company offers. Some prefer white colors, while some crave the lovely roses. So, keeping in mind these common yet essential requirements, IBD provides products trying to address people’s needs.

IBD Builder Gel Instructions

Over the years, many people found that IBD hard gel or builder gel is an efficient way of customizing the nails, i.e., either strengthening, thickening, and repairing the nails or extending them using various patterns accordingly. Their product standards and excellent results left the people in awe. When something is so useful, why hesitate to know more about it? The following are a set of IBD builder gel instructions to use them better.


Ibd builder gels require some preparation before applying the gels onto the nails. Follow these steps to gets perfect results.

  • Spray the nail prep from IBD, clean, and dry the nails.
  • Using the cuticle pusher, push the nail cuticles back and file the nails in a single direction to remove any extra shine.
  • Apply the bonder from IBD and cure it under UV light.


It is advisable to proceed with the application steps only after the required pre-preparation is complete. Without that, there might be severe damage to the nails, which might be irreversible. So, once we are ready after the pre-prep, we need to proceed with the following steps:

  • Apply a thin coat of the gel using a proper gel brush.
  • Using a nail pusher, push back the cuticle.
  • Under a UV lamp, cure the gel for thirty seconds.
  • Apply a second thin coat and repeat the previous step.
  • Using IBD’s cleanser plus and nail wipes, remove the residue, if any.
  • To move the cuticle towards the tip, apply a little pressure on it.
  • Now apply the intense seal and cure it for thirty seconds.

Following these simple steps gives spectacular results, i.e., stunning nails! I’m sure you can’t wait to buy the IBD hard gel. Here are some products from

IBD Hard Gel Review

  1. Ibd Clear Builder Gel

Ibd Clear Builder Gel

The builder gels from IBD are available in different colors and consistency. This gel comes with the following features:

  • It is a 2 oz transparent gel.
  • It is odorless and suits the best people who prefer fragrance-free products.
  • It is made from premium-quality materials to avoid harsh results and nail damage.
  • It is approved by many stylists for safe and excellent results.

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  1. Ibd Natural II Hard Gel

Ibd Natural II Hard Gel

This is another variant of the hard gels’ series from IBD with a natural II color. It offers the following features:

  • It is a lightweight gel with natural pink color or Normal II shade as named by the manufacturers.
  • It uses superior-quality raw materials in the making.
  • It is also approved by many stylists for proven results without harmful results.

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  1. Ibd Xteme Builder Gel

Ibd Xteme Builder Gel

This is another stunning product from the manufacturers of IBD with the following features:

  • The Xtreme variant is a beautiful and extreme pink-colored hard gel.
  • It is free of fragrances.
  • It suits the best for both professional and household purposes.
  • The manufacturers named the rose-colored builder gel the Xtreme Gel.

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  1. Ibd Pink Builder Gel

Ibd Pink Builder Gel

This is another builder or hard gel from IBD with slightly different characteristics. It comes with the following features:

  • It is a hard gel with a pink color.
  • It gives a glossy and shiny finish after every usage.
  • This gentle 2oz bottle uses the best available materials to give uncompromising results.
  • The color of this gel is similar to the natural color of our nails.

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  1. Ibd Hard Gel – White

Ibd Hard Gel – White

The intense white hard gel from IBD is similar to the other products from the manufacturer as mentioned above, with the following features:

  • It gives an intense white color after application and is an advanced shade of the colorless builder gel.
  • It is one of the best-selling nail products on the market.
  • Like the other products IBD, this hard gel also uses supreme-quality raw materials in the making.

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These are some of the best-selling hard gel variants IBD. Available in different colors, each of these gels gives unique results based on usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you use IBD hard gel?

The steps guide to use the hard gels from IBD is already mentioned above. Before using a hard gel, it is essential to prepare the nails for significant results. The pre-prep guide is also discussed for reference.

  1. How long does IBD hard gel last?

The usual time for which the IBD hard gel last is between three to four weeks if maintained properly. During this time, we would not find any peeling or chipping of it. If in case, you find the nail lifting, it is better to leave it as it is instead of pulling it manually.

  1. How do you remove IBD hard gel?

Removing the IBD hard gel from nails sometimes requires a series of steps. Usually, the filing of nails is required for removing hard gels. First, we need to cut or trim the nail extensions, if any. Then file the nails back and forth to remove the gel. Remember to smoothen the nails after filing.

  1. Is IBD builder gel good?

As already mentioned above, there are various factors why it is better to prefer builder gels from IBD over the others. From easy application processes to giving outstanding results, IBD builder gels are one of the widely preferred hard gels in the market.

  1. Does IBD hard gel soak off?

The main difference between hard and soft gels is that soft gels soak in acetone, so they are easily removable. Hard gels do not soak quickly and require some processing to leave the nails. So, we can rest assured without having to worry about the soaking.


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