Keranique vs Nutrafol: Which Hair Growth Supplement Is Right for You?

If you are a person suffering from uncontrollable hair loss, you would either purchase the brands Keranique vs Nutrafol due to its high positive customer feedback. This article Keranique vs Nutrafol will add suggestions to make you clear in selecting the brand that you need.  

Hair problems are very common due to the stressful routines of people nowadays. But no one wishes to lose their healthy hair and look unevenly bald. Taking a proper hair care routine using the products of Keranique vs Nutrafol brings back your healthy hair to life. These are the top brands that are widely purchased by people all around the world, hence you need not worry as the results are proven. 

Does Nutrafol regrow hair?

Keranique vs Nutrafol

The ultimate goal of Nutrafol products is to regrow healthy hair. It targets the most common causes for hair loss like inflammation and elevated stress hormone levels. Eradicating the root cause provides healthy hair that grows about half an inch per month. The personalised system of treating deficiencies and imbalances in hair growth provides a good result. 

The ingredients are 100% drug-free and contain natural ingredients that do not cause harmful side effects later. It must be given sufficient time to show effective results. The hair growth refills the baldness and the spots that lack healthy hair. Nutrafol solution’s formula helps to manage the stress hormones by reducing the cortisol levels according to the Neutraceutical Wellness.  

Keranique vs Nutrafol 

Which is better between Keranique vs Nutrafol?

Looking into the Keranique products, the prime ingredient present in it is minoxidil. It is an FDA-approved substance making Keranique a clinically proven brand to regrow healthy hair. The other ingredients include alcohols, propylene, water and glycol. All these ingredients hydrate your hair, strengthen and thickens it. When used as required, it repairs 96% of split ends and decreases the hair fall due to breakage by 64%.

Nutrafol on the other side undertakes a unique approach in reducing the nutritional deficiencies present in the hair vitamins makes it a perfect solution for hair loss. It contains vitamins for hair growth from the hair follicles. The ingredients used in this brand nourishes the thin hair from its root. It regrows strong, healthy, and vibrant hair in women and fuller hair in men.  


Keranique products are suitable for which hair type?

Keranique products work perfect on all hair types and are clinically proven to bring back your healthy hair to life. Even the colour of your hair doesn’t matter. You need not worry if you have normal or dry, long or short, straight or curly hair. The results are effective ay every circumstance.

When can I start seeing the results due to Keranique products?

When you use your Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment regularly as required, you will start seeing visible growth in 4 months. It might seem to be a long duration but to clear the problem from its deep cause and regrow healthy hair, does take time. 

Who can use Keranique and Nutrafol?

It can be used by both men and women of all ages. Keranique and Nutrafol produce products that suit all hair care types. It has no restriction towards your age and the hair problem you face.

Will my hair colour change if I use Keranique branded products?

The shampoo and conditioners by Keranique do not contain sulphate and paraben. Hence it does not fade or strip the colour. It is guaranteed that the colour of your hair does not change due to the detailed clinical tests and even numerous customer reviews. Therefore, Keranique products work well with blonde, dark and every other hair type. 

Can I return Keranique and Nutrafol products?

Nutrafol provides the option to return the product within 30 days of delivery. This can take place if the product is damaged or expired. The amount paid will be refunded once the product is returned. 

In the other case, if the product does not work well for you, Keranique provides a 120-day extended money-back guarantee! This is a win-win situation for the customer that, if the product works well, you’ll get your hair back, and if it doesn’t, you’ll get your mony back. 

Which is better when compared Keranique vs Nutrafol?

Both the brands are well-advanced according to the present working and living conditions of people that result in hair damage and hair fall. They recommend a complete treatment system to repair and regrow healthy hair from the root. 

The products from these brands assure a thicker, fuller and healthier regrowth of hair. You can purchase the one that your dermatologist suggests for your hair type or the one that you can afford as both brands are effective.


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