Comparing Keranique vs Rogaine: Which Hair Loss Treatment is Best for You?

Both men and women, generally after the age of 20-22 start noticing some hair fall. There are two prominent brands to stop hair fall that are Keranique Vs Rogaine. Unfortunately, hair fall is a very common trait that is passed down genetically from parent to child. A lot of people, especially men, commonly suffer from hair conditions like pattern baldness or alopecia in their mid-20s or 30s.

Some women too suffer from female pattern baldness due to the high amount of androgen in their bodies. This can happen to anyone and it is completely natural. However, with the utilization of the right products, you can stop the hair fall process, and help yourself retain your hair, and even experience new hair growth.

The simple answer to the question of whether Keranique is better or Rogaine is that Keranique is more suitable for women whereas, Rogaine works wonders for men! Essentially, both of them are made from the same major compound, minoxidil, but the amount of minoxidil put in both of the brands is different. Keranique has around 2% of minoxidil in it while Rogaine contains up to 25% minoxidil!


Since men naturally have higher amounts of androgen in their bodies, they produce much more DHT. DHT is a hormone that is responsible for causing pattern baldness in male bodies. It blocks the hair follicles and does not allow the follicles to receive the necessary protein and nutrients in order to keep the hair healthy and growing. Females are not advised to use rogaine as their bodies do not have as much DHT as a man and hence a high amount of minoxidil is not needed.

Keranique Vs Rogaine For Females

 keranique vs rogaine

 As mentioned earlier, for females, Keranique is the more suitable and advisable option as it contains a low amount of minoxidil that is appropriate for a female body. In addition to stopping hair loss, it promotes the growth of new hair and also improves the overall quality of your hair by making it more robust and shinier. However, to see these effective results, it is advised that you keep using the products consistently for at least 6 months to see a noticeable difference.

Keranique Hair Growth Treatment Vs Rogaine

 Both keranique vs rogaine do their job when it comes to treating hair, that is, stopping hair fall and promoting hair growth and strength. Since Rogaine is made for men, it is fairly simple to use with just one step hair spray that needs to be applied on the scalp around 4 times a week. But, Keranique has a different story. Keranique is made for women and by the laws of this world, anything that is related to women has to be complicated.

We do not make the rules. Keranique follows a three-step process for treating the hair. First, you have to apply the Keranique shampoo that gives the necessary nutrients to the hair. Second, Apply the Keranique conditioner to boost the volume of your hair. Finally, do the hair regrowth treatments that will promote the growth of new hair on your scalp.

Keranique Vs Rogaine Reviews

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 When we try to look at the reviews for any product anywhere there is bound to be a mixed review. The situation is the same in our case, in the battle between Keranique Vs Rogaine, both sides are equally strong. A lot of people loved Rogaine and tried Keranique for a change and loved Keranique even more!

While few people see them the same and a minimum percentage of people finding either one of them completely useless. It depends on the person, to be honest, things like these are best known only after we try it out. Without trial and error, you will not know what is best for you, however, if you are a make, it is advised that you start with Rogaine.


  1. For How Long Should I Use Rogaine?

 To see the results of rogaine it is advised that you use it for at least six months, you will be able to see minor results in 2 months and major results in 6 months.

  1. What Will Happen If I Stopped Using Rogaine?

Keranique vs rogaine or any other product that contains minoxidil in it should never be stopped abruptly. If you abruptly stop using it you will face a rebound hair fall which means that all the hairs that were grown by the medicine will fall down within the next 3-4 months and there is also a chance that you might lose some of your healthy hair. You must talk with a dermatologist and then take their guidance if you are planning to stop using it.



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