Keranique vs Shapiro MD: Which Hair Loss Treatment is Best for You?

If you have been suffering from hair fall and feel like it is worsening day by day, then, either Keranique vs Shapiro MD hair treatment will make the best solution for your hair.

Keranique Vs Shapiro MD: Which is better? In terms of popularity, Keranique is more popular than Shapiro MD. But they both are exceptionally popular for hair loss, hair regrowth, and other hair health problems. 

Both Keranique and Shapiro MD are completely different hair treatments. The effectiveness of these shampoo and conditioning treatments will depend upon the present condition of your hair. 

Both the hair treatment products work wonders on your hair to promote ideal hair growth conditions. They can be used like other regular hair products too. 

But how do these popular haircare treatments differ from the regular ones? What makes them work? Well, the answer is complex yet interesting at the same time.

Keranique Vs Shapiro MD Review

1. Differences in their Ingredients

Keranique Vs Shapiro MD

You might be startled about how these products are powerful enough to change your scalp’s current physical environment. And how do they even lead to an improved circulation system within the first few instances of use?

Well, such positive effects are what makes their haircare product range sell. And long story cut short, the sole responsibility lies on their active ingredient mix.


  • Keranique hair care treatment products come packed with Keravis hydrolyzed vegetable protein, keratin, Minoxidil, Keratrix seed extracts, vitamin B, and biotin. 
  • These ingredients work on improving the microcirculation of your hair follicles. 
  • They strengthen your hair along with preventing hair breakage. 
  • They are focused on improving natural keratin fibers present in your hair. 
  • Amino acids are also a key ingredient that helps to fasten the process.

Shapiro MD:

  • The Shapiro MD shampoo, foam, and conditioner consist of organic and natural ingredients along with DHT Blocker. 
  • The chemical-free products are made out of three key ingredients: epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), saw palmetto berry extract (SPBE), and caffeine derivative. 
  • Shapiro MD products have no side effects. They have been created by two leading dermatologists themselves. 
  • Their patented formula, DHT Blocker, combats hair loss and baldness. The hair care treatment also prevents the shrinking of the hair follicles by blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  • Caffeine improves nutrition by improving blood flow. EGCG prolongs the hair growth cycle and blocks DHT. SPBE helps in DHT production, protects the scalp, and recovers hair follicle damage.

2. Effectiveness and Results

Keranique Vs Shapiro MD

By now, you are probably making up your mind to switch to one of these haircare product ranges. But, let’s see what Keranique vs Shapiro review has to say about them.

Keranique Reviews:

  • Keranique has tons of positive reviews floating over the internet.
  • Several people have said that they have felt relief in their scalp since they have switched to this product. They believe their hair follicles have decongested. Their hair has also become stronger and fuller due to the presence of keratin.

Shapiro MD Reviews:

  • Shapiro MD products are comparatively less popular than Keranique because of the huge price gap.
  • Several people have said that Shapiro MD haircare treatment products have helped them achieve a nourished and healthy scalp. You will get thicker hair than before because it promotes hair growth. It is the best hair loss treatment shampoo out there. It works best on thinning hair problems along with baldness.
  • Ensure you buy Shapiro MD products from the right place. Why? Because many customers have been entangled in shipping scams. Prefer buying directly from the brand.

Final Verdict: Which product will be the right choice for you?

If you have made it through the article, you are probably thinking about which one is the best for your hair. Well, in simple words, you know what will best go with your hair.

Yes, this is the truth!

You will have to select the one product which will work on your present hair condition and solve your hair problems best.


Does keranique really regrow hair?

Yes! Keranique actually helps in regrowth. Several people who have been using the keranique haircare treatments have reported a positive experience with the products. They have even gone the extra mile by recommending their closed ones that have similar hair issues. Most people say that they noticed commendable results within one to two months of its use.

Does Shapiro MD grow hair?

Yes absolutely! That’s what Shapiro MD is meant to do, grow your hair. It has clinically tested and patented DHT Blockers. This ingredient combines with other powerful key ingredients in their products to treat the root cause of hair loss. So, people who use the Shapiro MD haircare treatment range can have thicker and fuller hair. 

Is keranique good for thinning hair?

Yes, the keranique hair regrowth product range comes packed with an FDA-approved ingredient to help regrow hair. Its clinically proven formula is perfect for people suffering from thinning hair problems. It makes the best long-term solution product for people who want fuller hair.


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