Comparing Keranique vs Viviscal: Which Hair Growth Solution is Right for You?

Keranique vs Viviscal, this is a conflict, in the limelight for a long time. A brand walks into an engagement with another when both produce products that are similar and effective.

Both brands have established an appreciable strategy for their products and are known to regrow your hair. We will compare the two brands for you to choose one that fits into your lifestyle.


Keranique is known for their hair care kits they offer. That contains a Keranique scalp stimulating shampoo and a volumizing keratin conditioner. The two products are known to do wonders for you if used frequently and together.

The Keranique shampoo is fabricated to protect the thinning of hair and clean and stimulating your scalp. Generally, conditioners are known to be responsible for thinning of hair. But the Keranique conditioner largely helps in volumizing your hair and at the same time smoothens it.

The Keranique kit also comes with a hair growth treatment formula that shows effects in the long run. The product works by reactivating the hair follicles that are in comatose. This treatment is directed to be used twice a day for fuller hair.

The last product of the kit is a repair and treatment spray that can be applied to add this extra shine to your hair.


The brand Viviscal has made its mark in the market with its kit containing supplements that nourish your hair with the correct dietary needs.

They help mainly in the regrowth of hair, and the brand promotes supplements to nourish the body and scalp from the inside.

To choose between Keranique vs Viviscal, we need to rightly compare them in all categories.

Keranique vs Viviscal

Keranique vs Viviscal


  • In terms of ingredients: Keranique uses ingredients like 2% Mixodil that plays an active role in helping and promoting hair growth. It is commonly used in cases of hairline baldness. On the other hand, Viviscal uses an active ingredient called Aminomarc C that uses marine proteins and vitamins. It helps in the regeneration of cells and promotes hair growth.
  • For whom: Viviscal is a much more versatile product as it can be used by both men and women, whereas Keranique is only meant for women.
  • Cost: Even though hair growth products are expensive, Viviscal has a more reasonable cost than Keranique. But since they give the same results, it is hard to pick one out of the two.
  • Benefits: Viviscal provides significant benefits, in terms of hair growth. It gives consistent results and softer hair, unlike other products. According to users, it may take six months to see the first results.

Keranique, on the other hand, regenerates and repairs the hair follicles. The kit also promotes overall nourishment of hair, along with hair growth.

Keranique vs Viviscal pills

Supplementary pills are salient for the hair growth process as what we eat does affect our hair. A body’s proteins and vitamins play a prominent role in what our scalp produces.

Keranique pills have the most powerful nutrients we need for active hair growth and to prevent hair loss.

The brand Viviscal offers, pills similar to Keranique that provide enthusiastic hair growth and prevent hair loss. Hair loss could be caused, by various reasons like hormones, poor diet, other medications, etc. It is fundamental to create a balance within our body for it to function.

Keranique vs Viviscal supplements

Viviscal supplements contain AminoMar that is a marine complex an essential element for hair growth.

This marine complex contains nutrients of mollusk and shark powder and millet seed extract. It has quite an amount of vitamin C, Iron, and zinc, all essential in hair growth.

However, biotin a required inclusion in hair supplements is low in Viviscal, differentiating from Keranique supplements that contain high levels of biotin.

Keranique supplements promote the nourishment of hair and hair follicles as the brand believes in supporting the scalp. The supplement has high amounts of Vitamin A and B along with amino acids which are better in treating hair loss.

It is believed to grow hair longer and thicker while repairing the existing hair follicles.

Keranique vs Viviscal Vitamins

KeraViatin, a Keranique vitamin supplement has the essential nutrients to help in protecting the hair and maintaining a balance. It naturally improves the hair with the correct dietary needs.

The ingredients in KeraViatin regulate the stress caused on the hair and grow the hair more healthily. The vitamins present in Keranique are Vitamin B1, B12, B6, Biotin, zinc, bamboo shoot, etc.

The vitamins present in Viviscal are Zinc, Vitamin C, Horsetail extract, Biotin, and Iron.


1. Does Viviscal really regrow your hair?

Although there aren’t as many reviews on Viviscal, the existing ones vouch for the product being effective. Viviscal products, if used, in the right process with all essentials from the kit are extremely useful.

2. What are the side effects of using Keranique?

Any medication, if taken in extreme amounts, can be harmful to your body. It is always advised to approach a professional and understand your needs for the product.

Always experiment with the product on a small area as the chemicals could irritate the scalp the first time.

3. What is better than Viviscal?

Viviscal, even though has all kinds of required elements, the content of Biotin which is an essential requirement in hair care products is lower.

Whereas Keranique supplements contain, much higher amounts of Biotin. Hence are better than Viviscal.


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