Comparing Lancome vs L’Oreal: Which Brand is Best for You?

The brand L’Oreal was founded by Eugene Schueller, a talented chemist, and cosmetic formulator, in 1909. In 1964, L’Oreal bought the French brand known for its fragrances, Lancome. Today they both make advanced skincare and haircare products, let’s see which ones are the best for you in Lancome vs L’Oreal.

While Lancome’s parent company is Loreal, they both have different messages to give in the cosmetic industry. Lancome still has maintained its French roots and makes products more luxuriously priced than Loreal. Loreal is known for its effective products at a very affordable price and Lancome is known for its high-end, high-quality products including fragrances at a very steep price. At the same time, Lancome also comes with packaging that looks beautiful sitting in your bathroom.

Both of these brands firmly believe in formulating products that are backed by science under the guidance of dermatologists. Lancome and Loreal are against animal testing unless required by law in any country hence these brands cannot be considered completely cruelty friendly but their products are 100% vegan. Loreal also makes some of the best drugstore mascaras.

Lancome vs L’Oreal dupes

With the online trend of beauty filters and glowy skin, everyone wants a smooth glass skin look. Skincare is important along with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and sleep schedule to have shiny, bouncy skin. At the same time, skincare products can be expensive sometimes. Hence it is important to read the ingredient lists of products and only purchase ones that are worth it.

Often as consumers we are tricked into that more expensive products are better for our skin due to marketing but that’s not always true. While Lancome is an iconic brand with revolutionary beauty care products, it is owned by the giant conglomerate Loreal. Many products between the two brands share the same formula hence, Loreal can be called Lancome’s dupe for many products. Especially the Youth Code line.

Lancome vs L’Oreal skincare

Gone are the days when people believed that skincare loaded with fragrance and fruit juices is good for the skin. People rely on products that are evidence-based and made with ingredients proven to work for their specific skin concern. Both Lacome and Loreal have been working dermatologists and conducting individual studies to prove the efficacy of their products.

The brands’ skincare revolves around ingredients like antioxidants, retinol, skin barrier conditioners, gentle surfactants in cleansers, and of course, sunscreen. Loreal especially has been showing its interest in biopharmaceutical research and tissue culture. Given this information, one should make an informed decision about the product they need by reading the ingredients list of the products from the two brands.

Lancome vs L’oreal lash primer

Lash primers are applied to the ye lashes before mascara to lengthen their appearance and condition them. After reviewing several reviews it was concluded that the lash primers from both brands make your lashes look fuller and lengthier but the Loreal Voluminous lash primer might make your mascara a little clumpy in comparison to the Lancome Lash primer. It is a personal preference for people when it comes to deciding their favorite.

Lancome vs L’Oreal

Lancome vs L’Oreal foundation color

Lancome’s best-selling full coverage foundation Teint Idole Ultra 24H comes in 50 shades. Loreal makes up to 40 diverse shades in all of its foundation ranges. Both the brands are open to inclusivity and try to incorporate many different skin tones. Both the brands offer the service where you can find your shade on their website, in their stores the employees will help you find your right shade and there are instructions listed on both the brand’s sites to find your perfect fit.

Lancome vs L’Oreal eye cream

Both the brands make eye creams to prevent signs of aging and keep the area moisturized. The main hero ingredients in both of their eye creams are niacinamide, ceramides, retinol, and antioxidants. Lancome also makes eye cream with SPF in it which is always useful.

Lancome vs L’Oreal

Lancome vs L’Oreal serum

Both of the above brands make serums for a variety of skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, melasma, acne, sparse eyelashes, radiant skin, and healthy skin barrier. Serums have potent doses of effective ingredients in a light base.

Lancome genifique vs L’oreal youth code

Genifique and Youth code, both the lines have hyaluronic acid and antioxidants as the base for their products. These ingredients plump the skin and give a nice glow. Genifique line is more suited for women with older skin but it has a fragrance that might be irritating too. Loreal Youth Code is a simple yet effective formula.


How to choose Lancome foundation color?

At any Lancome store, a three-step method is followed to determine your foundation color and it is showed to you on an Ipad. After that, you can try the desired color.

How to choose Lancome foundation shade?

Different people have different purposes with shades, some like it a shade darker while others want it lighter. Depending on your color, one can pick any shade within that range according to the level of tan or pale that person is.

Which Lancome foundation is best?

The Lancome teint Idole 24H Foundation is a bestseller

Which Loreal foundation is best?

Loreal’s infallible total coverage fresh wear liquid foundation range is their best seller.


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