LOreal vs CoverGirl Makeup: Which Brand is Best for You?

For beautiful skin, you need a properly balanced diet, exercise, and grooming. Yes, grooming gives you confidence. Before choosing anything among so many professional beauty products available in the market, it is necessary to first find your skin type, allergies, skin problems, and then pick the right product. This article contains the all information about Loreal vs Covergirl.

L’Oreal is a large cosmetic brand that serves all ranges of beauty products from makeup to skin and hair care. Covergirl is still new to the market, but its products are very safe and popular. In the following sections, we compare different products from both brands and help you decide which is the best. Let’s compare, L’Oreal vs Covergirl.

Loreal vs Covergirl mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara and Covergirl Lashblast Volume mascara have an almost similar price. L’Oreal’s formula is slightly wetter than Covergirl’s, which lengthens and curls the lashes perfectly. However, Covergirl’s formula adds noticeable volume to the lashes without leaving any residue. Both the mascaras glide over the lashes and give a smooth finish. But, it can be concluded that Covergirl’s formula is better.

Loreal vs Covergirl concealer

Loreal vs Covergirl

L’Oreal’s concealer is perfect as it is weightless on your skin and goes completely invisible (matching your skin tone) after the application. It is infallible and gives full coverage with a small amount of product. Covergirl’s concealer is extremely lightweight and gives complete coverage. It blends into the skin and becomes invisible. There are plenty of shades for you to choose from. It is ideal for quick touch-ups and a matte finish.

Loreal vs Covergirl bb cream

L’Oreal’s BB cream is an ultra-light lotion that is long-wearing, non-drying, suitable for all skin types, dermatologically safe, and rich in antioxidants. It smoothes out your skin, corrects it, hydrates it, and is very easy to apply. It comes in 4 shades to choose from. Covergirl’s BB cream is an oil-free, lightweight, matte formula. It is long-wearing, gentle, and available in 6 shades. It is safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Loreal vs Covergirl mascara primer

L’Oreal’s eyelash primer adds more definition to your eyes. It adds thickness, volume, and length instantly. It is suitable for sensitive eyes, resists clumping, softens, and conditions your eyelashes. Covergirl’s eyelash primer instantly makes your lashes look longer and fuller. It is a creamy formula but, lightweight, and cruelty-free. It contains argan, jojoba, and coconut oils which condition and strengthen your lashes.

Loreal vs Covergirl foundation

L’Oreal vs Covergirl

L’Oreal’s foundation provides 24-hour full coverage and is infallible. It does not require any makeup-setting spray and is widely acclaimed as waterproof. It is available in 12 shades with a liquid formula that hydrates the skin. Covergirl’s foundation range is super-affordable. It is a smooth liquid that gives medium coverage (can be layered for full coverage). It is available in 40 shades that match every skin tone and stay for a long time.

Loreal Covergirl lash blast volume

Loreal’s mascara brush is long and has fluffy bristles, which make application easy. Its formula is wetter than Covergirl’s, which takes some time to dry and then make multiple coats. It lengthens the lashes and curls them perfectly. Covergirl’s mascara brush is chunky that helps easy and smooth application without any clumps. It volumizes your lashes better than L’Oreal’s. It leaves a clean finish with no residue left. Being more affordable, Covergirl’s Lashblast Volume is better.

Out of all the above comparisons L’Oreal vs Covergirl, you should go with the product that suits you and has no side effects. Beauty products are best when applied in an optimal amount in the right way.


  • Which L’Oreal infallible foundation is best? 

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Up to 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation, Lightweight is a breathable, long-lasting, natural finish formula with SPF 25. It gives buildable coverage, hydrates the skin, and makes skin feel great. Other foundations from L’Oreal are also good suiting to your needs.

  • What is the best Covergirl foundation?

Covergirl Outlast All Day Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 Foundation is a great choice. It combines the features of a concealer, primer, and foundation all in one product, making it the best choice in the segment. It is also super-affordable and gives a matte finish that lasts all day long without wearing off.

  • How to choose Covergirl foundation shade?

For choosing the right Covergirl foundation shade, first, you need to check your skin tone (cool or warm based on the wrist test or the sun test), it narrows down you to a handful of shades. Then choose three shades you think match your skin, apply them with a dab, and blend on your face and neck. The shade that becomes invisible and also hides your skin problems is the one.


Hi, I am Purtika. I am a Beauty and Fashion vlogger. I like to try out beauty products and experiment with makeup ideas. My hobbies include reading, cooking and obviously shopping.

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