Comparing Mac vs Bobbi Brown Foundation: Which is Best for Your Skin?

Foundations are an essential part of makeup to make your skin look even tone and smooth. With lots of foundations overflowing the cosmetic line in various brand names, it becomes difficult for people to choose the best. This article serves the purpose of comparing two prime brands as Mac vs Bobbi Brown Foundation

Amidst the busy life with work schedules, weekend parties and tonnes of selfies, it is no surprise that everyone wants to look fresh and glam all day. With lots of makeup resting on your skin the whole day, the only fear is how it reacts with the skin under the glowing makeup.

Hence, it becomes necessary to use a proper foundation that holds the makeup for a longer period and does not cause any harm to the skin. Mac and Bobbi Brown Foundation are two such brands that are liked and used by the majority of people. Read more to know their distinctive characteristics and how they make your skin glow.  Mac vs Bobbi Brown Foundation – Which is better? Let’s find out!

Mac vs Bobbi Brown Foundation Reviews:

According to customer reviews from various online magazines, blogs, articles and online shopping sites, Mac foundation can last on a face for 24 hours with the same glow throughout the day. It does not feel heavy and consists of a breathable formula. Mac foundation hides all your pores and imperfections by radiating a glow and even-look finish. It suits all skin types, especially the people who have oily skin has given great reviews. It controls the sweat and oil to make your face shine for many hours.    

Mac vs Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Foundation also has a strong recommendation from its users who have been able to withhold make-up for a long period by using it. The foundation is lighter and you will not feel a thick coating resting on your skin. It hides all your pores no matter how much someone zooms your photo; they will never be able to spot one. The texture blends with your skin and gives a natural glow. It keeps your skin hydrated making it the best choice for people who have dry skin. It does not contain harmful chemicals like paraben, phthalate, sulphate, sulphite and gluten making it a quality product. 

Mac vs Bobbi Brown Foundation

Bobbi Brown Foundation vs Mac studio fix:

The Bobbi Brown Foundation has a long line of colours and shades. Being available in more than 42 shades, you can also mix shades to suit your original skin tone. It assures that you will not face any breakouts or wear outs due to sweat. You can apply them by using fingers, a makeup brush and even a sponge. 

The Mac Studio Fix Foundation is of a certain consistency that is not a liquid and also not thick. It can be spread easily all over your face with a brush or sponge. It contains SPF 15 and makes you look natural without any cakey effect. With many shades being launched, you can also mix different shades if your skin tone is very unique to give a natural look. You also find different varieties of foundations for different skin types produced by this brand. 


Is Bobbi Brown Foundation better than Mac?

The best part of becoming a loyal customer of the Bobbi Brown Foundation brand is the hospitality that they provide. If you are perplexed about which foundation tone will suit you the best, you can use the live chat option to speak to the representatives. They will ask for a picture of yours to analyse and suggest the best shade for your skin. And guess what, you will never have any regrets. 

Mac foundations are praised as “photo-friendly foundations”. It doesn’t matter whether you use it for your wedding, party, a photoshoot, an award ceremony or a catwalk, this foundation acts as the best base for your makeup to last longer and emit a smooth and glowing appearance. Mac foundations occupy a firm place in every professional’s makeup kit making it the most desired foundation brand

Both these brands have an extensive list of positive features that bring you to the limelight by looking gorgeous all the time. You can choose the foundation that suits well for your skin and skin tone. 

Which Bobbi Brown Foundation is best?

The Bobbi Brown stick foundations are popular nowadays as they are easily portable and requires less time to apply than a liquid foundation. There are about 42 shades of stick foundations to occupy a place in everyone’s bag. The Bobbi Brown Longwear Even Finish Foundation is the best option if you wish to have along with lasting make-up that keeps your skin nourished and hydrated. It contains SPF 15 and is available in various shades. This foundation gives you a natural to matte finish look with full coverage. You can also explore the other Bobbi Brown Foundation with trust. 


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