Buy Magnetic Nail Polish for a Stylish Look


Mizhse 9D Magnetic Gel Nail Polish

Made from natural resins
No unpleasant odor
Non-toxic and safe
Nail polish is thick
Magnets are strong

BORN PRETTY Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Set

Cruelty-free products
Quality test on every bottle
Non-toxic and safe
More magnetic powder
Dries quickly

Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set

Eco-friendly and safe
High-quality natural ingredients
Easy to apply and shiny
Smooth consistency and low odor

Magnet Gel Nail Polish by Allenbelle

Made from natural resin
Polish shine is durable
Magnet is strong
Non-toxic and safe to apply
Gluten-free products

HOMOST 5D Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Set

More durable
Thick consistency and collocation
High-quality strong magnet
Highly pigmented colors
Opaque with more coverage

Wakaniya 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish Set

Paint is chip-proof
Does not oxidize
Non-toxic and safe
Made from healthy ingredients
Contains mineral pigments

Gellen Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Kit

Long-lasting paint
Made from mineral pigments
Contains healthy ingredients

Nail art is one of the biggest trends in the world of cosmetics. People enjoy creating patterns and designs on their nails. It is an outlet for their creativity. This rise of nail art brought with it many new things and one of those is magnetic nail polish! This is an exciting way to create new designs. And the magnetic gel polish makes it very easy to get salon-like nails at your home! It gives luster to your nails.

A magnetic gel polish gives your nails a unique end touch. Magnetic nail polish is trending because of its cool features. As you can tell by the name, magnetic nail polish has magnetic particles in it that are activated by the small magnet. There is usually a small magnetic wand that comes with the magnetic nail polish set or it is attached to the cap of the magnetic polish. When you bring the wand near the magnetic gel polish, its particles move towards the wand.

This way you can make a lot of designs using magnetic gel nail polish. There is a ripple effect on the magnetic nail polish that gives it a 3-D look. The application of magnetic polish can be a bit tricky. You have to bring the wand near the magnetic nail but it should not touch the polish itself. And you need to make the pattern while the magnetic gel polish is wet. It will not work after the magnetic nail polish has dried.

The best magnetic nail polish will give more coverage and its metal particle will attract easily towards the magnet. But even with more coverage, it is recommended to apply two coats of magnetic nail polish for a more prominent effect. You need to hold the magnet wand near the magnetic polish for a few seconds to allow the metal particles to rise. Using the best magnetic nail polish feels like a magic trick and you can use it in many exciting new ways!

Best Magnetic Nail Polish – Buying Guide

Magnetic nail polish has many uses. It can be used to get a salon-like manicure at home or to make creative patterns. The magnetic particles can be arranged into various neat patterns to make your nails fabulous!

Factors to consider

But before you buy the best magnetic nail polish, there are some factors that you should consider. The things to look for in a magnetic gel polish are:

  1. Magnet wand: A magnetic polish will only work if you activate the metal particles in it with the help of a magnet wand. A wand will have a smaller magnet attached to it, which attracts the metal in the magnetic gel nail polish towards it. Some wands have two magnets attached to each end. The magnets are of different shapes like a rectangle and a circle. They both give different effects to magnetic nail The magnet can also be available in the cap of the magnetic polish.
  1. Quality-The best magnetic nail polish will completely transform your nails without damaging them at all. The magnetic nail polish should be made from natural ingredients so that it does not damage your nails. Some people say that it may be dangerous to apply a metallic nail polish again and again on your nails. Magnetic gel nail polish can be the cause of dehydration. But many magnetic nail polishes are formulated in a way that does not harm your nails and keeps them healthy.
  1. Durability-You can experiment a lot and make any magnetic nail polish designs on your nails. You can make hundreds of designs and patterns using magnetic gel polish. But when magnetic nail polish chips, it peels a layer of your nails too. You need to buy a magnetic gel nail polish that does not damage your nails. The best magnetic nail polish can last for a few weeks without chipping. There are specially designed wipes that you can use for removing the polish.
  1. Safety- Your safety and health is the number one priority. Some magnetic nail polishes are crafted from toxic materials and added chemicals to make the magnetic nail polish designs more prominent. So you must always make sure that the magnetic gel nail polish you buy is made only from natural ingredients and does not harm your nails. Cosmetic products are often tested on animals and it is important for some people that the products they use are cruelty-free. Make sure to check that too!
  1. Color: You want to buy a magnetic nail polish because you want to keep up with the hottest trend. And you also want your nails to look gorgeous! With the amazing magnetic nail polish designs, you can get a manicure at home and show-off your nails in front of others. A magnetic nail polish kit contains several polish bottles in different colors. You can get nail polish in bright colors or darker tones. You can a cat-eye effect or the chameleon effect by mixing different colors!

Best Magnetic Nail Polish Reviews

  1. Mizhse 9D Magnetic Gel Nail Polish

Mizhse 9D Magnetic Gel Nail Polish

This magnetic nail polish kit has it all! It contains 5 different magnetic nail polish bottles and a black gel nail polish. There are 6 bottles of 10ml each. There are 2 magnetic sticks available with this kit. One is a double-headed magnetic wand and one is a normal magnet stick. You need to apply a coat of black gel polish and then apply the magnetic nail polish on it to get a cat-eye effect.

The gel nail polish changes color depending on the light and angels. Get an attractive chameleon color or cat-eye effects at home! They offer a 60-day replacement. You need to dry it off with a UV or LED nail dryer lamp. All the items come in a box to keep them organized.

  • It is made from natural resins and is completely safe to apply.
  • It does not have an unpleasant odor.
  • It is non-toxic and is crafted from healthy ingredients.
  • The nail polish is thick and provides more coverage.
  • The magnets are strong and do the job in only 2 seconds.

  1. BORN PRETTY Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Set

BORN PRETTY Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Set

This is a well-renowned brand and is known for the quality of its products. This magnetic nail polish set contains 6 bottles of different colors. The bottles are 6ml each. All the colors have a glossy finish. You can get chameleon nails and make many magnetic nail polish designs with this kit. A dark color base is recommended to apply, preferably black, before applying the magnetic polish for a better effect. These multi-colored paints are perfect to give a double-color effect and cat-eye effect.

These nail polishes are healthy and are made from natural ingredients. All the nail polishes are of high-quality. They give 3-D after application and all the colors are enchanting! You do not need a UV or LED nail dryer lamp to set this polish. The colors will even more after you apply a topcoat.

  • All the products are cruelty-free.
  • The magnetic nail polishes pass a quality test before hitting the shelves.
  • They are made from non-toxic ingredients and are completely safe.
  • It has more magnetic particles than any other product.
  • It cures quickly and nicely.

  1. Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set

Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Set

This is a set of magnetic gel nail polish with galaxy colors. These colors can be used to create a black hole effect, cat-eye effect, and much more! The nail polishes give a 9-D effect on application and give a starry sky effect. The set contains 5 magnetic gel nail polish bottles and one black nail gel. The bottles have a capacity of 8ml. It also contains a free magnetic stick. All the items are carefully wrapped and come in a box for traveling.

This set can make a great birthday gift! You get three different styles from this nail polish. A skin test is recommended before applying it to your nails. Its application is very easy and can be used by professionals and beginners alike. You need to cure the polish with a UV or LED nail dryer lamp.

  • The nail polishes are eco-friendly and safe.
  • They are long-lasting and do not chip for atleast 20 days.
  • It is formulated from healthy materials and high-quality natural resins.
  • They are easy to apply and very shiny.
  • The polish has a smooth consistency and minimal odor.

  1. Magnet Gel Nail Polish by Allenbelle

Magnet Gel Nail Polish by Allenbelle

This is a multi-color magnetic gel nail polish set. It contains six nail polish bottles made from high-quality materials. The magnet stick is free with the set. All the colors have a glossy finish and give a great look. You can also select other colors in light and dark tones from the variety of products offered by Allenbelle. To get a good cat-eye effect you need to cure the nail polish under a UV or LED nail dryer lamp.

You need to hold the magnet for 5-10 seconds to get the perfect effect. A base coat and a top coat are required to make the effect pop even more. The colors will look better if you apply them to a black coat.

  • It is made from natural resin and is harmless to the skin.
  • The nail polish shine is durable and lasts for three weeks.
  • The magnet is strong and does the job in a few seconds.
  • All the ingredients are non-toxic and safe to apply.
  • All the nail polishes are gluten-free, which is beneficial for those who are allergic.

  1. HOMOST 5D Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Set 

HOMOST 5D Magnetic Gel Nail Polish Set - magnetic gel polish

This is a set of shimmer wide line cat eye gel nail polishes that give a 5-D effect to your nails. This set includes 6 magnetic gel nail polish bottles. The bottles have a capacity of 8ml each. A magnet stick comes free with the set. You can create countless effects like wide cat eye, slanted, cross, and the black hole. These are multi-colored nail polishes and the colors change when you see them from different angles, which is called a chameleon effect.

It is the perfect set for a manicure at home or an ideal gift for someone. The nail polish has a glossy finish. A topcoat is recommended to increase the durability of the polish. Applying it on a black base will make the colors more pronounced. It gets cured in less than 1 minute with a UV or LED lamp.

  • It is more durable and stays on for three weeks without chipping.
  • It has a thick consistency and has more collocation.
  • The high-quality magnet is sturdy and strong.
  • The nail polishes are highly pigmented and only one coat is required.
  • The nail paint is opaque and provides high coverage.

  1. Wakaniya 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish Set

Wakaniya 3D Cat Eye Gel Polish Set

This is an amazing 3-D cat eye gel nail polish set by Wakaniya. The set contains 6 bottles of 8ml each. All the colors are mesmerizing and shiny. They create a very cool cat eye effect and the colors pop out to give an amazing look. Out of the six colors, you can mix the light and dark colors to make new patterns! This set is the best kit for a professional or a beginner to experiment and create new designs.

All the colors are highly pigmented. Its application is very simple. The polish is smooth and creamy and covers the nail in only one coat. Two coats are recommended to level the polish nicely. A magnet is included. All the items come in a gift box for safety while traveling. Stickers are included so you can tell which color is which.

  • The paint is chip-proof and stays the same for up to three weeks.
  • It does not oxidize.
  • It is non-toxic and safe to apply.
  • It is made from healthy ingredients like natural resin and purified water.
  • It contains mineral pigments, which do not harm the skin.

  1. Gellen Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Kit

Gellen Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish Kit

This cat-eye gel nail polish contains six bottles of elegant and rich colors. Making a cat-eye just got a lot easier with this set! It comes with a free magnet wand. The result after applying this nail polish will be very satisfying. The rich colors give a classy and elegant look with a glossy finish. All the colors are shimmering and opaque. It is perfect for getting gorgeous nails for a party, office, and home. It is easy to apply and only one coat is needed.

The cat-eye line changes colors in a different light. It needs to be cured with a UV or LED nail drying lamp. All the effects are easy and quick to create. The nail polish has a smooth brush, which ensures the application of a thin and consistent coat.

  • It is long-lasting and can be worn for 2-3 weeks.
  • It is environment-friendly and non-toxic.
  • It is made from mineral pigments and has a low odor.
  • It contains healthy ingredients like natural resin.
  • The cat-eye is very easy to create with a strong magnet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is magnetic nail polish?

Magnetic nail polish contains metal particles in it, which scatter and rise when a magnet is brought closer. You can position the magnet wand in different ways to create new patterns with the magnetic nail polish. You can get a quick manicure at home with magnetic nail polish.

  1. Is Magnetic nail polish bad for you?

This is a common concern shown by many because it may be harmful to wear metal-based nail polish. But, nowadays, brands are creating nail polish with natural and healthy ingredients that do not damage the quality of your skin. A nail polish made from non-toxic materials is not bad for you.

  1. How do you use magnetic nail polish on nails?

The application of magnetic nail polish is very easy. The first step is to apply a base coat. Shake the bottle before applying the magnetic nail polish. Hold a magnet close to it without touching until a pattern forms. Cure it right away and voila! Your manicure is done.

  1. How do you do cat eye magnetic gel polish?

The cat-eye effect is one of the hottest nail trends and it is very easy to create using magnetic nail polish. Apply a clear base coat or a black gel. Then apply the nail polish on it and bring the magnet closer. You can hold the wand diagonally, vertically, or in any other position, you like. Hold it for a few seconds and a neat cat eye effect will be formed. You need to cure it right away otherwise the magnetic particles will start to disperse.

Also, if you have a ton of nail polishes lying around you can check our Easy nail polish storage ideas, which will really help you in organizing your nail polishes.


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