A Comparison of Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex: Which Is the Best Hair Care System?

With all the treatments you do to your hair, it’s important to focus on overall hair quality and growth. If you do not stick to a proper hair care routine, you may come across significant hair damage. In this case, you need bond protectors to restore nourishment to your hair and stop further damage.

Hair coloring can sometimes make your rough look dull and dry. In this case, the Matrix Bond ultim8 vs Olaplex products offer to repair your hair that’s partly damaged due to color. Coloring involves a lot of chemicals. Hence, professional bond protectors promise a lot more than just repair.

Both Matrix Bond ultim8, as well as Olaplex, promise healthier and stronger looking hair that’s free from damage. Plus, it prevents further breakage, caused due to coloring and other treatments and works to lock in moisture. Therefore, the bonds of your hair receive all the love with the new ultim8 range by Matrix.

Olaplex is used in three different stages. Most professionals and hair stylists stick to the three-step procedure to prevent hair breakage. Even though the process may be time taking, it is worth it.

Matrix Bond ultim8 price: How much should you pay?

Matrix Bond ultim8 vs Olaplex

Hair coloring means a lot more than just transformation. It gives you a new feel and looks, hence increasing your confidence. But did you know that using chemical colors on your hair can cause more harm than good? Well, to protect the bonds of your hair while coloring, it’s important to use a bond protector. Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex.

The Matrix Bond ultim8 bond protector offers amazing results and prevents future hair damages. While coloring, this bond protector is mixed with bleach and applied to your hair. It helps in rebuilding the damage already caused and makes your hair look shinier and healthier.

Using a bond protector is much more useful and effective than completely bleaching your hair. As bleaching can cause erosion of the hair roots and destroy hair elasticity, going for the best bond protector is the solution.

As the Matrix Bond Ultim8 involves two procedures, customers should know the price they have to pay. Hair coloring is professional treatment. Therefore, the cost of the bond protector gets added to your hair coloring. There is a beginner’s bond protector kit, along with the professional. Depending on the hair color and the hair quality, the Matrix kit can somewhere cost between 60 dollars to 80 dollars.

You can get the bond protection treatment done at home, as well as at the salon. For more professional care, the salon visit is worth it!

Matrix Bond Ultim8 Ingredients

Matrix Bond ultim8 vs Olaplex

The Matrix Bond Ultim8 is a chemical-free and sulfate-free product. With active ingredients straight from nature, this product offers great results in just a few washes. Using this product once a week helps in protecting your hair color and gives healthy-looking hair. Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex.

The benefits of using the Matrix Bond on your hair are as follows:

  1. Nourishes your hair from the roots
  2. Protects your hair bonds and adds extra shine
  3. No hair breakage
  4. Moisturizes hair to make it look healthier

Matrix Bond ultim8 how to use?

If you are looking forward to luxurious hair that is soft to touch, you must use the best hair care products. To protect your colored hair from damage, the Matrix bond ultim8 is the finest product available. This paraben-free product causes the least damage to your hair and protects hair color from fading away.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use the Matrix Bond Ultim8-

  1. Wet your hair and take a small portion of the ultim8 product onto your hand. Apply it onto your hair, especially the colored part. Use the product depending on the length of your hair.
  2. Now, leave it on for not more than 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse it off with the Matrix daily shine shampoo and apply conditioner
  4. Now, let your hair dry completely. Use a wooden comb to detangle your hair and apply Matrix serum.

Apply this bond protector at least once a week to get salon-smooth hair!


  1. Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex: which one to choose?

Both Matrix Bond Ultim8 and Olaplex have great reputations among customers. However, for longer shine, you must choose Matrix. However, Olaplex works to rebuild damaged hair. It stops future hair breakage and protects the bonds of your hair.

  1. How to use an olaplex bond smoother?

Take a generous amount of the Olaplex bond smoother onto your palm and leave it onto your hair. Wash it off after 10 minutes. Follow it up with the sealing treatment for best results!





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