How to Take Care of Your Skin: Microblading Aftercare

Microblading is a procedure, where one can enhance the beauty of an eyebrow. It is performed by a professional, who may have a license to conduct the procedure or may not, depending on the place they belong from.

The procedure is done by drawing a tiny line in one’s eyebrow making it look fuller. This process includes hundreds of small strokes by using special equipment. This tiny equipment provides a layer like one’s eyebrow hair. The results of microblading may last for twelve to eighteen months. If you are not sure whether you should get microblading done or not on your eyebrows, you can check out Microblading pros and cons first.

The microblading procedure includes cutting down into the skin, and implants into the cuts of an eyebrow. This procedure requires healing and microblading aftercare is a must-follow routine. There are many things that one must know about healing microblading, and also about the micro bladed brows aftercare. The skin will be sensitive after micro balding, and one must avoid touching the eyebrow.

After all the microblading news, one must have heard about the micro shading, powder brows, and also the ombre brows. And after every procedure, one requires healing and also aftercare. For example, if one does ombre brows, then they must undergo the ombre powder brows aftercare.


What is the procedure for microblading?

Microblading Aftercare

Before consulting, be sure about the best shape for your face and also the natural hair color and your skin tone. The professional first cleans the area and numbs for the treatment. The tool used is handheld, and the strokes are drawn manually. It’s is mandatory for healing microblade eyebrows. When your procedure is done most of the professional applies the microblading aftercare ointment.

The time taken for the procedure depends on how full one wants their eyebrow to be. Some professional encourages the clients to follow up for a few weeks after the procedure, to make sure they are happy with what is done on their eyebrows.

How do you take care of your eyebrows after microblading?

Microblading Aftercare

Microblading eyebrow aftercare is mandatory for the long-lasting effect of the same. After the procedure, you may find your eyebrow appears dark and the skin color red. After microblading, one must use a wet cotton swab to run over your eyebrow to remove the excess dye. One must know what is the microblading eyebrow aftercare. The procedure is only the first step, but there is some microblading aftercare do’s and dont’s that must be followed.

  • Do not wet your eyebrow area for up to 10 days, that includes keeping your face dry even while showering.
  • Do not apply makeup for at least a week.
  • Do not itch or pick scabs.
  • Do not swim or workout which leads to excessive sweating till the time your eyebrow is completely healed.
  • Your hair must be kept away from your eyebrows.
  • You may apply any cream or balm for healing as suggested by the professional.
  • You must have your touch-up appointments for your eyebrows.

For the aftercare of the micro bladed eyebrows, there is much microblading aftercare kit available online. There are wet healing and microblading aftercare dry healing.

Microblading wet healing is always assumed to be wet. The initial stage of wet healing means moist. This includes using a product to the skin to provide hydration and rebuild the skin. Whereas, microblading aftercare dry healing is where no products are applied to the area even after washing your eyebrows.

Eyebrows not only need care after the procedure but also microblading before and aftercare. Many professionals will provide microblading aftercare advice which helps with the newly done eyebrows.

microblading aftercare guide or microblading aftercare day by day.

Day 1: The eyebrows are very sensitive and may be swollen. The color of the eyebrow appears too dark. After a few hours of the treatment, one can use a cotton swab, dip it in sterile water and run it through your eyebrow.

Day 2: You may wash your brows with a cotton pad dipped in sterile water or even use an antibacterial wash. Gently clean the area. After cleansing, apply the ointment suggested by the professional. Make sure you apply a thin layer.

Day 5-10: The scanning begins around these days. Do not touch them, let them scab off naturally. Touching them may ruin your microblading. You may carry on with your aftercare routine. And if you find any itching or scanning which turns out a heavy mess, then do contact your artist.

Day 10-14: You may go back to your daily routine.

 When can I wash my face after microblading?

Microblading Aftercare


Every day after the procedure, at the start and end you may use clean fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrow, that’s how microblading aftercare cleaning is done. After ten days one may get back to their daily routine.


What do healing microblade eyebrows look like?

  • From day one to three, you will see your eyebrows look bold and full and with an extremely dark color. And from day three to five the pain goes away along with tenderness. The color will be still dark and thick.
  • By the fifth day, the microblading aftercare flaking starts and maybe even itchy.
  • From day five to eight, you may feel the temptation to pick the scabs which may make the healing process slow and reopen wounds.
  • From day eight to twelve, the color returns and the flaking stops.
  • Day twelve to twenty-one, it looks more natural and the eyebrows are more defined and appear feathery.
  • Day twenty-one to thirty, the skin is healed and your eyebrows are soft and full.

What will happen if you pick your scabs?

It may pull the pigments out along with the scab and this may risk losing all the work you went through while microblading.

How long does it take for microblading scabs to fall off?

It takes seven to ten days for the scabs to fall off. This happens naturally. While the scabs are falling off, the skin starts looking light and pink.

What happens if you put makeup on micro bladed eyebrows?

Microblading Aftercare

After the procedure of microblading, one must let the skin heal naturally and always make sure to keep the eyebrow area clean and dry. Microblading healing process requires the skin to be make up free. The products may be natural or vegan, it gets absorbed into the skin and this might clog the pores making the production of oil excessively. And this can affect the microblading. Applying makeup may also cause skin irritation or the risk of infection. So one must avoid makeup around the microbladed area and can apply as much makeup on the other areas as required.

Does microblading ruin your eyebrows?

It doesn’t ruin your eyebrow, though there are some things to be considered. The microblading may have a lasting effect on the growth of the hair. It does not prevent hair growth and also does not stimulate it.

How can I make my microblading fade faster?

Below are some of the ways which you can use to fade your microblading faster

  • Don’t follow the rules of microblading: This means the instructions provided for the aftercare of the microblading should not be followed. If you want to fade the micro-bladed eyebrows then break all the rules. You may wash your face gently every day. But careful while touching it so that you don’t cause infection to yourself.
  • Exercise a lot: Exercising leads to a lot of sweat which is again against the rule.
  • Facials: if you seriously want the microblading to fade, you may use the expert facial procedure to help it to go away naturally.
  • Don’t go for your touch-up sessions
  • You may also use saunas if you do not wish to exercise.

Does hair grow back after microblading?

It is a myth that microblading stops your hair growth. It does not affect your hair growth and especially when done precisely.

What are the side effects of microblading?

microblading aftercare

One of the side effects can be the irritation of the skin or the infection that can take place. Pain caused due to microblading is normal, but if it is severe, then it is not normal. The area may swell and may cause pus to leak. Must visit a doctor if things get worst. The tool used for microblading is a one-time use, if you see them using the same and not opening the new one, walk away.


What are the negatives of microblading?

To be precise, the negatives only occur if you go for microblading to the wrong person, who may not be an expert and may mess your procedure. Always look for the right professional and follow the microblading aftercare instructions provided by them.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo made on your eyebrows. The long-lasting effect of microblading depends on the skin type and each skin type has different aftercare. For example, microblading aftercare dry skin is different than oily skin.

Microblading does not suit everyone. One must be very careful in the initial stage. If you are determined to follow the microblading process, then make sure you find the best artist to go with. Do your research on microblading so that you can ask questions to your artist before getting it done. Asking a question will only help you to understand the procedure more deeply.

Once the microblading procedure is done, be responsible, and take care of the eyebrows as instructed by the artist. Do not try or use your ideas, which may lead you to any of the mess.

If you get an infection even after following every instruction, please follow up with the artist or visit a dermatologist for better advice.

Microblading Eyebrows

microblading aftercare

We have discussed so much about microblading, now; let us see the bright side of microblading eyebrows.

  1. The lesser time required to get ready

As every woman knows, the time to get ready and be presentable takes a lot of effort and skills. The makeup isn’t an easy task. The most crucial is to get your eyebrows filled and also on the desired shape and color which adds a firm look to your face. Once you are done with microblading, you are free from all the hassle. When you go for microblading, the professional fills your eyebrow with the natural color matching your skin tone and making it fuller and beautiful.

  1. No smudging and no smearing even with the active lifestyle practitioner

You can work all day and night without any worry. Microblading allows you to work out and sweat without any tension about your eyebrow makeup. In microblading, the eyebrows are pigmented with three layers. Normal eyebrow makeup doesn’t help much with sweaty sessions and is not as reliable as microblading.

  1. Painless

This procedure is not that painful as the professional numbs the area before microblading. The customers only sense carving on their eyebrow, as microblading implements pigments into the skin.

  1. Time-saving

The session may take an hour or two depending upon how much you want to fill your eyebrows. And this saves your time from the eyebrow makeup for a few years. Don’t you think it’s worth spending one hour or two for hassle-free few years?

  1. Lifespan

The microblading lasts for one to three years. It also depends on factors like sun exposure. Microblading is not permanent, it is semi-permanent.

  1. Does not loses color

Microblading does not lose color as the tattoo turns green from black. Although the microblading tends to lose saturation. All the pigments used for the procedure are organic and do not lose color.

  1. Safe

Microblading is safe when done by an expert and also by following the instructions given by the expert.

microblading aftercare

Microblading is a way in which people having diseases like hair loss or undergone chemo can have hair. It was invented for cancer patients in Asia. This helps them to have what they lost. Making them feel better and not go through the emotional pain of losing their hair every day.

Microblading eyebrows are the new best friends of women in town. It helps in every way, to the people who fight with hair loss, for the people who like fuller brows, for the people who have no time for makeup. Microblading makes you look presentable even with no makeup as it gives a high definition to your eyes. Thus, making you look bold and confident.


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