The Pros and Cons of Microblading: What You Need to Know

Microblading helps you to enhance your eyebrows, by making them look fuller and darker. Although there are microblading pros and cons. If you are considering microblade your eyebrows, then you must check for highly skilled artists for the same. Microblading is semi-permanent and must be done properly to avoid any kind of allergies or infection. Microblading has its pros and cons.

There are long-term effects of microblading pros and cons. microblading pros and cons are like tattooing and are wonderful, but it also comes with its own set of risks. As it is semi-permanent, there’s no place for imperfection. Visit the highly skilled artist for the procedure. Must go for touch-ups or else you may lose the micro-bladed eyebrow effect.

Microblading eyebrows pros and cons

microblading pros and cons

The microblade cons occur when done incorrectly by the artist. As it is semi-permanent, it isn’t easy for a quick removal procedure.

The pros of microblading include, that it makes your eyebrows look fuller and beautiful. There is no wasting of time on eyebrow makeup and it is semi-permanent, it does not wash off like eyebrow makeup. Microblading pros and cons include the risk of having infection even after following all the instructions provided by the artist. The microblading process changes your face, as the new eyebrow makes you look bolder.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does microblading ruin your natural brows?

Microblading eyebrows do not ruin your natural brows. It fills in space with a tiny stroke made by the hand tool. It enhances the beauty of the eyebrow without affecting your natural brows. The microblading is done by tiny strokes on eyebrows and filling the strokes with pigmentation that matches your natural eyebrow color. Pigmentation plays an important role in microblading, as the color of the pigmentation must match your natural eyebrow hair. There are various pigments available in different shades of color.

  1. Is it worth it to get microblading?

If done correctly and by a highly skilled artist, who provides correct aftercare advice, then yes, it is worth it.

  1. Do celebrities get microblading?

While some are blessed to have naturally beautiful eyebrows, some celebrities seek help from brilliant microblading artists.

  1. Who shouldn’t microblading?

If you have any skin conditions including eczema, rashes, or anything else near your eyebrow or on the eyebrow, you must not microblade. Skin conditions like these make your skin vulnerable and can cause harm if microblade. Therefore, one must not microblade if facing such issues.

  1. Can I wash my eyebrows after 7days of microblading?

No, you must not wash your eyebrows after the procedure, for the first seven days. You may wash your face avoiding the areas of the eyebrows. You may face itching and appearances of flakes post the procedure. You must take care of your microblading pros and cons for 14 days and avoid any contact with the eyebrows. Only the aftercare for microblading pros and cons must be followed.

  1. Why did my microblading hurt so much?

Microblading is done by having tiny cuts on your eyebrow with a small hand tool. It is just like tattooing. So, rather than feeling any pain, you feel the pressure on your face from the tool. You might feel like scratching. Most professionals numb the area, so that you feel less pain. Without numbing the area, you might feel more pain, especially if you have zero pain tolerance.

  1. Is microblading bad for your skin?

Although it is not bad for your skin, there can be infection or allergies caused due to the breaking of the skin. Microblading is cutting the skin and then adding the pigmentations to the skin. If not done properly it might cause serious infections. The tool used must be sterilized or there are chances of transmission of diseases. There are pros and cons of microblading face. One must do their research before planning any visit to any artist for microblading pros and cons.


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