Comparing MONAT vs WEN: Which Hair Care System is Right for You?

There are your good hair days and then there are your bad hair days. You just cannot stop taking them selfies on your good hair days. You love your hair on those days, but you need to love it on all days really, though. Yes, we understand that on some days your hair looks so bad that if you could you would not even look at it in the mirror, but even on those days, you need to take good care of it Monat vs Wen.

Now, saying that you need to look after your hair is an easy thing to say. However, is it equally easy to act on it? No, not really. We understand that. That is why today we are here with these two great brands of shampoos, Wen and Monet. Both will take care of your hair for you, making them grow into the best version of themselves. We have approached the description of the brands in a manner that will help you decide which would be the best for you. So then, start reading!

Why choosing the best shampoo is important for your hair?

Before we go on to compare the two products it is probably better if we first look at why it is important to choose the right shampoo when it comes to the health of hair.

There are so many hair care products nowadays, Monat vs Wen but shampoos and conditioners remain the best ones to date. The shampoo helps you rinse your scalp and the conditioner helps to better the ends of your hair and make them look shiny and healthy overall. On top of it all, they are super easy to use as well!

Now, you see, there are so many different types of scalps and then there are corresponding shampoos for those scalps. Which one is yours? Let’s find out.

Monat vs Wen– Which is the one best suited for you?

Now is the time for the real question! Which is the one that you must choose when the questions boil down on wen vs Monat conditioner or shampoo.

Let’s start the discussion with a truth bomb that you might not have expected- wen is a “no-poo” brand! What does that mean? Monat vs Wen was a brand founded by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. It is not a shampoo though. It is a conditioner! It does not require shampoo in the first place. Now, this is something that might cause a problem for some people but that is a matter we are going to deal with in the upcoming segments.

Monat vs Wen on the other hand is a completely different story. If you are thinking, “does Monat ruin your hair?”, then of course not. It has mastery in almost all aspects of healthcare, be it your skin or hair. This brand has its headquarters in Florida, United States. It has a range of products (shampoo-based mostly) that you could choose from.

Now that we have a basic idea about the two brands, let trace more about these brand more.

 Range of products:

Monat vs Wen

Wen: As we have already mentioned this is the “no-poo” brand. Whatever product you get here, you will not find a shampoo-based one. However, the brand does provide you options in other segments such as styling crèmes and replenishing treatment mists, and so on. They are at affordable prices too.

Monat: This brand has a wide range. It even has its products outside of the hair care arena. Now, in the hair care department, it might only have shampoos and conditioners, but there are numerous kinds under the same as well. No matter what kind of scalp you have, Monat is just the shampoo for you.


Wen: The products of Wen do not consist of shampoo. Hence, there are no issues with frizz. It does away with frizz completely. Wen hair products can therefore be used as often as you want and it would not rip your hair off its essential oils either. It is 100% effective as well!

Monat: Monat products are equally effective. But they mostly have shampoo-based products and therefore have to be used after a certain period only. However, the products are known to have amazing effects. If you are looking for ways to grow your hair thicker, stronger, and longer, then Monat shampoos and conditioners could help you out there.

Side effects

Wen: If you are wondering “does wen hair products cause hair loss?”, then here is something that you should know. Since the hair care products of Wen have completely done away with shampoos, there are bound to arise some problems if you keep on using just the conditioner or the other hair products. Your scalp needs cleansing. You cannot do away with it entirely. There were cases filed against the brand as well regarding some issues regarding hair loss that some women claimed to face. However, the cases have been settled for now. Many believe such issues could be done away with if you opt for the hair products according to your requirements.

Monat: Monat too has faced its fair share of cases against them as well. But unlike Wen, they are still fighting those and are on their way to prove them innocent. As for the side effects, nothing particularly is known as of yet. They vary from person to person. Tallying your scalp with the kind of shampoo, you are thinking of buying and then researching on the same is the best way to go.

You might be wondering why we did not include a price section here. The thing is when you want to buy quality products; you will have to pay an amount that might seem a bit too much to you. But then again, it needs to be compared “with the service you get in return. Therefore, in terms of the money you need to spend, Wen and Monat, both have a similar range. Apart from that, this is pretty much all that you need to consider and know about Monat vs Wen shampoo before you go on to buy either of the products.



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