Comparing Murad vs Dermalogica: Which Skincare Brand is Best for You?

You would have purchased Sephora lipsticks off late. Very little did you know that Murad is the skincare chain of products under Sephora? Murad was founded in the year 1989 and at present it is held by the Unilever United States of America. It is a Canadian brand. Dermalogica was found in the year 1986 and it is also held by the Unilever United States of America.

Murad Vs Dermalogica

One could see that both Murad and Dermalogica are under the same company. The market segmentation of Murad and Dermalogica compete with each other in the various range of products. Both the brands have highly specialized in selling skincare products more than focusing on the makeup segment, which is handled by other brands under the company. A Murad vs Dermalogica comparison would help you understand the products better.

What are the various skincare products sold by Murad and Dermalogica? 

With the changing lifestyle habits, the problems arising on the surface of the skin have taken a huge leap. You need to be aware of the best skincare regimen available in the market so that you could protect your skin from external atmospheric conditions as well as the harmful rays of the sun. In case you think as to what stores sell Murad Skin Care?

It is almost every pharmacist and personal care store, as well as online websites, that sell the products of Murad. In case you were wondering does Murad ever go on sale? One could wait for the festive season or yearend offers so that the products are put on sale. Some feel that Murad products are quite expensive and think on the lines are Murad products worth the money. Facial cleansers, serum, toners, exfoliators are some of the top-selling products of both brands.

Factors for comparing Murad and Dermalogica

If you have acne havocking your skin, then you need to check out Murad vs Dermalogica for acne. There are certain factors you need to be considering before purchasing products from Murad or Dermalogica.

Cost Comparison 

murad vs dermalogica

When two brands are compared, the first thing that comes into the attribute for comparison is the cost. Both Murad vs Dermalogica are high-end brands. So, it is not wise to compare the prices of the high-end brands to the prices of the drugstore brands like Clean& Clear or Neutrogena. The facial cleansers produced by Murad like clarifying cleanser are sold at $30 and the cleanser by Dermalogica, special cleansing gel is sold at $38.

The moisturizers wouldn’t be washed off your skin, it gets soaked onto your skin for hours together. So, the pricing is higher when compared to that of the facial cleansers. Murad’s moisturizer is priced at $82 whereas Dermalogica’s moisturizer is priced at $80.

Only the serum of Dermalogica is a bit pricier when compared to Murad’s serum. If you could see the day-to-day usage products are almost priced similarly but the specialty products are priced differently.


murad vs dermalogica

Both Murad and Dermalogica craft their skin products with high quality and are approved by dermatologists. Their products range from everyday usages like facial cleansers, exfoliants, serums, masks, and toners. One could see the major difference between the products of Murad vs Dermalogica is the product lines. The products of Dermalogica are segregated under the product system and skin concern.

Under the product system, daylight defense, age smart, clear start, and ultra-calming are included. Under skin concern, adult acne, breakouts, dehydration, oiliness, and dryness are included. The website of Dermalogica offers a feature called facial mapping that allows potential buyers and users to work on trouble areas with the right products suggested based on skin analysis. The product line of Murad specializes in anti-aging and acne. The products by Murad also have a separate category for Men.


murad vs dermalogica

No one is interested in buying a product that will not work out for them. You need to check which product would work effectively for your skin type. For this, you need to read the information printed on the back of the product before you purchase it. Once you are familiar with the ingredients added to the products, then you could determine whether it will work for you or not. The major ingredients used in the products of Dermalogica are botanicals and retinol. In case you are thinking of  Murad retinol vs Dermalogica retinol, you need to pick up Dermalogica retinol without any second thought.

The addition of retinol enhances the cell turnover and helps in the boosting of acid production and hyaluronic acid. As the products of Dermalogica contain salicylic acid, it helps in the treatment of mild acne. A lot of reviews of Dermalogica and Murad suggest that their cleansing products are very effective. So, in case you are having acne-prone skin and you have extremely sensitive skin texture, then you could prefer buying the skin cleansers from these brands owing to their effectiveness.

Side effects

murad vs dermalogica

The other important factor a person takes into account while before buying any product is the possible side effects one could encounter by the usage. The products of Dermalogica and Murad don’t contain any mineral oil, lanolin, and any other kinds of irritation-inducing ingredients. One could choose a product as long as the effects of using aren’t major and it is highly manageable.

Skincare for Salon

If you are having plans to set up your salon, and they are looking for a product that would be used widely for all kinds of treatments for your customers, then you could go for Dermalogica. It is not that Murad is not that great when compared to the more logical it is just that a lot of people are much aware of Dermalogica when compared to Murad. Also, the best part about Dermalogica is that they have a team to train your personnel to be employed at your salon in case you prefer to buy the range of products offered by them. Due to its popularity, the clients would also be completely fine with Dermalogica being used.

Both the products of Dermalogica and Murad are cruelty-free, vegan-supported, and not harmful to the environment. When you think is Murad vs Dermalogica better, it is like comparing apples to oranges. Both the brands are good in their way.


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