Comparing Nivea vs La Mer: Which Skincare Brand is Best?

Knowing which product is good for our skin is a task in itself. The products which we are going to talk about today are both very popular. Let us see which product is more in demand in our article Nivea vs La Mer.

About the Nivea vs La Mer products

La Mer

La Mer

This fancy cream has an image in the beauty industry and is known for its royalness and price. The contents of this cream come in a beautiful small container.

It is said to rejuvenate the skin and make your skin glowing and flawless. The meaning of the words La Mer is cream from the sea.

This cream was originated accidentally when a German scientist Max Huber was trying to formulate a concoction to treat his wounds.

And this cream alluring cream was born.

The key ingredient in this product is sea kelp that is mixed in the cream.

The reason why it is pricy because the sea kelp that is used in the cream is hand-harvested in Vancouver.

An unbelievable fact is heard about this cream. The maker of this cream Huber used to play some kind of fermentation tune which he believed to catalyze the process of fermentation.

It contains antioxidants that help the skin to get purified and clear it from the inside.



Nivea is one of those names which we all have heard since our childhoods. The brand claims to be serving its customers for hundred years. It is trusted by the people and has a wide range of beauty products.

They make products taking into consideration the skin types at different places depending on the atmosphere around them.

Nivea has come up with 2 different versions of creams are the US version that is available only in the United States and the German version available in Europe.

The German Nivea is the lightest in application among all of them.

Nivea and Creme De La Mer have healing capacity, cure cuts, and light wounds as well as provides nourishment and radiance to the skin.

Is nivea creme similar to la mer?

Is nivea creme similar to la mer

These two are kept against each other to compare because the customers have found them very similar to each other. They aren’t very distinct from each other but not entirely similar.

Nivea vs La Mer Both of these products contain glycerine and petrolatum, known for their ability to lock the moisture in the skin and making it hydrated.

Mineral oil is also one of the ingredients that are present in both of these products.

The base of these products is very indistinguishable.

Is nivea as good as creme de la mer?

Is nivea as good as creme de la mer

This question is kind of difficult as they are very similar to each other. Most of the ingredients in these products are similar.

But one of the ingredients in La Mer is the seaweed extract that produces lactic acid on fermentation that helps in making the skin radiant and smooth.

But there is no significant difference in these products. This depends entirely on the buyer and their preference.

Is la Mer face cream worth it?

If you are a big fan of this exquisite cream fancied and awestruck by its ingredients then you can give it a try. Sea kelp and other ingredients go through the process of fermentation.

It is best suited for dry and sensitive skin. So if you have dry or sensitive skin you can give it a try.

This can also be used as a night cream and hydrates the skin deeply.

Nivea vs La Mer ingredients

Nivea vs La Mer ingredients

The ingredients in these Nivea vs La Mer products are almost similar and the base product is glycerine.

Seaweed, glycerine, sesame oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and a long list.

Ingredients in Nivea are glycerine, mineral oilmicrocrystalline wax, petrolatum, beeswax, citric acid, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which Nivea cream is like la Mer?

Nivea creme is considerably the closest to the La Mer lotion till now.

2.Does creme de la Mer smell like Nivea

Nivea vs La Mer Both of these have fragrances in them. Nivea has a wide range of products that have very distinguished fragrances.

So we can not say that these two products smell similar.

3.Does creme de la Mer really work

Creme De La Mer works wonders on dry and sensitive skin types.

It has glycerine that locks the water into the skin and prevents water loss.

The sea kelp when ferments produce a kind of lactic acid that helps to exfoliate the skin and provides nourishment.

Everyone has a different skin type and once in a lifetime gets confused to choose between products.

Consult a dermatologist if you want to confirm that buying these expensive products would actually be effective for your skin and would not leave any kind of side effects on the skin.


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