Comparing Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3: Which Hair Treatment is Right for You?

Olaplex is one of the most popular hair care treatments in today’s date. It’s the best hair bonder used to extract or add hair color. It improves damaged hair structure by restoring comprised hair. It also provides your hair with the ultimate breakage insurance. Use our olaplex 2 vs olaplex 3 comparisons to decide which one to go for or skip it at all.

We have collected information from the best colorists and the best cosmetic chemists to help you find the best fit for your hair. It has become a go-to option for most hair colorists. Mainly because it helps their client’s hair develop resistance against the probability of hair damage. The damage usually occurs while clients are undergoing chemical hair treatments.

The treatment helps restructure the internal links of the human hair fiber. Human hair fibers are accustomed to breakage when bleach or color is done or removed. The disulfuric bridges of our hair also get damaged when we use flat iron more often. The treatment acts on the internal structure of the hair. But which one out of the two olaplex treatments is the better one?

Olaplex 2 Vs Olaplex 3

Let’s dig deeper to know what is so different about the two treatments.

Is olaplex 2 better than olaplex 3?

Olaplex 2 Vs Olaplex 3

Both the treatments are equally beneficial for your hair. The results of both treatments will be different. Olaplex 2 is the continuation of the Olaplex 1 treatment. It is the next step after Olaplex 1.

If your hair has been exposed to extensive damage or you haven’t got time to care for your hair. And you also have the urge to get yourself a new hair color. Then, you can get Olaplex 2 after you get Olaplex 1 from your nearest salon service. Both the olaplex hair treatments are incomplete without each other. Some salons charge a bomb for this hair service.

Olaplex 1 and 2 last for almost a month.

Olaplex 3, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to visit the salon. You can do the hair treatment within the comfort of your home. You can do the treatment within one week to fifteen days. The hair treatment will turn your hair texture smooth and tangle-free. It will not make up for intensive hair damage but only slight hair damage.

And no, don’t confuse Olaplex treatment with a hair mask treatment. You must have now got a fair idea on which is good from Olaplex 2 Vs Olaplex 3.

Olaplex 2 vs Olapex 3 reviews:

  • Olaplex No 2 review: Customers have noticed hair that feels brand new with the olaplex bond perfecter. It saves your hair from heat damage. It also works great with dry and colored hair. Several salon specialists and cosmetic chemists highly recommend olaplex no 2 treatment. It greatly reduces chemical hair damage, split ends, and keeps your hair detangled.
  • Olaplex No 3 review: People with bleached and heat damaged have given mixed responses to the at-home olaplex no 3 treatment. Customers believe that this treatment works well with or without olaplex no 2. They have got their lifeless hair to shine again. Their hair has got smoother, silkier, and detangle easily.

Do you have to use Olaplex 1 and 2 to use 3?

olaplex 2 vs olaplex 3

No, you don’t always have to use these olaplex treatments altogether, except olaplex 1 and olaplex 2. Olaplex 1 and Olaplex 2 are step-by-step treatments done at a professional salon. The two treatments can do wonders on your lifeless, chemically treated, and heat-damaged hair.

Getting olaplex 3 treatment is more of a choice. It gives the best final touch and completely renews your hair. However, many people have claimed that the olaplex 3 treatment works great on slightly damaged or dry hair. It smoothens and adds more shine to the hair without the costly salon service. You can do olaplex 3 treatment yourself at home.


Can olaplex ruin your hair?

No, olaplex helps in saving your hair from chemical damage caused due to bleaching, coloring, and drying hair. The treatment helps restructure the internal links of the human hair fiber. Human hair fibers are accustomed to breakage when bleach or color is done or removed.

Does Olaplex fix split end?

Yes, Olaplex renews your damaged and colored hair to help reduce split end damage. You will get smoother, shinier, and detangled hair.

Will Olaplex help my hair grow?

Yes, olaplex helps with hair growth. Hair bleaching and chemical treatments can hamper your natural hair growth. But olaplex prevents this damage, renews your hair, and helps them grow.

How long does Olaplex No 3 last?

Olaplex no 3 usually lasts differently on different hair textures. If you have taken olaplex 1 and olaplex 2 treatment, then olaplex 3 treatment results will last more than a month. However, if you do the olaplex 3 treatment at home, then its results might last a week to fifteen days. Rest depends on how strict you are with your hair care schedule.

Does Olaplex No 3 Really Work?

Most people have reported positive hair results after using olaplex no 3. But it is always good to know that olaplex treatment will work differently on different hair textures. Olaplex no 3 works best on slightly damaged hair. Olaplex 1 and 2 will work wonders on intensively damaged hair.


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