Olay Total Effects vs Regenerist: Which is the Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer?

If you have tried buying Olay branded creams. You will know that Olay total effects vs Regenerist debate always comes up. In this article, all the differences and similarities between Olay total effects and Regenerist are compared in detail.

Let’s talk a little about the Olay company. Olay is a top brand in cosmetics. They produce all kinds of products and their specialty is in anti-aging creams. Both Olay total effects and Regenerist are best selling products of Olay.

Now come back to the comparison, at the end of the article, you will have a fair knowledge about which product you should buy for your cosmetic needs. This article will clear all the confusions and give you a detailed analysis Olay total effects vs Regenerist.

The biggest difference in both them that people might be aware of is that ‘Olay total effects’ is generally for younger people and on the other hand Regenerist is more suitable for older people as it helps in removing wrinkles.

Let’s take a detailed look at their differences:

Olay Total Effects vs Regenerist Whip

Due to their different formulas both Olay total effects and Regenerist whip gives different results. Both the creams are very popular in the market. Though, Regenerist is relatively new in the market but still gained a lot of popularity due to its advanced formula targeting to solve older people’s skin problems.

‘Olay total effects’ provide simple and easy-to-use skincare. It is useful for young people to prevent the aging of their skin by improving the quality of their skin. It works as a moisturizer and helps in smoothening the skin. ‘Olay total effects’ contain emollients and humectants that hydrate the skin.

Regenerist whip contains rich nutrition value amino-peptide which helps in making the skin smoother. Regenerist whip contains an advanced and complex form of the amino peptide. After applying Regenerist whip you can smooth and matte finish on your skin for a full day. It quickly absorbs in your skin layers and moisturizes them without giving any heaviness to your skin.

The special ingredient in this whip is aloe vera. Regenerist works for all kinds of skin tones and types. It also has SPF 30 which protects you from harmful UV rays.

Olay Total Effects Regenerist Review

total effects vs Regenerist

Olay total effects can be used for your whole body though most people prefer to use it on their face only. By many people, it is used as a moisturizer and it helps in removing dark spots and pores from your skin.  It contains many vitamins like vitamin B3 and vitamin E that help to increase the elasticity of the skin.

On the other side, Regenerist micro-sculpting cream has a primary focus on removing wrinkles from the skin of older people. It has anti-aging ingredients that help to look the skin younger.

Both the products can be used by all skin types.

Olay Regenerist vs luminous vs total effects

These three: Regenerist, luminous and total effects are the main creams of Olay whip creams. All three of them have distinct values but also they have some similarities.

Regenerist whip’s texture is soft and it is also low weighted cream. It mainly helps in removing wrinkles from your skin and also improves the texture of your skin.

Luminous whip mainly hydrates the pores and helps in improving the skin tone. This one is also smooth and light-weighted. The most amazing thing about luminous is that it leaves a matte finish that looks very classy.

Olay whip is very simple to use. After applying it simply melts in your skin. It has a light smell and has classic Olay fragrance that vanishes just after the application on the skin. People with smell sensitivity find Olay whip really helpful. Overall, it provides a beautiful and clean look.

Olay total effects 7 vs Regenerist

total effects vs Regenerist

‘Olay total effects 7 in1’ is an amazing product that has various benefits. It is light weighted cream and helps in removing the dryness and fine lines from your skin. It gives silky smooth skin and provides glowing skin.

‘Olay total effects 7’ cream is available in both day and night variants. Both versions have their benefit. ‘Olay total effects 7 in 1’ is mostly used by people who are in their late 20s.

On the other hand, Regenerist is more targeted towards people who are a bit older. Though, it works for people who are above 30 years old. Regenerist is one of the best moisturizes in the market.

Both Olay total effects 7 in 1 and Regenerist are filled with antioxidants that help in giving a younger skin.


  1. Which Olay night cream is best?

There are many Olay night creams are available to buy but Olay Night Cream: Regenerist Retinol 24 Moisturiser is a great option that is available for all skin types. This Olay night cream can be used daily it will help you in making your skin younger.

  1. Which is better ‘Olay total effects’ vs ‘Regenerist’?

Both the creams have a different formula which gives different results. The stark and pivot difference between Olay total effects and Regenerist is that Regenerist has an advanced formula and anti-aging ingredients that help in making skin look fresh and young.


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