Proliss Flat Iron: Get Professional Salon-Style Hair at Home

Proliss Diamond collection Ceramic Hair Straightener

Proliss Diamond collection Ceramic Hair Straightener

100% solid ceramic plates
Uses infrared heat technology
Adjustable hair temperature between 180-450
Proliss Professional hair flat iron

Proliss Professional hair flat iron

Titanium flat hair straightener
Provides frizz free and smooth hair
Adjustable temperature
Proliss Full set with Mini flat iron

Proliss Full set with Mini flat iron

Uses latest flashlight technology and LED indicator
Consists of tapered curling hair straightener and mini flat iron
Produces 700% more negative ions
Proliss Diamond Tourmaline Mini Hair Straightener

Proliss Diamond Tourmaline Mini Hair Straightener

3/ 4” plates makes styling short hair easy
Dual power technology and LED indicator
Uses negative ion technology and infrared heat

A flat iron is a type of hair straightener that gives frizzle-free and smooth hair.  Hair straighteners are of two types- flat iron and hairbrush straightener. Both of these are effective means to get silky, smooth, and to prevent kinks. When you are running short of time and you don’t have enough time to do a hairstyle, ironing will make it a much easier process. You will look simple, elegant in a presentable manner. Proliss flat iron is the most trusted brand for hair straightening. It uses the latest ionic technology to lock in the moisture of the hair.

Hair is the most important and attractive part of the body. Especially, women are obsessed with their hair. Your hair is the reinforcement and reflection of who you are. It affects your personality and confidence. Hair also describes a person’s health. Messy and rough hair invites many hair problems like split-end, dandruff, and hair fall.  On the other hand, smooth, long, and hassle-free hair look more attractive and pleasing. It speaks a lot about yourself and how you groom yourself. Therefore, it plays a significant role in complimenting the glamour of both men and women.

Best Proliss Flat Iron – Buying Guide

Factors to look for when buying Proliss flat iron

  • Plates – This is an important factor that should be considered before purchasing. For straightening purposes, flat and wide plates make the process easier and faster. Whereas, for curling narrow plates are the best option.  Using narrow blades can be used for straightening but it will take a long time.


  • Titanium, Ceramic, or Tourmaline plates- Ceramic plates in flat iron straighteners are beneficial for thin hair. It does leave any hot spot or damages hair. They use negative ion property, affordable, and are best for home use. Titanium flat iron is found in the salon for professional use. It is great for thick hair.  The plates are made of metal which is strong as steel and infrared heat like other irons. Tourmaline flat iron works best on damaged hair. It gives a salon-like finish with lustrous and frizzle-free hair.


  • Temperature- Every one of us has different hair quality and texture. Some have thin while many have thick hair. For thin hair, low temperature is enough to straighten. However, heat ranging from 200 to 450° F can be used for women with thick hair. Also, in some hair straighteners, you are given the choice to set the heat accordingly. But in many it is preset from before, all you have to do is switch it on and off.


  • To make curls- Wide plates are also used to make curls. These plates do not make proper and nice curls. So, to make curls, one should always seek out straighteners with narrow plates.


  • Review- Before buying, Proliss flat iron reviews should always be checked. This will help you to get an overview of the product. Going through the customer reviews will let you know about the authenticity & product features with some extra information.

Best Proliss Flat Iron Reviews


proliss flat iron

Proliss is one of the trusted brands in the market. Its Diamond ceramic 1.25 hair straightener weighs 1.45 pounds and is one of the bestsellers.

  • It is made of 100% ceramic solid plates.
  • It uses infrared heat technology generating 720% negative ions.
  • Temperature can be easily adjusted between 180- 450°F.
  • It gives frizz-free and silky hair.

proliss flat iron



proliss flat iron 

The turbo zabra flat iron uses titanium plate negative ion technology. The width of the plates is 1 inch which can heat up to 450°F within 10 seconds. This product evenly heats the hair with no hot spots. It gives soft, healthy, lustrous, and smooth hair for a long time.

  • Titanium flat iron
  • The negative ion technology provides frizz-free hair by neutralizing the positive ions.
  • Temperature can be easily adjusted according to the users’ preferences

proliss flat iron


proliss flat iron review

This infused collection is a masterpiece for straightening, curling, and styling different hairstyles. It uses 100% ceramic plates to get shiny and silky hair, with an adjustable temperature ranging from 140- 450°F. The full set comes in handy with a tapered curling iron and a mini hair straightener.

  • The tapered curling iron with infrared technology prevents frizz for long-lasting curls.
  • The Mini Hair straightener produces 700% more negative ions.
  • It is a user-friendly and fantastic product.
  • With the latest flashlight and LED indicator technology, it is one of the bestsellers in the market.

proliss flat iron review


baby proliss flat iron

Proliss Diamond Tourmaline Straightener is truly amazing. Previously it was difficult to straighten shorter strands. Now, with the use of this product, it has become way easier and faster.  The 3/ 4” plates make styling shorter hair easy.

  • It is the best travel companion with dual power technology which works well with a travel adapter.
  • 3/ 4” tourmaline plates with LED lights give a perfectly shiny and beautiful hair.
  • The negative ion technology and infrared heat give silky hair with humidity resistance.

baby proliss flat iron

Some Important terminologies

  • Ion technology- Hair straighteners with ionic technology nullifies the negative ions and eliminates frizz to make hair smooth.
  • Infrared heat- Infrared heat technology is used to make hair smooth and to protect it from any damage. It penetrates deep into the hair evenly heating for better results. It is considered to be ideal for treated hair that requires low temperature for styling. Infrared waves are electromagnetic waves that release energy when they pass through an object turning it into heat.

Flat Iron Do’s and Dont’s

  • For those who have fine hair, you should always keep the flat iron at a distance from the roots. Experts advise these women to use flat irons only at the bottom and back sections.
  • Using overly tacky hair spray before straightening can make your hair too sticky. So, a good quality hair spray will make your stay smooth and silky for a long time. One should always use a hair spray that is lightweight and non-sticky.
  • The most common mistake most of us make while dividing the hair into separate sections. The perfect way is to split the hair into smaller sections, so that hair gets heated uniformly from outside as well as inside.  Tacking thicker sections should be avoided as in this way hair gets heated partially. From the outside, the hair might get heated too much but the inside part remains unheated.
  • To get voluminous and smooth hair diagonal sections should be made instead of horizontal sections. Ironing hair in horizontal sections does not add to its texture. Instead, it makes your hair look flat and lifeless. Diagonal sections add a little bit of volume and hair doesn’t look so flat and thin.
  • The most important is properly combing hair before straightening. Combing will remove unwanted roughness and crinkled, which will make the ironing process smoother and easier.

Best Proliss Flat Iron Reviews

  • These hair straighteners emit 700% more negative ions which nullify the effect of positive ions present on the hair cuticles. Thus, it helps in getting silky and shiny hair.
  • Unlike other brands, Proliss Flat Irons offers multiple temperature settings. The amazing feature of this product makes it more trustworthy.
  • The use of 100% metallic plates of ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium is built for optimized use.
  • It is a user-friendly, travel companion, and budget-friendly product.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is the best Proliss Flat Iron in the budget?

Proliss Diamond Collection 1.25 Ceramic Hair Straightener is the best product in an affordable price range. Its 100%  ceramic solid plates and use of infrared heat technology gives silky and frizz-free hair.

2. Which is the best Proliss Flat Iron?

Proliss Full set with mini flat iron has the best-infused collection consisting of a tapered curling hair straightener and mini flat iron.

3. Why should one choose Proliss Flat Iron?

Proliss is one of the leading and trusted brands in California, USA. This brand is acknowledged internationally as they manufacture optimized and advanced hair styling tools.

4. What kind of proliss flat irons do professionals use?

Many professionals prefer using the proliss flat irons made of titanium. Titanium is notable for its durability and resilience, due to which it’s widely preferred for professional usage in beauty salons. Also, they have the ability to heat up in a relatively short amount of time.

5. Which is better for a straightener: titanium or ceramic?

This question ultimately depends on your hair type and the concerns you have. If you’re the type to have thick hair, your hair would require more heat to take effect. Therefore, titanium proliss straighteners would be better for thick hair.

If you have thin and fine hair, ceramic might be a better choice as less heat would be required. Also, if you’ve ever dyed your hair in the past, your hair may have got damaged, for which ceramic is better.

6. Is titanium more damaging than ceramic?

It’s a fact that ceramic takes a longer time to heat up. This may actually be a better thing as the medium heat will be less harsh on your skin. On the other hand, titanium gets heated up rapidly. The chances of you burning your hair very badly are higher with titanium proliss straighteners.


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