Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion: Which Hair Color is Best for You?

Redken is an American hair care brand from Loreal. It offers a wide range of styling products for hair. Shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, etc., are some products from Redken. Color Fusion and Chromatics work almost for similar purposes, i.e., coloring the hair. With almost similar features and benefits, it is hard to choose from Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion. Here is a peek into these products in a brief. 

1. Redken Chromatics Prismatic Hair Color: 


  • Brand: Redken 
  • Weight: 2 ounces 
  • Color: No. 7 Natural 
  • Hair Type: Colored 


This hair color is quite manageable and gives a neutral look. It has a mild scent that doesn’t disturb the user. This hair color doesn’t cause itching and irritation to the scalp. 


Use disposable gloves before applying the color. Mix the Chromatics color with Oil in Cream Developer as per the prescribed quantity. Don’t miss the proportions mentioned on the pack. Refer to the Chromatics Technical Guide for better mixing. Also, don’t use any metal equipment for applying the product. Process the mix at room temperature for around 35 minutes. Rinse the hair after processing and wash with shampoo. Don’t apply heat during the process. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Neutral looking hair 
  • Mild fragrance 
  • Irritation-free 


Doesn’t adapt properly 

What’s New? 

It gives excellent color without ruining the hair. The hair is shiny and healthy even after regular usage of Chromatics color. 

Why should you buy it? 

Chromatics doesn’t damage the hair at all. The user’s hair stays elastic, healthy, and gets a natural look even after prolonged usage. Grey hairs also don’t seem artificial when this color is applied. 

2. Redken Color Fusion Hair Color: 

Redken Color Fusion Hair Color


  • Brand: Redken 
  • Color: Multiple 
  • Item Form: Cream 
  • Weight: 90.7 gm 


Created with High Fusion technology, Color Fusion from Redken combines Advanced Dye Performance with a Conditioning Crème system. It gives phenomenal results on every usage. The long-lasting performance doesn’t fade out easily and resists washing. 


Mix the color and Pro-Oxide Developer in the prescribed ratio. Follow the usage directions given on the pack and complete the process. You can also refer to the official website of Redken for better usage. 


  • Long-lasting color 
  • Natural Finish 
  • Advanced Dye performance 
  • Water-resistant 


None in specific 

What’s New? 

This premium collection of hair coloring uses ingredients that help strengthen and grow the hair. It has a pleasant fruity scent and covers gray hair excellently. 

Why should you buy it? 

It is available in several series, each of which has different shades of colors. It conditions the hair, adds shine to it, and improves its volume. 

The Bottom Line: 

One significant difference between Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion is the technology used in creating these products. Color Fusion uses Uplift Color Bond Technology to deliver exceptional results. This provides a superior lifting ability and excellent conditioning to the hair. Chromatics uses Protein Extract Technology and Oil Delivery System. These help in delivering hair fortification and color pigments at the same time. 


1. What is the difference between Redken chromatics vs Color Fusion? 

As mentioned above, the crucial difference between Redken Chromatics vs Color Fusion is the technology used by the manufacturers in creating them. These cause a considerable difference in performance. Color Fusion nourishes the hair for post-color damages, while Chromatics ensures a natural look throughout. 

2. Does Redken chromatics lift color? 

Its zero-ammonia formula maximizes the blonde ability and is known to lift the color for up to 5 levels. The best thing about it is, all of this happens right from the first usage itself. These neutralized effects are paired with excellent shine and advanced protection for the hair. Remember to follow the usage guide for best results. Leaving the product for long may ruin the hair and cause irritation. 

3. How to use Redken color fusion? 

Choosing the right product alone is not sufficient for excellent results. If you chose Redken Color Fusion, you need to follow the user manual for intended results. Mix in 1:1 proportion with 10, 20, and 30 Pro-Oxide Cream Developer and process for 35-40 minutes. Doing so gives 3 levels of lift. If you are looking for more lift, use 40 Developer. 

4. What developer to use with Redken color fusion? 

Color Fusion has a dedicated Pro-Oxide Developer. Use this in the prescribed proportion for the intended color lift. In fact, you can use any developer that is dedicated to the hair color type you use. As in, don’t mix up between demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and permanent colors. Interchanging the brands is fine as long as you follow this color match. But remember to not apply heat during the process. That may just ruin the hair. 




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