Compare Sephora Play vs Ipsy: Which Beauty Subscription is Right for You?

Sephora plays and, Ipsy is both great cosmetic companies. If you are unaware of what Sephora Play vs Ipsy is about, then you have come to the right article. Sephora plays and, Ipsy is both monthly subscription services. It is a service for anyone who loves receiving beauty products at an affordable price.

Sephora play sends beauty bags containing five to six travel-size products each month. While the Ipsy sends a beauty bag containing five to six products that can either be beauty products or skincare products. So, let us see Sephora Play vs Ipsy Reviews know what this subscription service is about?

Sephora Play vs Ipsy

Sephora play

The Sephora beauty bag contains only beauty products that are either newly launched or the ones that you have mentioned in your preference. They allow you to customize your choice of products. There are several such beauty bag services offered by Sephora. The most affordable and cheapest one is the one, which contains five products in its beauty bag. The customers receive this beauty bag once a month.

sephora play

The packaging of these products is just like the packaging of the product that comes in its full size. Based on the type of subscription you choose the customers can choose one product or more than one product in each of their beauty bags. They come up with great choice options in their bronzers and eye shadows. One thing to be noted here is that they do not offer eyeshadow pallets in their beauty bags. They provide only single eye shadows. This service comes at a great price.

You can try out these products and later purchase the actual product if you like them. Many beauty bloggers subscribe to these services. It not only helps you to discover newer products but also helps you to decide whether you would like to purchase the actual product or not. You can purchase this service by registering for it from the Sephora website.


Sephora Play vs Ipsy

The Ipsy is a beauty product and skin products manufacturing company. The customers not only like their makeup products but also their skincare range. The skincare products offered by them are great and, you can also choose your skin type to receive skincare products according to your skin. The Ipsy monthly subscription is cheaper than the Sephora subscription. They offer products in travel size in their monthly subscription beauty bag like Sephora. You can subscribe to this service through the Ipsy website.

While doing so, you will be asked about your preferences in brands, beauty products, and skin products. After choosing that you will be asked for the type of beauty products that you like and whether you want to receive more beauty products or skincare products. Then you are asked about your skin type everything related to your skin to help them customize your beauty bag. They also ask about the type of eyeshadows and blushes you prefer.

Each month you can choose one product that you want to receive in your beauty bag. Each of their beauty bags has at least one mask unless you do not want to receive that. You are asked to pay for the service through online banking which is easy and safe. Just make sure to subscribe from the Ipsy website only to ensure the safety of online banking. After subscribing to this you will receive the beauty bags once every month. To cancel this subscription you can visit their website and click on cancel your subscription on your account so that you do not receive these beauty bags anymore.

Which is better – Sephora play vs Ipsy?

Sephora Play vs Ipsy


So, know this that Sephora offers only beauty products while Ipsy offers both beauty products and skincare products of different range. So, if you are a pro makeup artist or if you love makeup and trying out new makeup products then you can choose a subscription from Sephora.

But if you like makeup and also would like to try out new skincare products along with new makeup products then you can choose Ipsy. If you are still confused about Sephora Play vs Ipsy then you can try subscribing to both of them to decide which one is better. Also know that Sephora has many types of these services to choose from while Ipsy does not. Also, Sephora’s monthly subscription service of the beauty bag or makeup bag is more expensive than the monthly subscription of the beauty bag by Ipsy. Once you have tried both of these you can decide for yourself which one you would like to use.


1. Which service is cheaper between Sephora Play vs Ipsy?

The Ipsy service is cheaper than Sephora play.

2. Does Ipsy offer only beauty products in their beauty bags?

No, Ipsy provides both beauty products and skincare products.

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