Comparing Shiseido vs Estee Lauder – Which is Better for Your Skin?

In this article, we are going to discuss Shiseido vs Estee Lauder. If you are confused and need help in choosing the best skincare-focused beauty brand, then this Shiseido vs Estee Lauder blog is for you. Both the brands are well respected and trusted by millions. Estee Lauder products are sold in over 150 countries under diverse brand names such as Estee Lauder, origins, la Mer, Bobbi Brown, Aveda, DKNY, etc. Shiseido owns 21 brands and some of its products are distributed only in Japan.

Shiseido was founded in 1872, i.e.149 years ago. It is headquartered in Japan. It is one of the oldest multinational cosmetic companies. It is the largest cosmetic firm in Japan and the fifth-largest cosmetic company internationally. It is known for its bestsellers such as its anti-aging serums, cleansers, revitalizing creams, day and night creams, lipsticks, wrinkle-smoothing eye creams, SPF foundations, and other makeup products.

Estee Lauder was founded by Estee Lauder and joseph lauder 75 years ago. The main focus of the company was always on skincare, haircare, fragrance, and makeup products. The company is indexed under S&P 500.  The revenue of Estee Lauder keeps increasing and speaks for its success as a cosmetic mega-brand. Estee Lauder is famous for its beauty line consisting of foundations, eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, skincare serums, etc.

Which Is Better Shiseido vs Estee Lauder?

Shiseido vs Estee Lauder is a tough comparison. As both brands are unique and have their salient features, it is important to point out that Shiseido has been in the cosmetic industry for a longer time and has a strong presence in the Japanese market. It acquired other brands like bare minerals that provide mineral-based foundations that do not contain any additives to fragrances. Shiseido has a wider range of skincare products when compared to Estee Lauder.

Estee Lauder has innovative products that cater to global customers. All their products are made from high-quality trusted formulas. They use the latest technology to create superior products than their competitors. The must-haves of the brand that can be found in every skincare enthusiast’s cabinet are advanced night repair serum, pure color envy lipstick, bronze goddess power, revitalizing supreme anti-aging cream, double wear foundation, and modern muse Eau de parfum.

Shiseido vs Estee Lauder

Shiseido vs Estee Lauder Skin Care

Shiseido’s skincare line has been around for longer than Estee Lauder. They have 9 collections of skincare products. Vital perfection, white lucent, beneficence, bio-performance, future solution LX, essential energy, and Shiseido eudermine. Out of these, the ultimune collection remains the best seller. This collection also includes a serum for men. It consists of women’s face serum, eye serum, and mist also available in limited edition packaging.

Estee Lauder also has 9 skincare collections available. They are advanced night repair, advanced time zone, perfectionist, resilience multi-effect, revitalizing supreme+, pink ribbon collection, etc. Out of which the advanced night repair collection is the best selling. This collection includes a micro cleansing foam, serums, hydrating creams, brightening creams, eye masks, eye serums, cleansing balms, facemasks, etc.

Keeping the Shiseido vs Estee Lauder comparison in mind, In Shiseido’s products, you can get more generalized products suitable for everyone.

Estee Lauder Vs Shiseido Skin Care

Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum

This bestselling serum by Estee Lauder is the most comprehensive serum ever. It shows fast visible repair and has youth-generating power. It is suitable for all skin types and ideal for all skin concerns. The formal is oil-free and free of parabens, sulfites, and synthetic fragrance. The hyaluronic acid and antioxidants provide 72-hour moisturization. One dropper of the serum contains the power to strengthen the skin barrier in 4 hours.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate Serum

This serum by Shiseido is a customer favorite. Its unique ingredients such as iris root and reishi mushroom enhance the serum’s quality. The imu generation technology with botanical extracts and ultimune complex enhances the skin and protects it against aging. It strengthens the skin against day-to-day damage and gives a healthy-looking and strong skin. You can see a positive change in your skin within 4 weeks.

Shiseido vs Estee Lauder


Is Shiseido Foundation Good?

The Shiseido Foundation is very good. It is versatile as it is available for all skin shades. It has the goodness and protection of SPF. The foundation’s finish is very natural and gives a buildable surface. It is water-resistant, transfer-resistant, crease-resistant, and smudge-resistant. It hydrates your skin for 24 hours and gives comfortable wear all day long.

Is Shiseido Owned By Estee Lauder?

No, Shiseido is not owned by Estee Lauder.

Which Shiseido Foundation Is Best?

The synchro skin SPF 20 foundation is the best foundation from Shiseido. It is perfect for all occasions. It gives light coverage with a natural finish perfect for daily use. From Shiseido vs Estee Lauder, this foundation by Shiseido is more suitable.

Which Shiseido Eye Cream Is The Best?

The beneficence wrinkle smoothing eye cream is the best eye cream from Shiseido. It hydrates the skin for 48 hours and visibly corrects wrinkles in 1 week.


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