Sunsilk vs Dove: Which Hair Care Brand is Best For You?

Sunsilk and Dove are the immediate names whenever we talk about haircare. Both the brands deliver a wide range of products for your hair, leading to a clumsy choice. So, here is our Sunsilk vs Dove comparison to ease your choice of picking the right brand for your hair. But remember that it will first depend on your hair type and condition. Figure that first and head to reading our comparison.

About the Brands 

Let’s first know a little about both the brands before we jump to our Sunsilk vs Dove comparison.

Sunsilk is a British brand for haircare and was launched in the 1950s. It was first launched in the UK and soon became the number one brand in its field. At present, Sunsilk sells its products in most countries globally and is often touted among the best-selling brands for hair nourishment.

Dove, on the other hand, is also a British company launched in the 1950s. Its products are manufactured and sold in different countries across the globe. Dove also manufactures various other products like soaps, deodorants, body washes, facial products, etc., apart from shampoos and conditioners. There is a special range from Dove for men too.

Interestingly, both Sunsilk and Dove come from the same parent company, Unilever. There’s a slight difference in time for these brands to step in. Well, it sure is going to be an exciting comparison. Let’s see how Dove and Sunsilk hair care products treat us.

Sunsilk vs Dove Shampoo 

Sunsilk vs Dove

Well, let’s first start from the basics, i.e., the shampoos. First things first, right? Sunsilk vs Dove in shampoos is a little tricky. Know why? Because we have a wide range of options to pick one. Perfect Straight, Stunning Black Shine, etc., come from Sunsilk. Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture, Intense Repair, Daily Shine, etc., are from its rival, Dove.

Sunsilk shampoos are known to penetrate your hair roots and provide intense nourishment. You can also observe a stunning glow as you use the shampoos from Sunsilk. However, Sunsilk shampoos are known to leave a little trace of fragrances, as per the product’s formula. So, you might want to consider that if you are fragrance allergic.

Dove’s shampoos are meant for deep nourishment. Using these shampoos gives you smoother and shiny hair with bounce. Dove washes your scalp better and frees your scalp from the oil deposits easily. However, you might still feel something’s off about Dove’s shampoos.

To sum it up, Dove indeed provides better nourishment but, your hair might look a little off at times. Sunsilk, on the other hand, provides intense nourishment and glow. It is more about volume, while Dove works better for dry hair. Pick your thing accordingly.

Sunsilk vs Dove Conditioner 

Sunsilk vs Dove

Sunsilk conditioners are pretty impressive and do the job well. These come infused with natural formulae like amla pearl complex to give a smooth and shiny look. Your hair would remain the same until there’s no heat treatment. Sunsilk conditioners make your hair quite manageable and play nice with your hair. You can choose from a range of conditioners from Sunsilk addressing different hair concerns.

Dove conditioners come with a pro-moisture complex to better nourish your hair. This brand also provides an extensive range of options for conditioners. Health Ritual Conditioner for Growing Hair, Environmental Defense Conditioner, Hair fall Rescue Conditioner, Dryness Care Conditioner, etc., are some products from Dove focusing on different concerns. They work on nourishing dry hair in different ways using various formulae.

As you can see in Sunsilk vs Dove comparison, Dove conditioners are also meant for dry hair, while Sunsilk takes care of volume and manageability. However, match your conditioner with the shampoo for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Best shampoo for your hairs? Sunsilk vs Dove

Like we said before, both brands work on different problems related to haircare. Sunsilk works on improving your hair volume and manageability. Dove, on the other hand, takes care of dry hair by providing deep nourishment. So, you can pick the shampoo based on your hair concerns. However, we’d like to mention that Sunsilk shampoos leave traces of fragrances after the wash. If you are allergic or if those fragrances are disturbing, you might want to consider a different product.

  1. Which Sunsilk conditioner is best?

Well, you can pick the best conditioner from Sunsilk based on your hair concern. You can find different conditioners from the brand, including Perfect Straight Conditioner, Lusciously Thick and Long Conditioner, Hairapy Daring Volume Conditioner, Captivating Curls De-Frizz Conditioner, etc. You can figure out their focus from the names themselves and pick your thing as per the concern. But if you want to know the best among all, the Perfect Straight Conditioner is the choice.


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