Explore the Different Types of Hair Colors to Find the Right Look for You

You might be thinking of coloring your hair permanently or just for a while. But wait, that is not where your thoughts stop, is it? You start thinking of all the different styles you can pick with the different types of hair colors. One shade that has seen a rise on the brighter side of the palette is the copper hair dye.

Different hair type gives different life span to the hair color.

Different hair colors have different significance. Let us dive into the purpose of each of those in the list below. We will also see the top pick of hair colors.

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Types of hair colors Reviews

Temporary Hair Color

types of hair colors

If you look at the trend at the moment, you will see different dull and pastel shades of hair colors. You might be tempted to get the hair color of those specific bold and outstanding shades. But it is too much of a commitment as you might not want that hair color for the long term. Or maybe you just want to test it out first.

The temporary hair colors are one of the types of hair colors that are on the no-commitment side of the spectrum when it comes to hair colors. This type of hair color will wash out at once when you shampoo it. You can take a look at the shampoos that will protect your hair after you dye it.

Once you shampoo it, your hair will get back to its natural color.

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Semi-Permanent Hair Color

types of hair colors

If you feel like you would want to keep the hair color on your hair then you can go with the semi-permanent hair color. Most of the semi-permanent hair colors are not very harmful as it does not contain any ammonia. This also means that you do not have to wait for it to develop. More often it has been found that these types of hair color do not completely leave the hair for over 8-10 washes.

Semi-permanent hair colors are good if you just want to add a bit of kick and shine to your hair color. If you had dyed your hair permanently and that shade is wearing out, you can use the semi-permanent hair color to get you going.

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Demi-Permanent Hair Color

types of hair colors

If you want something a little more permanent than the semi-permanent but not as permanent as the permanent hair color, then you need to check out the semi-permanent hair color. But still, there are only a few differences that differentiate both of them. Like the fact that it is not permanent and also that it does not contain any ammonia like permanent ones. A developer is used in semi-permanent hair colors. This is how hair color gives better results by reaching the pores instead of simply forming a layer on the strand.

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You will need to shampoo your hair at least 30 times to get these hair color out of your hair.

Permanent Hair Color

types of hair colors

So, you are now very sure about the types of hair colors and you want it to stay. This is where the permanent hair color comes in. But this type of hair color requires a little more proficiency and technicalities than the rest. The process is more complicated that results in a longer duration until the hair color starts fading out.

Permanent hair color gives higher and deeper coverage. This is useful in case you need to color your gray hair or just change your hair color. The permanent hair color lasts longer than most hair colors but they are not for life. So you will have to go through the process all over again at some point in case you want to maintain the color.

Chances are that you will end up liking that faded hair color on you as well as the types of hair colors only totally fades away with time and slowly.

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Although, coloring the entire hair is great, however going with streaks and highlights could be more fun sometimes. You can also play with different color batches in your hair to develop a better and more preferred tone and color.

This is because with time the one solid streak style went away. Now highlights are used to develop different tones and to add more depth to the hairstyle. This also means more dimensions to your hair. There are different types of highlights that can be used to give your hair a more refreshing look.

Here are different types of hair highlights.


This type of hair highlight will add a more faded look to your hairstyle. At the roots, your hair will have the natural hair color and then towards the length, the tone will fade into a lighter one. That will be the highlighted part of your hair.


This highlight type uses light and the reflection of lights. Where lights bounce off your hair, that is where the dying is done. This makes your hair look natural and makes your hair shine. Make sure you take the help of a professional while doing this. Doing Balayage is in trend now. You can even do balayage at home.


This technique uses the opposite strategy. Your hair will be darkened in areas rather than applying dye to lighten it.  This adds more depth and dimension for sure.

Root Color

This isn’t a full coverage hair color technique. As the name suggests, it only is used in roots in case you want to get rid of gray hair. Like all other types of hair colors, the root color can also be permanent or temporary. This is our choice for the root color.

Hair Bleach

Hair bleach is used when you want to highly lighten the shade of your hair. This is usually a step that you will have to go through before dying your hair. Bleaching hair too often is never recommended. It will lead to hair damage that will make your look brittle and very frizzy.


Henna is the most natural and safest form of hair color. You can also apply henna on your hands or your skin like temporary tattoos. The shade that henna gives on the tones of red and orange. Henna is also used to make the quality of your hair even better. Using henna also adds volume to your hair.


  1. What hair color looks best on me?

Depending on your skin tone and even your face shape, many types of hair colors will suit you. You should determine your skin tone and take a professional’s help or you can do a bit of research on the celebrities who follow the hair trends to see what you like the best. Regardless, if you are unsure then you can always check out the temporary ones first.


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