Vaniply vs Vanicream: Which Ointment is Best for Dry Skin?

Our skin is prone to various pollutants and harmful agents like viruses, parasites, irritants, etc. Sunburns and heat damage add to these, making our skin’s condition worse. We try using different products for soothing skin irritations. Two famous brands Vaniply vs Vanicream, manufacture some finest creams, for that matter. Here is a gist of these reputed products and the better of the two. 

Before we proceed further, know the fact that Vaniply vs Vanicream comes from the same parent company. Two different skincare products from the same brand that’s going to be hard! Don’t worry. Let’s compare them and figure the best one for us. 

Vaniply vs Vanicream Ointment

As mentioned before, both Vaniply vs Vanicream come from the same company. However, the significant difference between them is that Vaniply is more like Vaseline gel, and Vanicream is like a lotion. As in, they are entirely unique to each other and serve different purposes. 

Vaniply ointment is a non-greasy emollient. Emollient is a substance that is not greasy and quick in absorption. Moreover, it is an occlusive product that helps in water loss prevention. The active ingredient in this product is dimethicone, which seals moisture in the skin. It is free of dyes and preservatives like formaldehyde, etc. Vaniply ointment has almost mild or no fragrance. It is an excellent option for eczema and a wide range of skin conditions. An intriguing thing about Vaniply is, it comes with a few ingredients only. So, there is nothing to worry about side effects and irritation. 

Vanicream, on the other hand, is a non-greasy alternative to Vaniply. Though the company claims that Vaniply is not greasy, various users complained of this. So, if you want to avoid that, you can choose Vanicream. It is a dermatologist-recommended and petroleum-based ointment. Its active ingredient is the same as Vaniply. People with dry skin find soothing relief from using Vanicream ointment. It addresses problems like chapped lips, dried or cracked skin, skin irritation, chafing, etc.

However, some users complained that Vanicream ointment worsened the dry skin in extreme cases. So, if you face serious skin issues like eczema, Vaniply is a better choice among Vaniply vs Vanicream. Most users found calming results in using Vaniply ointment. 

Vaniply vs Vanicream Ointment

Vanicream vs Vanicream Lite 

Vanicream also has an advanced version to it – Vanicream lite. Either of these is almost the same in most aspects. But the consistency hits the mark. Vanicream is a little heavier when compared to the other. Vanicream Lite, as the name suggests, is light and is just like a regular body or hand lotion. Vanicream Lite addresses numerous skin-related issues like irritation, flakes, rough skin, scales, itching, and skin burns from therapies. This is another emollient ointment used to soothe the skin. 

As mentioned above, Vanicream also works for a similar purpose. So, if you are looking for a lighter consistency from Vaniply vs Vanicream, the latter is the better choice. If that still feels heavy, Vanicream Lite serves the day. You can use these ointments in the required areas day and night or as prescribed by a practitioner.

Vanicream and its Lite version are recommended by several dermatologists and used as medication. Close to a yogurt’s texture, Vanicream ointments soak in the skin quickly, unlike Vaniply. The latter leaves a greasy layer on the skin for a long time. Moreover, Vanicream ointments help retain the skin’s natural moisture and repair its protective layers. So, if you are looking for a gentle yet light cream, you can either choose Vanicream or Vanicream Lite, for that matter. 

Vanicream vs Vanicream Lite 


  1. Is Vaniply ointment the same as Vanicream? 

Vaniply vs Vanicream is the products of the same company. But they are entirely different in texture and working. Of course, they use the same key ingredient, dimethicone. Vaniply has a greasy texture, while Vanicream has a lotion-like texture. They defer in the end results due to the consistency and ingredients used as well. Vaniply works great for dry and other skin conditions like eczema. Vanicream also soothes skin irritations. But if you are looking for extremely dry and itchy skin, Vaniply works better than the latter. 

  1. Is Vanicream good? 

As mentioned above, Vanicream is petroleum-based and highly recommended by dermatologists. It is often used as a medication for dry and sensitive skin types. This ointment comes with an NEA Seal of Acceptance, assuring its safety. It is effective for conditions like chapped skin, chafed lips, extreme weather conditions, etc. Vanicream ointment is also known for improving the skin’s moisture while repairing its protective layers. It is gluten-free, non-greasy, and can be used by people of any age group. So, Vanicream ointment is indeed a good choice! 


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