Wella Powder Lightener vs Quick Blue: Which One is Best for You?

Today’s world is focused on gaining a lot of attention on themselves and standing out of the crowd. You need to update yourself to keep up with the latest trends to become popular. The latest trend is hair lightening and the buzz is Wella Powder Lightener vs Quick Blue.

A lot of people have many reasons to color their hair and it’s easily one of the wonderful ways to opt for a look change. Coloring your hair can add a lot of texture and shine to your hair by infusing it artificially. Coloring can add an oomph to your otherwise boring, mundane life. You can step outside your comfort zone to experiment with those colors that you’ve always feared.

A good quality hair dye or color can enhance your hair naturally and add more definition to your look. This can make your hair look fresh and full by adding a new flavor. You can be fashion-forward and a style-setter by just adding colors to your hair effortlessly.

Bleaching hair with Wella powder lightener

Wella Powder Lightener vs Quick Blue

Wella powder lightener is a professional-grade excellent hair color product that’s available in the market now. It’s known for giving intense and vibrant color results with its best quality ingredients. The lightener is used to lighten the hair color mildly which is different from bleaching which is an ingredient used in bleaching mixture.

The lightener works seamlessly on any hair. The lightener is available in the form of hair dye, conditioner, or shampoo that eases the application process.

Many people love the results as it’s very effective and can be done at home although it’s advised to do with a professional hairstylist. It claims to be one of the best powder lighteners in the market to date.

It can be used for all hair color lightening techniques. It’s one of the easiest and safest products to use and doesn’t cause hair frizziness. You can select different hair coloring techniques and hair colors to sport a fresh look this season.

 What is the best powder lightener?

Wella Powder Lightener vs Quick Blue

Wella Powder Lightener is an effective formula for reliable lightening. It’s an impeccable product for both on and off-the-scalp applications. It’s amazing for highlights, color correction, balayage, full head lightening, and regrowth applications.

L’Oreal Quick Blue is another must-try product if you are willing to lighten your hair color. It protects the texture of your hair by staying moist during the entire process of application. It’s great for professional on-scalp and off-scalp highlighting techniques. It’s formulated in a way to deliver faster and vibrant colors with its powder.

Its highly concentrated formula eases the application on the scalp. Most importantly you don’t have to remix it whenever you’re applying. It can be used along with coconut oil to reduce hair damage that’s usually caused by hair lightening.

This can be used on any hair color like dark brown, light brown, black or light blonde hair. If you have sensitive skin, always do a patch test before applying it to your head. It’s often advised to use Quick Blue at salons unless you have professional experience using it.

It’s tricky to choose between the two products as they deliver what they promise. If you are fond of do-it-yourself you can opt for Wella powder lightener or if you prefer going to the salon you can choose L’Oreal quick blue. It all depends on your convenience and the results that you desire to achieve. Coloring your hair needs more maintenance and care from your end. You may have to use some extra products to take proper measures to retain the hair color.

Using toner while coloring your hair is a good alternative to prevent hair damage. Once you choose a product of your choice, be sure to read the ingredients label to understand what you put on your head.


  1. How to use Wella powder lightener?

Get started with Wella powder lightener, brush, bowl, gloves, and put on a comfortable old t-shirt in case of stains. If you are lightening for the first time, get comfortable with the product and divide the hair into 4 different sections to ease the application.

Secure the sections with clips. Start with the back section and slowly come to the front eventually applying on all 4 sections. Let this be for 20 minutes and finally apply on the roots. Rinse your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

It’s important to tone your hair with a volume developer and apply from roots to the tip of the hair and let it process for fifteen minutes. Wash your hair with warm water and shampoo and condition them well.

Wella powder lightener uses a dust-free formula and is completely reliable for lightening the color. It helps you achieve a fabulous blonde with a protecting oil system to lock in moisture while lightening.


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