What is a Nail Hardener and Why Should You be Using it?

What is a Nail Hardener and Why Should you be using it? With life getting busier by the day, our health has started to suffer even more. An unbalanced diet and strenuous efforts to maintain a work-life balance have resulted in an epidemic of health problems among the youth. For a generation that is obsessed with hair and nails, this is indeed bad news.

What is a Nail Hardener and Why Should you be using it

In today’s world there is no end to the creativity you can apply to your hair and nails to make it look unique. However, in order to style your hair and nails, you need them to be healthy and strong. Sometimes, even after having a balanced diet and getting the optimum amount of exercise, it doesn’t suffice and people end up with broken nails and brittle hair. In such cases, a little help is always appreciated.

Nail Hardener - What is a Nail Hardener and Why Should you be using it In this article, we shall be talking about nail hardeners. What is a nail hardener and why is it the best solution for people with brittle nails? Read on to find out.

As we have mentioned previously, an unbalanced diet and other factors like pollution and excessive use of chemicals can immensely affect the body’s capacity to produce keratin for healthy nails. A nail hardener is a product that is applied topically to the affected area to strengthen and nourish it.

Nail hardeners are of two types i.e. cross-linking nail hardeners and reinforcing nail hardeners.

Cross-linking nail hardeners react with the protein in your nails to make them stronger and healthier. The main ingredient of cross-linking nail hardeners is mostly formaldehyde and calcium.

Reinforcing nail hardeners do more of an external job than an internal one. They coat the nail and hence protect it from any further damage. Reinforcing nail hardeners contain ingredients like nylon and sulfhydryl protein.

Hardener - What is a Nail Hardener and Why Should you be using it

Nail hardening treatments are a rage these days considering the increasing cases of brittle nails among the youth.

With nail art becoming more and more famous by the day, people are okay with applying whatever new product crops up in the market. However, they forget how excess chemicals can damage their nails to a state where it is irreversible. However, this is where nail hardeners enter your life. A nail hardener is both protective and curative and can help you in getting the long, healthy manicure worthy nails you desire.

Nail hardeners are to be applied a few times a week for the best results. Just because you wear nail hardeners doesn’t mean that your style needs to take a hit. You can easily apply nail paints of any color after you apply your nail hardeners. The nail hardener will in no way change the way the nail paint looks on your nails and the nail paint will sit beautifully onto your nails as always.

However, before you purchase any nail hardeners make sure you do your research. Not all nail hardeners consist of ingredients that are safe and hence would do more harm than good. Take your time and invest in a good, expensive nail hardener and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Hope you get answer of – What is a Nail Hardener and Why Should you be using it?


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