The Best Hair Cutting Shears for Professional Results

JW professional shears razor edge series

JW professional shears razor edge series

finest stainless steel
sharpness of the blade is perfect
best for cutting and trimming
perfect for beginners
shears is typically long-lasting
ULG Haircutting scissors for trimming 

ULG Haircutting scissors for trimming

sharpened edges
hair cutting scissor
preferred at the professional level
carefully designed
JW Professional shears and thinner combo 

JW Professional shears and thinner combo

Professional shears
suitable design and comfort
perfect trimming and cutting
hands of the shear are concave
long-lasting and effective
Surgical online straight barber scissors

Surgical online straight barber scissors

for professional use
ultra-professional shear
aims at cutting the edges of your rough hair
blades are sharp enough to make cutting easier
safer at all times
Aracky hair scissor kit professional thinning shears

Aracky hair scissor kit professional thinning shears

Aracky hair scissor
best stainless steel
give you a proper look
professional feel

The world of hairstyling is dominated by so many fascinating aspects. It all starts with simple shears, which help trim and cut your hair to perfection. In addition to that, several stages of coloring, blow-drying, as well as other styling effects are constantly experimented with. For the very basics, every professional need to know the proper use of the shear. Similar to a scissor, a shear is longer than a scissor and is typically used in the beauty space. The shears help in proper trimming of your hair, maintaining its shape, and giving it the much-needed style that you wish for. Plus, shears need to have a certain length, most probably around 6inches tall. 

Best Hair Cutting Shears – Buying Guide

The best hair cutting shears can give you adequate results, as it is specifically designed to resolve all your hair care needs. Therefore, if you want to purchase one of the best shears today, it is mandatory to stay acquainted with its short buying guide. The details of it are listed below. 

Factors to consider when buying the best hair cutting shears:

Compared to the general scissor, the eyes and handles of the sheer are longer, providing uniformity in the process of cutting the hair. Plus, shears can successfully cut through hairs of any length and texture. The initial beauty of freshly-cut hair lays with the use of the shear in a professional way. If you too desire to get the best hair cutting shears, the complete buying guide is as follows:

  • Pay attention to the handle of the shears-

The handle of the shears starts with the eye. The handles should ensure proper grip so that it is comfortable to use the instrument for long periods of time. In addition to that, handles that are of made of plastic, are good for beginners, as it suitably cuts through, without causing any errors. Therefore, as long as you are comfortable using the shears by yourself, keep in mind that the handle should be easy to hold and use. 

  • Check for the size-

The overall size of the shears matters in the process of cutting and hair trimming. The length avoids the difficulty of negligence. Hence, choose the size of the shear personally, by acknowledging any professional criteria’s. The shear that’s easy to hold can be used for any activities, without any failure. 

  • Sharpness and quality of the blades-

While searching for the best hair cutting shears, the quality of the blades should not be neglected. At times, improper blades can rust easily and may damage your hair permanently. Therefore, always analyze the quality of the blades, its sharpness, and usage, before finally purchasing it. The better the metal quality of the blade, the more reliable it is for use. 

  • Budget-

Apart from all the qualities that the best shears are invested with, buyers should not be negligent enough, when it comes to the budget. Just like other beauty products, even hair cutting shears can be pretty costly, depending on the type of shear you opt for. Even the brand plays a huge role when it comes to buying the right shear. If you have already planned to keep your purchase within a budget, then you may end up finding the right hair cutting shear for yourself. 

  • Smoothness-

Last but not the least, the smoothness of the shears also matters in the process of purchasing one. Unless and until you are not sure about the smooth usage of the shear, chances are that you may experience uneven cutting or trimming. A good quality shear always produces smooth results in all conditions. Therefore, always keep in mind to opt for the best shear in the market for remarkable results!

Once you look at the shears, try to hold it and check its usage. Place your fingers in between the eyes, and open it. Allow its blades to close, before you attempt to open it again. The major sign of a good shear lies in its blades, which will either remain fully open or fully closed. Since now you are fully aware of the buying guide, the top hair cutting shears are as follows. 

Best Hair Cutting Shears Reviews

1. JW professional shears razor edge series

shears razor edge series

Made with the finest stainless steel from Japan, the all-new JW professional shear is best for cutting and trimming the hair of all lengths, without any shade of doubt. The sharpness of the blade is perfect, in terms of quality and approach. The professional take on this shear lies with its razor-sharp ends, which makes it possible to cut through the edges with perfection.


  • The shear is 6 inches long, perfect for beginners, as well as professionals.
  • The performance of the shears is typically long-lasting.
  • It is rust-proof and free from other damages.
  • There is a free case available, on every purchase of this product.
  • This shear helps to trim the split ends with perfection. 

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2. ULG Haircutting scissors for trimming

scissors for trimming

One of the best hair cutting shears that is able to deliver adequate results with its sharpened edges is the ULG hair cutting scissor. Basically used for trimming, the shear is not only durable but is made of excellent stainless steel from Japan. The durability of the blades lies in its overall texture and quality, making it one of the finest shears in the market. This shear is preferred at the professional level. 


  • The blades are carefully designed, in order to avoid excessive pulling of the hair.
  • There is not even slightest discomfort felt, with the use of this shear.
  • The design of this shear is light-weighted.
  • The shear is 6.5 inches long.
  • The package contains one shear from trimming and one thinning scissor.

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3. JW Professional shears and thinner combo

shears and thinner combo

If you are looking for one of the finest shears in the market for professional and amateur use, then the JW Professional shears are there to help you out. The thinner combo available makes this much easier. The suitable design and comfort of the scissor make everything perfect. The edges of the shear deliver adequate results, with perfect trimming and cutting all the time. 


  • The hands of the shear are concave.
  • The shears ensure smoothness from the beginning itself.
  • There is nothing to be afraid of regarding the sharpness of the shear.
  • The thinning scissor adds to the perfection.
  • The edges of the shears are comparatively long-lasting and effective.
  • The entire set is quite affordable by all. 

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4. Surgical online straight barber scissors

straight barber scissors

The presence of effective surgical scissors accounts for professional use in the world of beauty. Hence, barbers always look for one of the best hair cutting shears, more or less 7 inches in length to master their cutting skills. Hence, the surgical online ultra-professional shear is perfect for use, under all conditions. It aims at cutting the edges of your rough hair and trimming the ends to allow hair to regrow properly. The blades are sharp enough to make cutting easier and safer at all times. 


  • This shear differs in blade quality, in comparison to other products.
  • The 7-inch long blades make up for finer cuts all the time.
  • Professional use is recommended for better results. 
  • The design of the scissors is light-weighted.
  • The cost of the shear is inexpensive. 

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5. Aracky hair scissor kit professional thinning shears

hair scissor kit professional thinning shears

Within a very limited budget, for every buyer out there, the Aracky hair scissor is just the right tool you need to try today. Made with the best stainless steel, the shear provides 100% accurate results, when it comes to haircutting and trimming. The scissor can perfectly get rid of split ends and rough hair and give you a proper look.


  • The sharp blades and bold outlook brings in quite a professional feel.
  • It can be used for trimming the beard as well.
  • The stainless steel material adds extra shine to the blade.
  • The scissor comes in a small size as well, rather used for cutting small hairs.
  • The scissors are entitled to satisfy every user always.

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6. ULG hair cutting scissors haircut shears

cutting scissors haircut shears

For the individual looking for one of the best hair cutting shears, the ULG hair cutting shears will surely create an ineffaceable impression. This 6.5-inch long handle provides much-needed support and grip. The design is perfectly ergonomic and can be used by beginners as well. This scissor can be used for cutting dry, as well as wet hair.


  • The handle of the scissor aims at slow curves, which makes cutting of smaller hair sections possible.
  • The professional attitude of the shears helps in delivering the perfect hairstyle that you are aiming for.
  • The shear can be bought within a limited budget.
  • The overall quality of the shear is incredible. It is also long-lasting.
  • There is no rusting as well. 

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7. Vanelc hair cutting scissors set

hair cutting scissors set 

The Vanelc hair cutting shear is one of the best hair cutting shears in the market, in terms of its function and design. Curated and manufactured with the finest steel, the shear can be used for deep cuts, along with regular trimming and cutting. The 6-inch blade delivers smooth results and is equally sharp.


  • For exquisite hair cutting, the sharpness of the blades is just the requirement of the hour.
  • It is comfortable to hold the blades under all circumstances.
  • The quality is incredible and is inexpensive too. 

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Purchasing the best hair cutting shears is a boon in itself. However, proper maintenance is required, so that the shear can last longer. Make it a point to clean the shear on a regular basis, as it will help the blades to remain sharper. In addition to that, pour a small amount of regular oil onto the blades, which will further prevent corrosion or rusting. After a time span of three to four months, re-sharpen the shear blades for the enhanced cutting experience. 


  • Where will I get my Best hair cutting shears from?

It is always recommended to purchase your first hair cutting shears from a professional shop. However, you can also get it from a trusted shopping site online that enlists the features of the shear. Though there are various types of shears available, purchase the one that meets your daily dose of requirements. 

  • Is beard-trimming possible with the help of shears?

Beard-trimming is totally possible with the use of shears. However, be careful with the edges, as they are sharp and can cause deep cuts if proper precautions are not taken. 

  • Can I cut my hair alone with the shears?

It is totally possible to cut your hair alone with the shears, only if you are aware of the method to do so. Practice the hand movements with the shears, so that you are able to do it properly!

  • Will I receive any sort of warranty with the shears?

Warranty with shears is never available. However, self-care of the shears is advised for longevity. 


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