The Best Shampoo for Dreads – Get Soft & Healthy Dreads Now!

Knatty dreadlocks shampoo

Knatty dreadlocks shampoo

shampoo for smooth dreadlocks
unique master dreads shampoo
have split-ends
locks and rinse
eels really soft
Dollylicks professional organic dreadlocks shampoo 

Dollylicks professional organic dreadlocks shampoo

rich texture
Best shampoo for dreads
Infused with herbal extracts
shampoo leaves a light scent after every wash
Jamaican Mango and lime tingle shampoo 

Jamaican Mango and lime tingle shampoo

quick solution provided by The Jamaican mango
lime tingle shampoo
unique blend of ingredients
massaged onto your hair
make your hair healthy
Design essentials henna and oat protein deep cleansing shampoo

Design essentials henna and oat protein deep cleansing shampoo

aiming for lustrous locks
deep cleaning property
achieving better results
strengthens your hair
adds necessary volume
Dread Head HQ organic shampoo

Dread Head HQ organic shampoo

Best shampoo for dreads
HQ Organic shampoo
look softer and healthier
completely safe for your hair

Nothing feels better than your smooth dreadlocks, looking perfectly healthy and shiny. While having dreadlocks means lot more care, the products you use should balance out the texture of your locks. In order to keep your locks soft and glossy, free from damage, it is mandatory to understand the benefits of hair care products in and out. Cleaning your hair involves a significant process that further assists in improving the quality of your locks. Just to ensure that you are proud of your hair, the best shampoo for dreads comes to your rescue. 

Best Shampoo For Dreads – Buying Guide

If you are unable to manage your dreadlocks, then noteworthy caring solutions are required. This refers to using hair products that suit your hair, with frequent natural remedies to make your locks look silky. To keep your dreadlocks in check, the shampoo you use must contain all the notable ingredients, to prevent all kinds of damage. Therefore, since your dreadlocks need the best and ultimate care in the world, here is a guide on purchasing the best dreadlock shampoo for your use today!

Factors to consider when purchasing the best shampoo for dreads

Having dreadlocks is a boon, simply because it adds volume to your hair, along with giving your own self a whole new identity. Hence, matching the quality of shampoo you use to care for the dreadlocks should be 100% safe. The best factors that determine the best shampoo for dreadlock are as follows:

  • The type of ingredients present-

One of the major factors that stress the importance of the best shampoo for dreads is the presence of the ingredients. Many a time, the failure of choosing the right ingredients can further damage your hair and make your dreads look absolutely messed up. To ensure that you get your desired results, buyers should be careful about the ingredients in the bottle. Natural components like aloe Vera, papaya, tea tree, etc., are perfect for your dreadlocks. 

  • The texture of the shampoo-

The texture of the shampoo that you opt for also plays a definite role in determining the features of your dreadlocks. Buyers do get confused regarding the nature of the shampoo they should buy. Whether it’s gel-based formulae or a liquid mixture, the shampoo should ensure proper cleansing of the dreads for a shinier and glossier finish. For better results, use the shampoo twice if required. 

  • Good cleansing property-

The cleaning property of the shampoo totally lies with the ingredients that are present in the bottle. This refers to all-natural ones, free from harmful chemicals. It is always advised to check the ingredients first before you adopt to purchase it. Since it is all about maintaining the quality of your locks, you should not take any extra chance. The better the naturalness of the product, the more fabulous your hair shall become. 

  • Suitability option-

The best shampoo for dreads that you are going to purchase depends on the quality of your scalp as well. Typically, you will always come across shampoo for Dry scalp, normal scalp, or oily scalp. Depending on the necessity of your locks, as well as overall protection of your hair, check the composition of the shampoo first. Let it meet the standard requirements of your locks and hair so that you can count on the visible results. 

  • Budget-

As promising as it may sound, having a budget in mind even when purchasing the best shampoo for your dreads isn’t a bad idea at all. The price may soar with the ingredients present in it. Also, the brand has its own price tag. Taking all features in mind, purchase the shampoo, which suits your style and budget. 

  • Other properties-

Other properties of the shampoo may also include formulae that may leave your hair and locks dry. In order to prevent this, look for a lighter base shampoo that can deep cleanse your locks and make it look perfect. The right shampoo will also provide excellent results, under all circumstances. 

Once you purchase the best shampoo for dreads, you must ensure that you give it a thorough read, in terms of ‘’using instructions’’. For better results, use the shampoo at least 3 times a week, to notice significant changes. Also, rinsing the shampoo properly is necessary, as you do not want your hair to be all dried up and itchy. In case the shampoo doesn’t suit you, feel free to explore other options for beautiful locks. 

Best Shampoo For Dreads Reviews

The top best shampoo for dreads is as follows

1. Knatty dreadlocks shampoo

Knatty dreadlocks shampoo

If you want the best shampoo for smooth dreadlocks, then the Knatty dreadlocks shampoo should be your ideal pick. Blended with all-natural ingredients, this shampoo makes your hair soft and glowing, just after its first wash. Your dreadlocks will feel fresh like never before, with this unique master dreads shampoo. 


  • If you have split-ends in your dreadlocks, then this shampoo can cure it. However, always take a small amount of shampoo and rub it in your hands, to lather it. Apply the shampoo onto your scalp and locks and rinse thoroughly. Do this daily!
  • Your locks remain scented throughout the day.
  • It feels really soft to your hair.
  • The presence of coconut oil aids better results. 

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2. Dollylicks professional organic dreadlocks shampoo

professional organic dreadlocks shampoo

The rich texture of the dollylicks shampoo bottle, with real tea-tree and peppermint extracts, makes it one of the Best shampoo for dreads in the market today. Infused with herbal extracts, buyers will surely buy their second bottle only after its first use. The gentle formulae not only makes your hair squeaky clean but adds enough volume to your dreads as well. 


  • This shampoo is very much affordable. 
  • The ingredients are light, organic, and do not harm your hair in any way.
  • The shampoo leaves a light scent after every wash. It lingers in your hair the whole day.
  • The shampoo is residue-free.
  • Available in two sizes. 

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3. Jamaican Mango and lime tingle shampoo

Mango and lime tingle shampoo

For those locks that you find hard to take care of, here is a quick solution provided by The Jamaican mango and lime tingle shampoo. Considered as affordable among the various dreads shampoos available, the bottle comprises a unique blend of ingredients that will leave your hair magically soft to touch. 


  • The shampoo must be massaged onto your hair, which will help in relieving all forms of itching and dryness as well. 
  • Your locks will look fresh like never before with this shampoo. 
  • The ingredients make your hair healthy and also improve its overall texture. 

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4. Design essentials henna and oat protein deep cleansing shampoo

oat protein deep cleansing shampoo

If you are aiming for lustrous locks that are strong and thick, then the Design essentials oat protein and henna shampoo might be the ideal product for your use. Its deep cleaning property helps in achieving better results, just after its first wash. Filled with the goodness of nature, the locks will appear healthy and fresh in no time. 


  • If your locks lack hydration, then this shampoo can be of great use. 
  • The henna present in the shampoo, not only strengthens your hair from the roots but adds necessary volume to it as well. 
  • The texture of your hair drastically improves, with this shampoo. 

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5. Dread Head HQ organic shampoo

Head HQ organic shampoo

If you are looking for the Best shampoo for dreads, try out the new dread head HQ Organic shampoo. The bottle is formulated with perfection and contains all necessary ingredients to make your locks beautiful like never before. If you are looking for volume, then this shampoo will necessarily make your locks look softer and healthier. 


  • The ingredients within the shampoo are all-natural and completely safe for your hair.
  • The presence of essential oils in the shampoo makes it all the more alluring.
  • The shampoo leaves a very mild scent after every wash.
  • The price of this shampoo is also inexpensive. 

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6. Dollylicks rose and peppermint shampoo

rose and peppermint shampoo

For styling your dreads in the best way possible, nothing can beat the composition of the Dollylicks rose and peppermint shampoo. Blended with love, this shampoo contains all necessary ingredients that will make your locks appear fuller and softer. The rose extracts naturally provide shine to your hair a well. 


  • Even for mature and lighter dreadlocks, this shampoo is best.
  • It makes the locks better and also improves with every wash.
  • The ingredients do not harm your hair.

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7. Stylin dreds spray shampoo

dreds spray shampoo

One of the Best shampoo for dreads in terms of ingredients is the styling dreds spray shampoo. The composition is not at all harmful and you will thank it for your lovely soft locks. Considered residue-free, the natural ingredients soothe the hair and make it appear healthy. 


  • This shampoo can work well for rough locks as well.
  • The tea-tree oil helps in removing dirt from the hair and soothes the scalp. 
  • Formulated to eliminate hair-fall and dandruff as well. 

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Protecting your dreadlocks from external environmental factors is crucial. You do not want to end up with dry locks that cause extreme discomfort. The Best shampoo for dreads ensures all-round protection and safety of your locks that you are proud of. The incredible formulae, blend with pure ingredients, makes the shampoo ready to use for all occasions. If you want to get immediate results, then take a coin-size shampoo in your palm, and use it regularly to manage your dreadlocks freely. In case, your dreadlocks appear too dry after shampooing, use a serum or conditioner of the same brand to boost the silkiness of your lustrous locks!


  • Where can I purchase the best shampoo for dreads?

It is extremely important to know the composition of the shampoo that you are buying. If you are careful, online purchases can also be made. Other than that, the best shampoo for dreads can be made at offline beauty stores as well. Here, free consultations are also available, in terms of the brands that you are looking for. 

  • When will the shampoo show its results?

Depending on the brand, the shampoo for dreads should be used once in every two days for healthier results. If your locks show signs of improvement, it means that your shampoo is working. 

  • How to choose the ingredients in my shampoo?

Choosing the right ingredients for your dreadlock shampoo is extremely important. Always try to gain some prior knowledge and go for natural brands. Make sure that the ingredients are safe on your hair, free from all sorts of side-effects. 

  • Are scented shampoos harmful to dreads?

Scented shampoos are said to contain chemicals in huge amounts, which can damage your hair and make it less manageable. In other words, your dreads might look rough as well, if the ingredients in the shampoo bottle are not right. Therefore, try to go for shampoos that have a mild scent. This will leave your dreads soft and luxurious always. 

  • What can I do to preserve moisture in my dreads?

If you are looking forward to keeping the moisture locked in your dreads all day long, then use a serum of conditioning your hair. The shampoo will clean your dreads, while the serum prevents it from further damage. 


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