Best Ayurvedic Skincare Brand: Biotique vs Lotus?

Skincare can be a nightmare if you pick the wrong products. Most skincare brands use chemical formulae leading to various side effects. The focus now shifts to organic products, taking us to Biotique vs Lotus. As I said, two brands with natural ingredients are up for a much-needed comparison. Have a look.

Herbals in Biotique vs Lotus

Biotique is an Indian brand known for its ayurvedic products. Different products from this brand cover various requirements, including haircare, skincare, baby care, body care, etc. The ingredients used in Biotique are fully natural and preservative-free. Right from cleansers, face packs, creams, and moisturizers to shampoos, soaps, and lip balms, you can find almost everything from this brand.

Lotus is also an Indian brand walking on the same path. It delivers around 250 different skin, hair, and makeup products. Again, this brand is also based on ancient ayurvedic techniques.  Biotique vs Lotus isn’t easy, for they incorporate the ancient Ayurveda into modern innovations. So, here is a comparison of different products from these brands.

Which is the Best Sunscreen Biotique vs Lotus?

Biotique vs Lotus Sunscreen

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun is a soothing sunscreen from the brand. It comes with SPF 50 and protects the skin against UVA and UVB rays. Its matte look suits normal to oily skin. Bio Sandalwood sunscreen from Biotique comes with a 50+ SPF and soothing sandalwood formula.

Biotique suits all skin types and is affordable, while Lotus gives better results for dry skin. However, Lotus sunscreen tends to make your skin oily under the sun. So, you can choose the best one among Biotique vs Lotus based on your skin type.

Better Face Scrub option between Biotique vs Lotus?

Biotique vs Lotus Face Scrub 

Biotique offers a wide range of face scrubs using different formulae. The bio papaya revitalizing scrub works the best to rejuvenate the facial skin. It is also effective against tanning and hot weather. Its exfoliation and unisex application are added benefits. You can buy this face scrub from Biotique at a reasonable niche.

Lotus also has a considerate range of scrubs, for that matter. Its Oatmeal and Yoghurt scrub helps remove impurities and dirt on your face. You get glowing and clear skin by using this Lotus scrub regularly. It is also effective against blackheads and whiteheads. Again, this is also a unisex cleanser.

Biotique papaya face scrub proved to be more effective for all skin types compared to Lotus. But it is best to try out both and choose the appropriate one for your skin.

Your Face Cleanser Buddy: Biotique vs Lotus?

Lotus offers an extensive range of cleansers serving different skin types. The 3-in-1 Deep Cleansing Facial Foam is often liked by many. It is enriched with aloe vera, milk enzymes, and various useful natural ingredients. This cleanser is effective in minimizing melanin production and eliminating excess sebum.

Similarly, Biotique also has its baggage of different amazing cleansers. The Bio Morning Nectar facewash rejuvenates your skin on every usage. It removes all the impurity and oil deposits on your skin, leaving it glowing. The best thing is the instant soothing relief from this cleanser.

Picking one among Biotique and Lotus for cleansers is hard. As I said, both brands have various cleansers with different formulae. You can rely on the individual product reviews or go with the action your skin needs.

Both Biotique and Lotus claim to be organic brands. Well, it is true, considering the ingredients used in their products. They focus on the overall health and wellness of the user. Every product from these brands is cruelty-free and safe. So, you might as well pick anything among Biotique vs Lotus based on the intended results and reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which Lotus sunscreen is best?

Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look sunscreen is often considered the best from Lotus. It has a broader spectrum SPF and works great against UV rays. But it is a little oily when exposed to the sun. If you have oily skin, you can choose the Safe Sun Invisible Matte Gel cream.

  1. Which Biotique sunscreen is best?

The Sandalwood SPF 50+ sunscreen from Biotique is the best one for dry skin. Biotique offers a wide range of sunscreens with different covering. You can choose the best Biotique sunscreen based on the SPF protection and suitable skin type.

  1. Which one is best, Lotus vs Biotique?

Generally, both brands provide similar products and rely on natural ingredients. So, you can pick the required product based on your preferences. On a personal note, I feel Biotique products are more effective than Lotus in most cases.

  1. Which Biotique cream is best?

Biotique manufactures different creams for skin brightening, blemishes, spot correction, etc. Each cream serves a unique purpose and is quite effective, for that matter. Overall, its Bio Coconut cream is preferred by most people.


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