Which is Better for Your Hair: GHD Gold vs Platinum Straighteners?

Hair straightening dates back to the 19th century where people were so obsessed with it. This flattening technique gives straight yet smoother hair. It is like a social faux where people often think of GHD Gold vs Platinum when it comes to straighteners. Here’s a brief about these irons and the best pick at present.

About GHD 

Good Hair Day or GHD is a UK-based haircare company. It leads the market with hair straighteners and dryers used in numerous salons across the globe. You can find different irons from this company, including Gold, Eclipse, Platinum, Air, Aura, Platinum Styler, etc. Picking one among GHD Gold or Platinum styler isn’t an easy one. Let’s get to the trim.

GHD Gold or Platinum Straighteners 

There is a lot you can do to style your hair. One such tool is the hot iron, which immediately reminds everyone of GHD. The Platinum and Gold model straighteners from GHD became quite famous across the globe. Let’s quickly list their specs and decide the best one among the two.

GHD Gold Hair Straightener 

Gold straightener from GHD shook the hairstyling industry. It still stands among the top heating irons even though numerous manufacturers launched different products. The GHD Gold Straightener comes with the following features.

GHD Gold

  • Features 

This hair straightener from GHD has the Next-Generation heat sensors for even distribution of the heat throughout your hair. Gold straightener reaches the 365F temperature in just 25 seconds. The unique monitoring sensors ensure optimal styling temperature and heat stability.

The gold straightener is available in different colors like yellow, silver, black, red, etc. Its ceramic plates ensure that your hair doesn’t burn while you style it. If you leave this straightener inactive for 30 minutes, the Automatic Shutoff option turns it off. Apart from the straightening, this device smoothens the hair while giving it a shine. The silky nature of your hair after styling is worth all the investment.

  • Cons 

Well, now let’s look into the disadvantages of this GHD straightener. Its slender frame and easy maneuvering are often liked by many. However, the Gold styler is a little heavy and weighs around 1.2 kg. Also, it is a little difficult to control the straightener as the indicator is placed inside it. The gold straightener is a little bulky for some hands. It has some spotty heat differences that might be a disadvantage for thick curls. Also, the heat settings need improvement.

GHD launched the Platinum and the Plus variants with a little improvement in the gold version. There is no drastic thing with the GHD Gold and Platinum difference, but you will find noticeable changes. Have a look.

GHD Platinum Straighteners 


You can find different models from the Platinum straighteners, like the Plus variant, Styler model, etc. These are some features of this model.

  • Features 

Platinum straighteners provide better sensor technology and temperature controls. This device also reaches the 365F mark in 25 seconds, but there is a lot more from it. The Ultra-zone predictive technology help monitor the variations in hair density.

This straightener can sense your hair’s thickness and adjust its temperature accordingly. This adjustment also depends on your pace of using the device. So, there are the least chances of you burning your hair. There is also an ultra-gloss coating on the straightener to prevent hair breakage. Your hair gets a beautiful shine when using a platinum straightener.

  • Cons 

All the platinum designs are expensive than the GHD Gold models. Platinum is almost double the price of a gold device. Also, these straighteners don’t work well if you have denser hair or thick curls. You might also face a problem if your hair is too curly.

GHD Gold vs Platinum Plus Review 

As mentioned above, Platinum Plus is an advanced version of the Platinum model. Its technology is quite advanced and works well for colored hair too. Its heat-up time is around 20 seconds, but that’s just a 5-second difference. Platinum Plus comes in different colors and is easy to manage. So, it is indeed better than the gold straightener.

GHD Gold vs Platinum for Curling 

If you have curly hair, better go with the gold straightener by all means. The platinum models are not effective for thick and heavy curls. For GHD Gold or Platinum for curling, you can also consider the density of your curls. Platinum can work for normal curls.

Overall, if you want to know the better one among GHD Gold vs Platinum, you can consider the factors like price, curl density, heating options, etc. Gold is an economic option, while platinum comes with advanced technology. So, you can go with gold if considering price and curls, and platinum in terms of technology.


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