Comparing GHD Eclipse vs Platinum: Which Hair Straightener is Best for You?

Women expect the best from a hair straightening brand in dealing with rough, dry hair. The GHD Eclipse vs platinum hair straighteners has gained public attention based on their features. GHD is well-known for its ‘’flat iron hair straighteners’’ that deliver quick results.

It works towards taming the frizz and helps in sealing the hair ends for a smooth and glossy finish. No wonder that GHD hair straighteners have garnered the most positive reviews and are a favorite among professionals too.

Challenging other brands, the GHD straighteners have traveled a long way to suit the different hair styling needs of women.

Whether you have long hair or short hair, the GHD range of hair straighteners works for all. The eclipse model and the platinum models belong to the GHD premium collection. Used mostly by runway models and celebrities, the GHD hair straightener has an excellent reputation on the professional front.

Even though there are minor differences between the eclipse and platinum versions of the GHD straighteners, let’s take a look at the features for effortless purchase!

GHD Eclipse vs Platinum: Which is the choice?

GHD Eclipse vs platinum

The GHD hair straightener range comprises the eclipse model and the platinum model. The eclipse is an older model and is still available in the market as an inexpensive straightener. The GHD eclipse model is pretty accessible, versatile, and good for all hair types. It is very easy to use and offers good styling options for delicate hair.

If you are finding it difficult to manage your hair, the eclipse model quickly fixes and straightens your hair with its adjustable temperature controls. Hence, it reduces any kind of damage and makes the hair shiny and healthy. Professional hair stylists prefer the eclipse model due to its simple construction.

The temperature setting feature of the eclipse variant can be switched between two modes. As it quickly straightens your hair without too much heat, this model is more preferable to the general GHD one.

Replacing the eclipse model in the market is the new GHD platinum hair straightener. Today, you won’t find the eclipse model anymore, as customers are inclined to purchase the platinum straightener because of its features.

As most premium straighteners are expensive and out of reach for buyers, the GHD platinum straightener is an exception. It provides perfect salon-finished hair in just minutes. The platinum straightener heats up fast and straightens every single hair strand to perfection. The temperature adjusting feature controls the heat easily. This straightener also promises 20% more shine than the eclipse model.

GHD Eclipse vs platinum: The features

Here is the top features of the GHD eclipse and the GHD platinum hair straighter:

  1. GHD eclipse
  • Efficient for all hair types
  • Consists of only two types of temperature modes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Better than the original GHD straightener.
  1. GHD platinum
  • Runs at a minimum temperature of 185 degree Celsius.
  • More professional styling and finish
  • Easily tames frizzes and controls hair damage
  • Distributes heat to the hair strands equally.
  • Easy to use and ergonomic construction.

GHD platinum vs platinum plus straightener: A quick comparison!

GHD Eclipse vs platinum

A quick distinction between the GHD platinum and the GHD platinum plus model is important for buyers. The platinum plus is the latest addition to the GHD professional collection of hair straighteners. With a very basic difference in hair straightening pattern, the premium plus device provides the best professional straightening just at the comfort of your home.

After the entry of platinum models in the model, sales of the GHD eclipse model almost decreased. Now, customers can look to the platinum and platinum plus models for a beautiful hair day. GHD promises incredible hair solutions with the platinum collection. The straightening device provides tough competition to other professional hair straighteners by garnering high positive reviews from real buyers!


  1. Is the GHD platinum worth it?

The GHD platinum straightener is worth it, considering its features. It works ideally at 185 degrees Celsius and straightens your hair within minutes. Plus, it promises extra shine and makes your hair bouncier. If you are looking for professional hair straightening at home, you should consider purchasing the platinum straightener from GHD!

  1. What is the difference between GHD platinum and GHD platinum plus?

The Platinum plus has slight variations in the temperature adjustment setting. Both these models provide extra shine and are designed for smooth salon finish hair at home. No need to spend money on expensive hair straightening treatments and procedures, when you have the GHD platinum or platinum plus straightener with you!


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