Which is Better: SK-II vs Missha? A Comprehensive Comparison

A lot is going on about Korean and Japanese skincare. So, SK-II vs Missha is a common discussion, owing to this popularity. Be it the product quality, convenient pricing, or the lovely packing, everything about these brands is often intriguing. Read to know more about one most popular comparison, SK-II vs Missha

People usually confuse that SK – II is a Korean brand. Not at all! It is a Japanese luxury skincare company. Missha, on the other hand, is a Korean mid-range skincare brand. We can find a wide range of skincare products from both brands. However, SK – II’s Facial Treatment essence vs Missha time revolution essence often faces the heat. Let’s get to the details and know which is the best. 

Key Ingredients: 

As we mentioned above, SK-II vs Missha is confusing in the first place because people assume that both these are from the same parent company. None of this is true. To understand which brand delivers the best of the essence and review SK-II vs Missha, we need to first know the key ingredients in both. 

SK-II’s Facial Treatment essence contains 90 percent of Pitera. It is one natural bio-ingredient derived from the yeast fermentation method. This product also contains more than fifty micronutrients, including organic acids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc. 

SK – II’s Facial Treatment essence vs Missha

Missha Time Revolution essence contains 95 percent cica enzyme ferment extracts. This is made from the company’s own ferment technology. Apart from these, Missha time revolution essence also contains pearl reef and rice extracts. Niacinamide and adenosine are other key ingredients in this product. This product is paraben, alcohol, dye, mineral oil, and fragrance-free. 

Benefits from the Ingredients: 

Knowing the benefits of each product helps understand the better among SK-II vs Missha Time Revolution essence. Each ingredient used in both the essence types endows a specific benefit. These are listed below: 

SK – II Facial Treatment essence has Pitera as the key ingredient. Pitera resembles our skin’s natural moisturizing factors. It also contains powerful hydrating and anti-aging properties. The other micronutrients present in the product condition and nourish the skin. 

Missha Time Revolution essence reduces skin pigmentation, redefines its texture, and plumps it. This product also restores skin elasticity and retains hydration. The reef and rice extract gently remove dead skin and smoothens it. Other ingredients brighten and energize the skin while restoring its glow. 

SK – II vs Missha

Final Review: 

SK-II vs Missha essence is a much-needed comparison. We now have an idea about the ingredients and their benefits. So, here is a glimpse of how these products actually work on our skin. 

SK-II’s essence is derived from Pitera, which is a patented process of strictly controlled natural fermentation. This is the crux that creates a clear liquid enriched with all the necessary vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. This essence is known to work from the cellular level instead of just focusing on the upper layers. There is an instant glow on the person’s face as soon as this essence is used. 

Missha essence is a result of the company’s own use of niacinamide and yeast. The former is Vitamin B3, known for effective skin restoration, curing enlarged pores, reducing acne, clearing uneven skin texture, and a lot more. This essence also imbibes the benefits from 80 percent saccharomyces ferment. 

The Bottom Line: 

On a close watch, we can see that both the products highly depend on natural ingredients. These are fully packed with vitamins like B3, ferments, peptides, yeast, etc. But SK-II’s ingredient concentration is more. It also uses fewer preservatives compared to Missha. Moreover, Missha essence ingredients may cause skin irritations and don’t act soon. 

SK – II essence is effective and safe. However, it is a little pricey. Missha essence is affordable. However, it uses preservatives and is not so effective as SK-II. So, SK-II Facial Treatment essence is better than Missha Time Revolution essence in most aspects. 


1. Is Missha better than SKII? 

Missha has more hydrating ingredients than SK II. It is more affordable too. This essence is also a good choice. But SK II is better in terms of natural ingredients and preservatives’ usage. 

2. Why is SK-II so expensive? 

SK-II uses patented Pitera. This is derived by examining and isolating a particular strain of fermented yeast from around 300 variants. The benefits from this are so amazing and worth every penny. This is why SK-II products are slightly expensive. 

3. Which Missha essence is the best? 

Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence is by far the best product from the company. This is an expert favorite and nourishes the skin excellently. It is one of the first products popping up in the list of K-beauty products. 

4. Is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence worth it?

Every penny invested for SK-II essence is entirely worthy. It uses natural ingredients like yeast, vitamins, minerals, etc., and delivers alluring benefits after every usage. 


Hi, I am Purtika. I am a Beauty and Fashion vlogger. I like to try out beauty products and experiment with makeup ideas. My hobbies include reading, cooking and obviously shopping.

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