Aquaphor vs Vaseline: Which is Better for Skin Care?

When it comes to skincare and products, everyone has different skin types and so accordingly, people have chosen something or the other thing for their skins already. But are you using the same skincare product/moisturiser for all purposes? It is this reason we have brought you Aquaphor vs Vaseline, the most debatable and yet confusing when it comes to usage on different body parts and purposes.

A product that fulfils multiple skin needs, from chapped lips to scars to cracked heels is what you’ll prefer, right? Ever got confused between Aquaphor vs Vaseline?

For the very basic knowledge, know that among Aquaphor vs Vaseline, Vaseline is pure petrolatum without any water i.e. 100 per cent petroleum jelly whereas Aquaphor contains 41 per cent petroleum and some active ingredients mixed with water as well.

Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Baby

Aquaphor is a trusted brand for around 90 years that has an ultimate moisturising quality due to its extra ingredients and healing properties. It is a perfect choice among Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Baby because of its absorption abilities which allow liberal absorption of the cream into the baby’s body and diaper area. The only grip here is the cost, so choose wisely.

The next product in the Aquaphor vs Vaseline For Baby is Vaseline, which is a reputable brand for the past 150 years giving you excellent protection at an inexpensive cost for your baby’s skin. Further Vaseline is excellent in locking the moisture already present although it can’t create moisture.

Aquaphor vs Vaseline

Deciding factor- Aquaphor vs Vaseline For Baby

Aquaphor is better as it does an overall action for you from moisturizing to rash care to diaper cream and also creates a protective skin barrier while vaseline is cost-effective but does not treat baby diaper rashes.

Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Wound Healing

When it comes to finding which is better among Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Wound Healing, dermatologists take their bet on Aquaphor for the best wound treatment because of its fragrance-free, soothing, non-irritating and moisturising glycerin content.

Aquaphor is petrolatum mixed with water and other non-inflammatory ingredients whereas vaseline is 100% petrolatum being a great occlusive agent, it works to seal moisture, and creates a barrier between the environment and the skin(inhibiting germs from getting into the cuts) but has no medical effect on the wound.

Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Scars and Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Stitches

Aquaphor vs Vaseline

In order to keep scars and stitches moist postoperatively, one can use petroleum-based ointments, Petrolatum-based ointments, such as Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Scars and they can be useful during the healing process. Vaseline is also known for protecting minor burns and cuts. Being antibiotic ointments, they can prevent bacteria, dirt and other irritants from entering your wound or stitch.

Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Angular Cheilitis

As per dermatologists, among Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Angular Cheilitis, Aquaphor is recommended as a multipurpose ointment that helps alleviate dry skin and treats minor burns and cuts. Now for those allergic to lanolin, it is recommended to use Vaseline.

Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Baby Eczema

You can definitely use Aquaphor for baby eczema but make sure you are not sensitive to lanolin. One can equally use Vaseline for baby eczema as it prevents dryness, redness, itchiness, and flaking etc.

Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Burns

If you encounter a minor burn or cut or flaky skin that cause irritation, we recommend you to use a burn cream for proper healing therapy. If you’re confused between Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Burns, you may use any of them because they simply help in creating a protective barrier from the environment. The Aquaphor cream for burns will give you the SOS care required for the skin and help accelerate skin regeneration.

Aquaphor Vs Vaseline Diaper Rash

Aquaphor is widely used as a cream for diaper rash due to its excellent absorption quality and the protection and dryness healing property. Some say that Aquaphor can heal the dry, scraped, burnt or irritated skin within 6 hours of usage. Vaseline is also excellent for those with a sensitiveness with lanolin but vaseline is pure petroleum and thus does not absorbs extra cream or moisture on its own. Taking into consideration all this, dermatologists even crown Aquaphor when it comes to Aquaphor Vs Vaseline For Dry Skin.


  1. Is Aquaphor or vaseline better for lips?

Answer: Among Aquaphor vs Vaseline, Vaseline is used to prevent chapped-dry lips whereas Aquaphor is used to put back moisture to already dried lips. Choose as per your need.

  1. Is Aquaphor or vaseline better for dry skin?

Answer: Aquaphor is occlusive and contains humectant ingredients whereas Vaseline is only occlusive in nature, thus Aquaphor is found to be a better moisturiser for dry skin.

  1. Is Aquaphor or vaseline better for tattoos?

Answer: Aquaphor

  1. Is Aquaphor or vaseline better for face?

Answer: Aquaphor


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