8 Best Nail Strengthener For Beautiful And Strong Nails

Nails are formed of keratin. Sometimes, due to certain deficiencies in the body, the nails may become brittle and susceptible to breakage. This breakage can be avoided by eating a balanced and nutritious diet. However, sometimes, even a balanced diet doesn’t work. To ace up the process of your nail strengthening, professionals use what is called a nail hardener.

This is just like nail paint but it has properties that help strengthen your nails. Nail hardeners can be applied beneath your nail color or as an overcoat. It also may be applied to your nails without applying anything else. Given below are a few of the best nail strengtheners in the market. Make sure you go through this list before purchasing the best nail strengthener for yourself.

1. Karlash Nail Growth Formula


  • Karlash is one of the best companies for nail products.
  • This nail hardener is formulated in the USA and claims to get you rid of all your weak nail’s problems.
  • This nail hardener has been formulated specially to combat all your nail problems.
  • The formula sits well beneath your nail paint and protects your nails from any chemical damage.
  • The company advises applying this nail hardener before you use any nail paint for maximum efficiency.
  • This indeed may be the best nail hardener for you.

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2. Karma Organic Deep Nutrition Nails Strengthener

karma nail

  • This nail hardener claims to give you strong and resilient nails quickly.
  • It helps to restore brittle and broken nails.
  • It gives you manicure worthy nails.
  • If you deal with fungus related infections on your nails, this nail hardener will also reduce and heal it.
  • This contains organic ingredients and claims to heal all nail-related problems.
  • If you have a problem with this product, karma organic makes sure you get money back on their other products.

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3. O.P.I Nail Envy Strengthener

best nail strengthener - O.P.I Nail Envy Strengthener

  • It is rightly named as it indeed does what it claims and justifies its name.
  • Infused with the best quality ingredients, it indeed is one of the best nail strengthener.
  • In order to reap the maximum benefits make sure you apply an even coat before applying any nail paint of your choice.
  • On days when your nails are feeling dry and brittle, just apply a thick coat and you are ready for the day.
  • Make sure it dries well before you apply any other product on your nails.

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4. Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

Quimica Alemana Nail Hardener

  • This product is manufactured and shipped from Columbia.
  • This nail hardener claims to be the best for you if used for the long run if used regularly and effectively.
  • It is made up of natural ingredients and claims to reduce all kinds of nail damage like broken brittle nails and helps regrow healthy, beautiful days.
  • Apply this daily after washing your hands properly with mild soap and you will start noticing a difference.

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5. ZEVA Nail Guard

ZEVA Nail Guard

  • Zeva nail guard is a nail strengthening polish that provides matte finish and natural look to your nails.
  • It is specially formulated with three nail resins which have different functionalities.
  • They are epoxy resin, polyester resin, and nitrocellulose for adhesion, durability, and strength respectively.
  • This is perfect for an easy manicure at home and leaves you with beautiful subtly tinted nails.
  • Its quick-dry formula makes sure it dries completely within a span of 5 to 10 minutes.
  • This nail hardener is cruelty-free and vegan which makes it all the more the reason why you should buy it.

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6. Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

nail strengthner

  • This nail hardener comes in the form of a cream.
  • For those of you who are messy and can’t apply products onto your nails for life, this is the product for you.
  • One of the reasons why this may be the best nail strengthener in the market maybe because of its ease of application.
  • It can be applied on the nails easily along with hand cream and you’re good to go. This cream is like health food to your nails.
  • A few applications will assure that you notice a remarkable difference in the quality of your nails.
  • The Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream is featured on Refinery 29, Bustle, Zoe Report, Khloe Kardashians Official App and many other online portals as the best nail hardener among a plethora of varieties.

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7. Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Natural Tint

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Natural Tint

  • Looking for the best nail strengthener that is affordable and effective at the same time? This is where your search ends. Sally Hansen hard as nails natural tint is the product for you if you want beautiful tinted nails.
  • Not only does this product provide good coverage from any breakage, but this also could be worn as a nude nail polish that would go along with all your outfits.
  • This also makes sure that your nails are kept away from any kind of infection.
  • When winter is around the corner and your nails start to break or peel off, apply this regularly for the best results.

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8. Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula

nail protein

  • Protein, as we know, is integral for the growth and well being of our bodies. Like all other parts of the human body, nails also need protein to be strong and grow beautiful.
  • This nail hardener is a protein-enriched concoction of natural ingredients that are amazing for your nails and help heal even the brittlest of nails.
  • Use this product daily for maximum effectiveness.

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As we can see, this list is probably a small part of a huge list which would otherwise include a wide range of products from all across the world. However, the few that are mentioned are the best nail strengtheners across many online platforms. Please do check these out before you invest in any product. Make sure you do a patch test before fully applying it to your nails.

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