7 Iridescent Nails- Get Stunning Iridescent Nails with These Easy Tips

Pearl Jammin’ by China Glaze

Pearl Jammin’ by China Glaze

Shiny texture
Different colours in different coatings
Can be used as a topper
Light blue and pink shades
Mermaid Nail Polish by Born Pretty

Mermaid Nail Polish by Born Pretty

Multi-chrome shimmering effect on nails
Can be worn alone
Can be used as a base coat
Set of 4 mini bottles
Glittery colour
Non-toxic and cruelty free
Scarlet by ILNP

Scarlet by ILNP

Warm red glow on the nails
Red and gold shades
Comes out good in both light and shade
Different shades come up by using black and white base coats
Vegan and cruelty free
Long lasting and easy to remove
Pearl of Wisdom by OPI

Pearl of Wisdom by OPI

Purple, green and pink shades come out if used on white base coat
Shimmery and shiny texture
Can be used as a topper and also, worn alone
Works as a manicure of your nails
Gives the pink pearl effect
Long lasting and easy to use
Valentina by INLP

Valentina by INLP

Milky white colour, if coated once
A tinge of pink, if coated twice
Creamy, aqua flash pink, if coated thrice
Can be used as a topper
Can be worn alone too
Has a touch of blue
Formula is sheer jelly
Long lasting and easy to use
Iridescent Eye by Jessica

Iridescent Eye by Jessica

Super shiny and shimmering
Shades of emerald and yellow gold
Chrome and iridescent qualities
Looks stunning in low light
Gleams in sunlight
Easy to apply
Glossy, shiny and great polish
Matte finish
Pink Fire Opal by Mineral Fusion

Pink Fire Opal by Mineral Fusion

Colour shifting shimmer
Reflects stunningly in low lighting
Opalescent look
Gold flash shade with a tinge of pink
Unique pinkish orange colour
Can be used as a topper
Cruelty free product

Along with taking care of your skin and hair, taking care of your nails are as crucial as the rest! It is somewhat hard to find a person who does not like to have big, shaped nails painted with bright nail polishes or rather should we say someone with iridescent nails!

Styling your nails is not that hard now because of the various options available for you! You can go to the parlour to get your pedicures and manicures, use acrylic nails and design them according to your own desire or simply stay at home and have your nails painted with some iridescent nail polish purchased from the best iridescent nail polish brands!

What is iridescent nail polish?

If you do not know what iridescent nails are, then here it is! Iridescent nail polish is a type of nail paint that gives out shades of luminous colours when exposed to light, much like a CD. Would not it be great if you could dress up your nails with all the iridescent nail designs and look gorgeous?

These nail paints tend to have a shiny and shimmery look while some may even have a matte finish look! The fun fact is, some of the iridescent nail paints can be used as both topper and base coat. If you are not sure about Iridescent nails you can also try magnetic nail polishes which will help you stand out from the crowd.

We know that you are super excited to know more about the product details! We know the feeling that you are getting right now- the feeling to paint your nails with the clear iridescent nail polish! Hence, this article is here to provide you details about some of the best iridescent nail polish and their brands that will suit your nails the best!

Best Iridescent Nails – Buying Guide

Saving some of your time, we are here to provide you with a list of factors that you cannot miss while shopping:

Factors to look for while buying iridescent nail polish for having iridescent nails:

  • Colour of the nail paint- Not everyone likes all nail paints and not every nail paint suits everyone! A tricky sentence that indeed has a lot of meaning! Choose your iridescent nail polish colour properly after going through all the product details. If you are a first-time buyer of the same, it is highly advisable for you to go with the common colours so that you can have an idea about them first! The speciality of these nail polish is that they change the shades according to the coats one applies.
  • Size of the nail polish- If kept for long, any nail paint tends to dry away. Same goes with them, even the best iridescent nail polish dries out after a certain point of time. Specially, these type of nail paints dries out quickly because of their composition and ingredients. Considering that, it is advisable for you to buy the smaller size of the nail paints to avoid wasting them!
  • Quality of the product- For knowing the quality of the product, it is advisable to check out the detailing and product descriptions of the product that you are willing to buy. Along with that, also check out the reviews and feedbacks because that is where you will find the true quality of the product! You will find some of them to last for two weeks while some of them may not last for a week even. Have a check in the reviews of the product for a clear understanding.
  • Budget- Usually, iridescent nail polish costs less. Therefore, you do not need to sort out your budget that way! However, it is advisable to decide the kind and number of iridescent nail polish that you wish to buy and sort your budget that way.

Like skin and hair products need extra carefulness while buying them, same goes for nail products. You need to have proper product knowledge before grabbing yours! For this, there are a few factors to look for while buying the best iridescent nail polish brands.

Best Iridescent Nails Reviews

For getting the perfect iridescent nails, you need to get hold of the best iridescent nail polish brands! Check out the amazing list of products that we have prepared for you and buy the most suitable one for your nails:

  1. Pearl Jammin’ by China Glazeiridescent nails

The iridescent nails that you have been looking for decorating your nails in the best way possible are here! This iridescent pink nail polishes one of the best Pearl iridescent nail polish that you can apply on your nails.

You can paint your nails according to your own wish! If you want a lighter colour, you can leave it at the first coat and if you want a deeper and brighter colour, you can coat your nails twice to get your desired iridescent nails.

If you are using any other colour and want your nails to be coated with a shade of light blue and shimmer, use this nail paint to have the best effects! Whether you want to go to a party or your office, you can suit all your looks by painting your nails with the Pearl Jammin’ nail paint!

The ultra-light blue tint with copper shift is the true iridescent gel nail polish that you must be wanting to try it on to look the very best!

  • It has a shiny texture and it can be used as a topper separately.
  • The light blue and pink shades give the best iridescent nails effect.
  • You can coat it according to your own wish and have your desired result.
  • The nail paint does not have a lot of pigment, which makes it shiny and shimmer.iridescent nails
  1. Mermaid Nail Polish by Born Pretty

iridescent nails

Who does not want to be like a mermaid and paint their nails in the most shimmery and shiny manner? Yes, you can get your nails flawless like a mermaid’s nail!

A set of mini four best iridescent nail polish that is indeed the best among the lot! With a creamy, multi-chrome shimmering effect on the nails, get ready to have the prettiest iridescent nails by applying these nail paints! The colours are bright enough to be worn alone or can be topped on a base coat. Different number of coats will produce different shades of colour, so you get a bonus point in buying this set of four bottles!

It is one of the best iridescent nail polish brands, which is non-toxic and cruelty free. Paint your nails with the iridescent fingernail polish and have your pretty nails back in the game!

  • The colours of the nail paint change over different base colours.
  • They have a spark of holographic micro glittery colour.
  • The pack comes with four different mini iridescent nail polish.
  • The products are tried and tested before launching, so it is guaranteed to be cruelty free and toxic free.iridescent nails
  1. Scarlet by ILNP

iridescent nails

Do you not want a nail polish that will change its colour according to the base coat that you have used? Sounds surprising, but definitely true! The Scarlet by ILNP is one of the best iridescent nail polish brands that is widely known for its ‘nail magic’!

The product got its name Scarlet because of the warm red glow when you paint it on your nails. It has a red and gold shade that comes over a black base coat and it looks mesmerising on the nails! If someone wants to know what iridescent nails are, your nails would be the perfect example after applying this nail paint! With white base coat, the shade comes out to be rose gold and pink and hence, it is indeed one of the best shades of iridescent pink nail polish.

The shades of the nail paint comes out to be great in both light and shade. It will be a lot more fun to experiment with your nails and see the different colours of the clear iridescent nail polish!

  • The iridescent nail designs look great and goes well with all base coats, giving different shades of colours.
  • This clear iridescent nail polish is a long lasting one and is easy to remove.
  • Needing only one coat, the iridescent gel nail polish is the best suited for any type of nails.
  • It is vegan and cruelty free, which means this iridescent nail polish, is completely safe to use.iridescent nails
  1. Pearl of Wisdom by OPI

iridescent nails


Naming the best iridescent nail polish brands and not naming Pearl of Wisdom by OPI will be a grave mistake! A shimmery, iridescent pink nail polish that has become the queen of the iridescent nail polish world is here for you!

A clear iridescent nail polish that gives an effect of purple, green and pink when used over a white base coat is the new trend in the nails fashion! If you wear it alone on your nails, it gives out a pink shade that reminds one of the pink pearls, after coating your nails twice.

The speciality of this nail paint is that it has a subtle shimmer on its own. You will find that even if you coat your nails just once with it! The iridescent nail designs after using this Pearl iridescent nail polish is something amazing to look at! This nail polish can even act like a manicure for your nails because of the good and healthy components that it has in it.

It is completely safe to use, so get on and give a shiny stroke to your nails and look how incredible the iridescent gel nail polish looks on your nails!

  • It can be used as both- a topper and alone as a nail polish.
  • It is long lasting and easy to use.
  • You just need to stroke your nails twice to get the desired colour.
  • This sheer iridescent nail polish is the best one that gives a shimmery pink pearl effect on your nails.iridescent nails
  1. Valentina by INLP

iridescent nails


Are you looking for white iridescent nail polish from one of the best iridescent nail polish brands? Then, we suggest you look no further, as you have found your desired iridescent nail polish!

Having iridescent nails is everyone’s deep-rooted desire but choosing the perfect and the well suited iridescent nail polish is the real task. You can get a milky white colour by applying this nail paint just once on your nails and the colour can change to a tinge of pink if you coat it twice!

This iridescent nail polish can be worn on its own and also be used as a topper. With the third coat, you will be getting a creamy aqua with a bright pink flashy colour, which will look incredibly amazing!

Working as a topper, it can turn any nail polish to be sheer iridescent nail polish, imparting a tinge of blue and pink shades! It is one of the best white iridescent nail polish that you can get hold of from the market!

  • It is a long-lasting nail colour, which is easy to use and easy to remove as well.
  • You can get different shades of the iridescent colour if you coat it differently.
  • It works well both as a topper and stands alone.
  • The formula is sheer jelly and it is one of the best white iridescent nail polish with the shades of pink and a tinge of blue.iridescent nails
  1. Iridescent Eye by Jessica

iridescent nails

Are you in search of a colour that is a bit uncommon yet fashionable and trendy? A colour like emerald and yellow gold! How would you feel if you could paint your nails with the iridescent nail polish and have super shiny and shimmering nails? As amazing as it sounds!

Being a shiny polish, Iridescent Eye by Jessica, has both the qualities of chrome and iridescent, hence giving you proper iridescent nails! This clear iridescent nail polish looks stunning in low lighting and gleams in the sunlight, making this one of the famous and best iridescent nail polish brands in the cosmetics industry. It has a matte finish that makes your nails look even prettier than the normal iridescent nail polish colours.

A nail paint that is a perfect match for your glossy and party wears and above all, a nail paint that shines in darkness and light! What else do you need to stand out of the crowd? Without much delay, paint and have iridescent nails in a hassle-free manner!

  • The formula is easy to apply.
  • The emerald and yellow gold colours are the main reason for its purchase.
  • The colours have great and shiny polish.
  • Looks good in low lights as well as sunlight.

iridescent nails

  1. Pink Fire Opal by Mineral Fusion

iridescent nails

How does the idea of a gorgeous iridescent pink nail polish with a colour shifting shimmer appear to you? Great? Then, what are you looking for? The Pink Fire Opal by Mineral Fusion is here for your rescue!

As the name suggests, this iridescent nail polish has an opalescent look that is more gorgeous to look at than anything else! The subtle look of the iridescent nails reflects stunningly in low lighting.

The gold flash of the nail paint hints towards a tinge of pink. The sheer iridescent nail polish just needs a couple of coats in your nails. You can use it as a topper because it works excellently in that role as well!

Having a unique pinkish-orange colour, this iridescent nail polish is beautifully gorgeous in its own way that will surely make you paint your nails often!

  • It is a cruelty-free product, which means it is completely safe to use.
  • The orange colour turns out to be brighter in light.
  • It has a subtle look with a colour shifting shimmer.
  • It gives full coverage to the nails and can be a great topper!iridescent nails

The iridescent nail polish are the new trends in the market. You no longer need to go to the salon to have your iridescent nails! You can do it on your own, sitting at home with the help of the iridescent gel nail polish! Log on to the sites, have a look at the details of the nail polishes, find your favourite shade of the nail paint and get ready to have some super classy and gorgeous looking nails!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. What is iridescent nail polish?

Iridescent means showing luminous colours upon reflection, low lighting or in bright lights. The speciality of iridescent colours is that it tends to change shades from different angles.

Iridescent nail polish is the ones that are luminous in nature and the colours change shade, depending on the different angles and lightings. Your nails give out a unique colour when you apply iridescent nail polish. Along with this, it also makes your nails look pretty because of the effects of the shades.

  1. What is the best professional nail polish?

The best professional nail polish is the one, which is gel-based and has a matt finish effect. Along with that, the best professional nail polish can be of iridescent shades. If you want to get salon type nails sitting at your home, then it is advisable to paint your nails with the top best 7 iridescent nail polish that will look all shimmery and shiny on your nails and give you a salon-touch!

  1. Does matte finish nail polish last longer than iridescent nail polish?

Matte finish nail polish is the ones that have a dull, non-coated finish while iridescent nail polish is the ones that have a shiny and shimmery touch and are glossy in nature. In a comparison between the two, iridescent nail polish lasts longer because it has a protective glossy layer, which is missing in the matte finish nail paints.

  1. How can I make my iridescent nail polish last for two weeks?

Iridescent nail polish usually lasts for at least one week. If you want your nail paints to be intact for two weeks, apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball on top of your nails after coating them with your nail polish. You will easily find your nails painted for two weeks.


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