Top 5 Best Pedicure Chairs for perfect Pedicures

Have you planned everything about opening of your dream salon but still stuck on the selection of pedicure chairs? Or do you want to go through the same pedicure experience as you did in your last appointment? So, no need to worry folks, because you have come to the right place. Here, the best pedicure chairs have been mentioned which can be purchased online. Just a single click, a quick review, an instant payment and boom, your dream pedicure chair has been delivered to your house.

A salon remains unfurnished until the perfect commodities, needed for providing it’s various services arrive. And so does the pedicure service remain terminated without the installation of the perfect pedicure chairs. The comfort and the ease that these chairs provide are beyond the use of simple tools and chairs. They are purposely meant for pedicure purpose, thereby providing accurate stretch of legs and feet giving the spine the correct posture to hold the upper body.

Below enlisted are the best pedicure chairs.

1. MAYAKOBA set of 2 nail salon pedicure chair

MAYAKOBA set of 2 nail salon pedicure chair

This pedi-chair provides the correct amount of height to uplift you for perfect, flawless pedicures. The back is sturdy and firm which gives the spine, the right adjustment. The padded cushion seat provides relief to the aching muscles after those long hours of work schedule.

The chair comes in five wheels adjustment making it easier to scoot the distance between the client and the technician. It comes in handy with polished chromate finish, which can be fitted into any decor. Handpick your pedicure massage chair from a set of 6 colors, and you are ready to impress your clients with the perfect pedicured nails.


  • It comes in fully chromate plated finish
  • It has acetone resistant upholstery.
  • It incorporates an adjustable seat to a height of 13″ to 15″.
  • It comes in 6 sets of colours, namely burgundy, black, cappuccino, coffee, red and storm grey.

These pedicure chairs have been a winner in the salon. It is easy to use and the clients get the maximum comfort. It is durable and reliable too. According to it’s reviews, it is a perfect commodity to invest on, if anyone is looking for a good pedi-chair.

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2. LCL beauty with hydraulic lift adjustable pedicure unit

Best Pedicure Chairs - LCL beauty with hydraulic lift adjustable pedicure unit

This hydraulically operated pedicure massage chair comes with a firm and sturdy steel frame with comfortable and dense foam-padded seats. The hydraulic pump accounts for providing full adjustments to its customers and the footrest can manually be adjusted to make the pedicure go smoother and relaxing.

The unit comes along with an easy-clean removable bath which has embedded options of massage, bubble and heat functions. They can be toggled on the basis of the clients’ requirements. It also comes in handy with an electric lightweight plastic footbath for providing the relaxing spa treatment ever.


  • It’s hydraulic mechanism can raise the seat to an additional height of 7″.
  • It comes in stylish crosshatch stitching which adds chic and elegance to your place.
  • The unit comes with a free matching stool.
  • The massage functions can be accessed with or without the use of water.
  • This cheap pedicure chairs incorporate 100 Stimu Nodes to relieve out pains and aches.

On the basis of customer’s reviews, this commodity has been a hit. Justifying each of it’s features, this is a great product to start with your client’s pedicure appointments. The availability of multiple settings, lends a sophisticated way in retrieving it’s best of utility.

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3. Salon Nail Pedicure Stool DAYTON BLACK by MAYAKOBA

Salon Nail Pedicure Stool DAYTON BLACK by MAYAKOBA

This pedicure massage chair assists in creating the perfect pedicures to relax your tired feet. It’s padded seat and sturdy rectangular back provides the right amount of support and can ease one during the long hours of pedicure appointments. It is made portable with attachment of five wheels. It’s chromate finish frame lends a metallic sheen to the chair’s body.


  • It comes in solid steel construction.
  • It assists an adjustable seat of height 13″
  • The leather black colour complements the trendiest look.

These cheap pedicure chairs are the perfect addition to the pedicure station. It is compact and can easily be dragged from here to there with ease. People reviewed it as one of the best assembled well built chair.

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4. ANGA’S pedicure spa chair (in Black)

ANGA'S pedicure spa chair (in Black)

This pedicure bench comes in pure leather cover. It can be moved backward or forward, reclined or inclined via remote control. It provides soothing kneading massage for neck, waist and back. The function of vibrational massage relieves the thighs and buttocks. Being equipped with two cushioned arrests, it provides the perfect comfort to lift up and down.


  •  The base is made up of Acrylic TUB.
  •  It is made up of PU leather.
  • It comes with an adjustable footrest.
  • It incorporates hot/cold water inlet hose, color-changing lights and pipeless jets of the whirlpool.
  • This chair has an inbuilt complete gravity drainage system.

People are happy to invest their money on this product. This commodity is successful in fulfilling their expectations to the max. It has in total gained a rating of 5 among the purchasers.

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5. Pibbs PS89 Amalfi Pedicure Chair by Amalfi

Pibbs PS89 Amalfi Pedicure Chair by Amalfi

Being manufactured in USA, this pedicure spa chair does not require any added plumbing. It comes with a built in function of adjustable reclining back with the swivel chair top. Being fully automatic, it has a 6 function vibration massage mechanism. The base of the chair can easily be retracted when not in use. The adjustable footrest makes it possible for the technician to continue with his long hours of pedicure treatment services.


  •  It doesn’t require any sort of plumbing.
  • It comes with 6 vibration massage function chair top
  • It has a swivel chair top and easily accessible reclining back.
  • The base measures a width of 33″, with a base height of 16″.57 inches and measures a length of 35 inches when kept closed.
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This pedicure bench has got great reviews from it’s customers for it’s quality, heat and vibration. Doing pedicure is much more sanitary and easy. It works great with every appointment and it’s design is done perfectly to go with the newest trend.

Top 5 Best Pedicure Chairs for perfect Pedicures

Have you planned everything about opening of your dream salon but still stuck on the selection of pedicure chairs? Or do you want to go through the same pe

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