Comparing Chicco vs Sebamed: Which is Best Baby Products?

Most moms are worried about choosing the appropriate skincare products for their babies.  The harsh chemicals used in skincare products may damage their skin.  The products that are chemical-free,  tear-free, dermatologically tested should be given preference.  Chicco vs Sebamed Baby Lotion information will help you to make the best decision.

Chicco vs Sebamed Baby Lotion


Chicco– If you are looking for a baby lotion that is Alcohol-free, free from harmful dyes, and free from Parabens, then Chicco Baby Lotion is the best product. The ingredients used like almond oil, Vitamin E, Glycerine softens and moisturizes the skin without drying. It is non-sticky and non-oily. The lotion gets easily penetrated into the skin. It is clinically tested on sensitive skin. Safe to use for newborns.

Whereas, the pH of 5.5 level in the baby lotion of Sebamed is considered to be an important factor. As it helps to maintain the skin of the baby soft and supple. It gives gentle protection to the baby’s sensitive skin. It moisturizes the skin without drying. Sebamed is also Dermatologically tested and chemical-free.

As you can see from the above comparison that both companies are serious about the care of baby’s skin. But as compared to prices, Chicco is somewhat budget-friendly. And if you are looking for a baby lotion that suits sensitive skin, then you must go for Sebamed. Although you must first skin test the product before using it. As different products suit different skin types.

Sebamed vs Himalaya For Babies

Well, both brands have a reputed stand in the market. But when it comes to choosing the right product for babies, it would be a smart choice to learn about the products.   Once the right product is found moms can be much relaxed for being successful in protecting the baby’s skin. Let’s see the details about Sebamed vs Himalaya brands.

Sebamed- Sebamed is German Based Company. Their expertise lies in making baby and adult skincare products. A pH level of 5.5 is used to protect the skin of babies by softening the skin. It works well for the sensitive skin of babies.  Their products are 100% free of chemicals.  Its non-drying formula helps to retain the moisture in the baby’s skin. Dermatologically tested products have a low chance of allergy as compared to other products. It is also free from Parabens, SLS, Asbestos. There is no fragrance in Sebamed products. But it is good for the baby’s skin.


If we compare with the Himalaya brand, then they are well known for their herbal ingredients. Olive oil provides the required Vitamin E that helps in making the skin soft and nourished. Almond oil, Indian aloe ingredients used in the product smoothes and moisturizes the skin. There are no artificial products used.  The products are 100% safe.

As you can see, both brands provide the best quality products. They both offer a variety of baby products range. If your baby’s skin is sensitive you must try Sebamed products. And if you want to give a natural product to give to your baby, then go for the Himalaya brand. Remember that choosing the product mostly depends upon the skin type. So always do a skin test before using the product.


1. Which is better Chicco vs Sebamed?

If you read the market you will know that both the brands are reputed. Both of them have the best quality products. They are clinically tested and chemical-free. They both offer a wide range of products like body wash, shampoos, wipes, body lotions, etc. To decide which is better Sebamed or Chicco you need to try those products first. If you choose according to your baby’s skin type, that product will most likely suit your needs. If one brand is working for someone, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. So it all depends upon your skin type and the budget that suits you.

2. Is Sebamed a good Brand Chicco vs Sebamed?

Sebamed is a German brand founded by Dr. Heinz Maurer. It is a leading skincare brand with 50 years of rich experience. The Sebamed products have high-quality ingredients with a pH level of 5.5.  It protects the outer layer of the skin without damaging it. Clinically tested products are safe for sensitive skin. Besides India, it also has a huge market in Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, etc.

3. Is Sebamed Lotion good for babies?

Definitely, Sebamed lotion is good for babies. The pH level of 5.5 is the main feature that works in protecting the sensitive and delicate skin of babies. Hence, you should go for it after doing a patch test.


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