Best Hair Treatment For You: Ouai vs Olaplex?

In this article, we are going to discuss Ouai vs Olaplex. Shampoo might be a compulsion, however, it can be a grandeur too! In today’s pollution ridden world, everyone is dying for promising nourishing hair care! Certain brands have hopeful results and it has brought users like you to look out for Ouai vs Olaplex on the web. Both the brands do multiple jobs for you like deep cleansing your hair, keeping it stronger, shinier and grease-free without even shedding your hair’s natural oil.

Of course, we all have unique hair types with varying needs, some needing anti-frizz, others
Volume-boosters and whatnot. But finding the best as per your hair type is challenging, right? Worry not, we got you covered to make your hair its best self, yet again.

2 best selling products by Ouai vs Olaplex

1. OUAI Fine Hair Shampoo

ouai vs olaplex
The first product by Ouai among the Ouai vs Olaplex is its Fine hair Shampoo is the best selling shampoo designed to bring life and give strength to your flat hair with elements like biotin, keratin and chia seed oil. Ideal shampoo to feel luxurious and gain soft, bouncy, clean and voluminous hair.

If you want something that smells amazingly perfumed and doesn’t feel harsh on your hair type or way down your hair due to chemicals, then Ouai can be a thoughtful choice.

● Supplements volume and bouncy texture
Keratin smooth strength and glossiness availed
● Biotin treats your damaged hair and controls and assists hair loss
● Hydrating and nourishing

2. Olaplex No 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

ouai vs olaplex
The next among Ouai vs Olaplex is one the most endorsed product, esp. by Kardashians and other celebrated hairstylists. The Olaplex No.4 Bond maintenance shampoo has its reputation in the market because of its repairing, strengthening and overall revitalization feature which deeply moisturises your damaged hair bonds.

The shampoo is thickly textured and has a sweet aromatic smell that is highly appreciated by the users, claiming a great feel as if you have taken an intense hair wash but feels like a soft touch wash.

If you’re expecting a salon finish result, then no, it isn’t gonna act that quick for your hair. It may sound dramatic, right? But that’s the truth, for a strengthier hair feel and promising results, in the long run, you should definitely go ahead with the product. Apart from that, the users recommend using Olaplex hair perfector along with shampoo to support the scalp.

Comparison: Ouai vs Olaplex

1. Price
The price range of Ouai vs Olaplex is pretty much the same, though being in the same price range, Ouai’s quantity is slightly higher than that of Olaplex. Thus, the plus point is redeemed by Ouai here.

2. Packaging
Though it is not as important, then comes the luxurious factor. If you want a sleek modern look to serve your purpose, reviewers recommend Ouai among Ouai vs Olaplex. Yet if you are considered with what is in the bottle, read ahead to get the best for you.

3. Texture
The texture comparison among Ouai vs Olaplex does matter. Though the same package of Ouai serves 50 ml more than that of Olaplex, the texture of Ouai is thinner as against Olaplex, which has a creamy texture. This means you will go through and run out of the Ouai shampoo quicker than Olaplex, forcing you to buy another one.

4. Animal Cruelty: Among the considerate sheer number of products by several promising brands, many simply struggle to nake their product cruelty-free or completely vegan in nature. And similar to those chunks of brands, we have Ouai vs Olaplex, among which Olaplex promises to be a vegan product which also free from other harmful chemicals like paraben, sulphate, gluten which might weaken your hair strands and bonds.

5. Colour-Safe: Imagine getting your hair colour done and spending a good amount on that, only to wreck it up just because of your shampoo. Olaplex can be a good choice as per its recommendations to date.

6. Restoring Bleached Hair To Original State: Needless to say, Olaplex is the winner here due to its hair type restoration formula.

Final Verdict: Ouai vs Olaplex

Now that you know the features and formulas both the brands serve, your job isn’t done yet. Go to the given product links and check for hair type based reviews because the results can vary accordingly.

The best thing you can do is take insights from the experienced about your hair type. Don’t simply buy the product and then complain of massive hair loss or not being benefited from it just because of lack of organised information.


1. Which one among OUAI vs Olaplex is good for damaged hair?

As per user and salon recommendations, Olaplex has promising effects on damaged hair strands.

2. What is OUAI good for?

Good for gaining voluminous, shiny, and healthy-looking salon finish hairs.


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