Comparing Clinique vs Lancome: Which Brand is Best for You?

Clinique is a brand under the Estee Lauder conglomerate. Lancome is one of the best moving brands under L’Oreal. Estee Lauder is based out of the United States of America and L’Oreal is based out of United Kingdom. Clinique and Lancome are some of the hottest selling brands under their respective conglomerates. The clinique vs Lancome comparison is worth it owing to the benefits one gets by using either of the products. Both the brands are into providing skincare and makeup products.

A lot of people do think about the question Are Clinique and Lancome the same company? The answer is no.


clinique vs lancome

If you are a fan of long lashes, then you need to go for the mascara from Clinique. Also, if you are having short lashes and looking out for a brush that is not too shabby that messes up your entire eye makeup, then you need to go for Clinique mascara. The mascara from Lancome is best suited for those who are not a huge fan of all types of long eyelashes.

It is best suited for everyday usage where dreamy lashes are not preferred. Both the brands have priced their mascaras at an almost similar level. Despite being waterproof, it is very easy to remove the mascara by just dipping a cotton swab in lukewarm water and rubbing it over your eyes. This makes it much suited for those with sensitive skin around the eye area. A clinique vs Lancome mascara view would throw light on a lot of essential details.


clinique vs lancome

If you have oily skin, then you need to go for the Lancome Foundation that has a matte-like finish. However, it comes with scents and fragrant which seem initially good for a few but over some time, it starts smelling like the retro perfumes. For the price you get to pay, the kind of quality you obtained from Lancome is indeed worth it.

You need not apply any matte powder after the application of the foundation. The foundation from Clinique is best suited for those who are sensitive skin. It comes along with the SPF 15 which protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Just one or two applications would suffice the coverage of any kind of dark spots on the skin surface. It is very light and reduces a neat finish. However, it is recommended to apply a layer of primer for the foundation to withstand throughout the day. When you get to read the review of the clinique vs lancôme foundation, you get to understand the details in a much better fashion.


 clinique vs lancome

If you are looking for a serum to rejuvenate your skin, you need to prefer Clinique vs Lancome. Both the brands keep updating the formula for a serum with probiotic fractions that helps in activating the visible signs of youthful skin. Both the brands produce serum, which is very hydrating and has an oily texture. The hygienic packing and the design of the dispenser in the serum make it one of the must-keep in your skincare regimen.

The serum doesn’t cause any kind of irritation on the skin and it works on soothing and smoothing the skin when the skin feels slightly irritating. Both the serum is priced a bit high and you need to be using only a few drops of serum every time. The serums are generally applied before moisturizing the skin or applying sunscreen. When you read the clinique vs Lancome serum review, you get a better idea.

Eye Makeup Remover 

 clinique vs lancome

The best part about purchasing eye makeup remover from Clinique vs Lancome brands is that this makeup remover can be used for removing the makeup from lips as well. These are very smooth and help and dissolve the extremely tough waterproof and long-wear makeup.

The texture is more or less like water and it doesn’t leave any residue.

These are sold at a much higher price in the market because makeup removal is highly pertinent to maintain your skin. When you read the pros and cons of clinique vs Lancome eye makeup remover, you get a much clear picture.

Eye Cream 

 clinique vs lancome

With the sedentary lifestyle coming into place the need for an eye cream before hitting the bed has become much important. The eye cream from Lancome has pearl concentrate in it, which not only works on diminishing the fine lines around the eyes but also works on reducing the dark circles. This doubles up as a dark circle remover as well as an eye cream. The Clinique eye cream works on reducing the puffiness around the eyes with just a few rotations made around the eye socket. Owing to the thin texture and soothing sensation, it is best to apply before sleeping.

When you get to read the clinique vs Lancome eye cream review, it becomes much clear.

Anti-aging cream 

 clinique vs lancome

Lancome is a much older brand when compared to Clinique. The US-based Clinique has been out for sale in the market for about 40 years whereas France-based Lancome has been out for sale for about eight years. If you are looking for an anti-aging cream that suits the skin type of both men and women, then you need to go for Clinique. Clinique also produces anti-aging cream for every skin type.

The texture is very light and works on diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the surface of your skin. The anti-aging cream works on making your skin soft and firm. When you look out for what is the best Lancome moisturizer for aging skin? You need to check if it would go well with the anti-aging cream you apply before going to bed. One could say yes to Is Lancome skincare worth the money?

These are some of the fastest-selling products under Clinique and Lancome. It is very hard to say which is better when compared to the other. Both the brands have been taking constant initiatives to deliver the best to the customers.


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