Which Hair Care Brand is Best for You? Pantene vs Sunsilk

Haircare is often the most important yet tiring task. Why? Well, there are hundreds of products out there for hair nourishment, and it is hard to pick one. Have a confusion about Pantene vs Sunsilk and tried different products from them? Here is to choose the best one among these hair care brands and a brief about their products.

About the Brands 

Let’s first know a little about Pantene and Sunsilk before heading to their comparison.

Pantene is owned by Procter & Gamble, an American MNC, for consumer goods. This brand gets its name from the key ingredient, panthenol. You can find numerous hair care products from this brand based on your hair type. Most people often prefer Pantene for its results and incredible nourishment. This brand has been ruling the haircare markets for decades now.

Sunsilk, on the other hand, is a haircare brand from Britain owned by the Unilever company. At the moment, you can find Sunsilk products in almost every global country. This brand’s one-time application brought immense fame, for it doesn’t wash your hair’s natural oils vigorously. The remarkable nourishment from Biotin in Sunsilk’s products is still is an unbeatable feat.

The point is, is it the same for Sunsilk now? Or did Pantene take the place? Have a look at the different products from Pantene vs Sunsilk and the better of the two.

The Shampoos 

Pantene vs Sunsilk

First things first, we’ll start off with the different shampoos from Sunsilk and Pantene. Like I said before, you can find an extensive range of shampoos from both brands.

On a general note, Sunsilk shampoos give an instant gloss and smoothness to your hair. They are great for that unruly frizz. However, not everyone likes Sunsilk shampoos. Most of them complained of dry and brittle hair on using some shampoos from this brand. This is why I suggest choosing the product from Sunsilk based on the purpose you require from it.

Pantene’s shampoos make your hair strong and easily manageable. There is also a shine on the first usage itself. But some people complained of a plastic coating of the hair. Pantene’s shampoos are formulated with a shampoo’s standard ingredients. Silicones are often mistaken for plastic. But they generally nourish the strands by coating your hair.

That is where everything goes wrong with Pantene. The wax pile seems great for some time, but it turns out to be an unmanageable mess over time. It piles up on your hair and can damage the strands too. So, Sunsilk is a better choice for shampoos, provided you pick the appropriate product.

The Conditioners 

Pantene vs Sunsilk

Just like shampoos, Pantene vs Sunsilk is a tough call for the conditioners as well. Both the brands provide an extensive range of conditioners addressing different issues.

Sunsilk formulates its conditioners with different benefiting ingredients, like egg ceramide complex. These conditioners cleanse your hair and provide excellent nourishment. Soft and smooth hair is like a synonym for Sunsilk conditioners.

Pantene conditioners are recommended by most stylists for healthy and smooth hair. You can pick one Pantene conditioner from the numerous choices based on the issue you wish to address. Be it thicker or thinner hair, these from Pantene make a great deal.

Finally, you should pair your conditioner as per your shampoo. However, Pantene’s conditioners have a little edge over Sunsilk, for they work great for most hair types. Moreover, they are sulfate and paraben-free. Pantene conditioners are the best choice for the little extra quenching for your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which is better, Sunsilk or Pantene?

Pantene products work great for making your hair stronger. They ensure that your hair fall is controlled, your hair has a shine, and the strands are nourished. Sunsilk products suit those looking for smoother and shiny hair. These products have a soothing fragrance too. So, you can choose the best one among Pantene vs Sunsilk based on your purpose.

  1. Which shampoo is best, Pantene or Sunsilk?

As mentioned earlier, Pantene and Sunsilk shampoos serve different purposes. So, the best one would depend on the hair concern you want to address.

  1. Which is the best shampoo in Sunsilk?

The Stunning Black Shine Shampoo from Sunsilk is loved by many. Its Amla Pearl Complex provides excellent shine and nourishment to the hair on the first usage itself. For extra smoothness, you can choose the Nourishing Soft & Smooth shampoo with egg ceramide complex.

  1. Is Pantene a good shampoo and conditioner?

Pantene products are great when used in the right way. They ease the hair’s manageability and nourish the strands. Both shampoos and conditioners from Pantene help make your hair stronger and glossy.


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