Comparing Pureology vs Redken: Which Haircare Brand is Best for You?

Taking proper care of your hair is something that you should never take for granted. We all want good hair- the kind of hair that would not become frizzy after each wash, or the kind of hair that would be so easy to tie in a bun, or the kind of hair that would give you the Instagram-worthy curls. But we are never ready to work for it, are we? Well, we need not either. Find out which one is better: Pureology Vs Redken.

We understand that taking care of your hair is not an easy task, so we have brought to you the hair care products of Pureology and Redken. If you are interested to know more about these brands (Pureology Vs Redken), and the kinds of products that they come up with, and how would those products benefit you, then you are at the right place. Keep scrolling then.


 pureology vs redken

This brand of shampoos is not that old. It was founded in the year 2001 by American hairstylist Jim Markham. One of the friends of the American hairstylist was suffering from cancer back then. However, they could not find one carcinogen-free beauty product at the time. This led to an idea about developing such a shampoo formula that would be carcinogen or sulfate-free.

This thereafter went on to become one of the most popular companies and even past the $25 Million marks in just three years.


 pureology vs redken

This company is quite old. The journey of this brand of shampoos had started many years ago, even before the concept of Pureology was thought of, in the year 1960. Jheri Redding and Paola Kent are considered to be The Pioneers in the field of the scientific approach towards beauty.

This brand of shampoos completely changed how the salon business was in function back then. It was the one that introduced the concept of protein reconditioning in the 1st place. It has several other achievements in this sector as well. 

Pureology vs Redken

One of the most common questions that one can hear is, Is Pureology made by Redken? This is quite a natural question also. If you go through the range of products that the biggest two companies have, you will see that almost all of them have a corresponding counterpart in both the brands.

However, neither of them owns the other. It so happens that when these two companies gained popularity the L’Oréal group bought both of them.

But the fact that these two brands of shampoos have now become sister companies, they still hold onto their unique collection of products, which are different from the other company at a very basic level. Below we have listed some of the things that you need to consider if you are willing to try any one of those shampoos. Keep scrolling!  Let’s find out more details on Pureology Vs Redken.


That which had started as a personal agenda has now resulted in one of the most famous and renowned shampoo companies of all time. So what is it that this shampoo has to offer to its users? Let’s find out.

  1. If you want soft hair, that will be smooth enough to be tied in a bun anywhere and anytime, with minimum effort, then Redken should be your option to go with.
  2. Redken also helps to de-frizz your hair. So if you have a function coming up and you have forgotten to shampoo earlier this week, no problem! You can just use Redken. It does not produce frizz and makes your hair look and feel amazing too!
  3. Redken is also known to produce shine to your hair. It is great for when you have a plan to go out into the open. The sun would make it even better for you!


Is Pureology shampoo good for your hair? Absolutely! What is it that this shampoo helps you with though? Is it better or worse than Redken? Well, it pretty much caters to the demands that Redken caters to. But there is an extra mile that Pureology goes. When the question arises on Pureology vs Redken for color treated hair, and then Pureology is a bit ahead of Redken. Let’s see what is the brand has to offer.

  1. If you have colored hair, be it natural or artificially colored ones, Pureology is your way to go in that case. Their sulfate-free solution helps you to protect your colored hair, and make the color stay for a longer time.
  2. If you are looking for a shampoo that would not only detangle and protect your colored hair but also make it look shinier and smoother, then as well you can trust Pureology. Its color extends series of hair products focus on this particular aspect of hair care only.
  3. Blonde is a hair color that has always held a special spot amongst all the other hair colors. Pureology has something for that as well. Their blonde Idol series of hair products are aimed particularly towards blondes, or who have artificially resorted to similar hair color. Women who have colored hair, but are not blonde, can also of course use this series.

Some questions that might arise in your head are that whether or not any of those shampoos that we have discussed so far are natural or not. Well, none of the brands that we have discussed today are natural. However, none of the ingredients that they use are harmful to our hair. They are known to better the quality of the same. Be it Pureology hydrate vs Redken all soft or Pureology strength cure vs Redken extreme all of them have a certain amount of chemicals mixed in them. However, Pureology is completely a sulfate-free shampoo. So if you ever find yourself asking why is Pureology so good, then there is your answer.


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