Bed Head Recovery vs Resurrection: Which Is Best for Reviving Damaged Hair?

Shiny and bouncy hair is such a turn-on and anyone is left mesmerized by good hair. Once Christopher Walken said famously, “My hair was famous before I was.” Therefore, to stamp that presence choosing the right products for your hair care regime is imperative. In this article, we explore the differences, similarities, and niches of Bed Head Recovery vs Resurrection

Till a few years back, Bedhead hair meant the straight out of bed look, which was messy and unpolished. But, no! Here, we are talking about the haircare brand Bed Head co-founded by Anthony Mascolo in 1996. This hair care brand fancies itself as a rebel in the industry challenging the ‘polished aesthetic of hairdressing.’ Their hair care products crafted with the TIGI Creative Team are designed for both professionals and consumers alike.

Today, we wouldn’t get into the wide range of products Bed Head produces. We are focused on Bed Head Recovery vs Resurrection. Let’s start with Recovery. The Urban Anti Dotes range of shampoo and conditioner has three divisions- 

  1. TIGI Urban Anti Dote Re-energize Shampoo and Conditioner, aimed for normal hair for daily usage.
  2. TIGI Urban Anti Dote Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner for dry and damaged hair.
  3. TIGI Urban Anti Dote Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner for chemically damaged hair.

Based on the severity of your hair problem, one should choose the appropriate line or division. 

Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner has metallic blue packaging. The shampoo has a runny consistency and it doesn’t lather much, signifying a lower amount of SLS. The fruity smell is pleasant, not too overpowering. The shampoo works best with the conditioner giving soft and smooth tresses. If your hair lacks moisture and has become dry and damaged, Recovery should be on your list. 

The presence of glycerin adds to the moisturizing factor. Side by side, dimethiconol adds an extra protective layer to your hair shielding it against future damage. It is advised to use the Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner twice or thrice a week for achieving optimum results. 

Heading towards Resurrection, would it stand up to its reputation? Let’s check out! 

So, does bed head resurrection work?

Bed Head Recovery vs Resurrection

Bed Head Resurrection is aimed mainly at chemically damaged hair. For weak and dull hair, Resurrection is the best option. Why? Like the name suggests, the Resurrection shampoo and conditioner are meant for women with hair that undergo intense heat and styling. Such hair damage can make it brittle and reduce its strength. Here comes Resurrection with a powerful formula that can repair and revive damaged hair.

This repairing shampoo boosts hair strength. Hair feels soft and detangled. The conditioner earns a brownie point for giving your whacked-out hair the revival it has been waiting for. Just a small squeeze and you are good to go! 

Resurrection shampoo comes in a 750 ml bottle. It doesn’t just repair the hair but rids it of the grime and dirt feeding the hair with appropriate nourishment. Very much like Recovery, Resurrection doesn’t have a strong smell and the fruity smell is somber and pleasant. 

Let’s get down to a bed head resurrection review!

Unlike Recovery, Resurrection bottles do not come in blue packaging but red-colored bottles, signaling the precarious state of the hair. Most customer reviews hint at a temporal change in the texture of hair making it smoother and shinier with every wash. Hair feels thicker and some even suggest that the Resurrection line provides a salon touch! It smells great and customers rave about its luxurious feel. Especially for those, who indulge in heavy styling, Resurrection is the answer to a complete defense mechanism against damaging hair and it is completely color-safe. 

Bed Head Recovery vs Resurrection

Taking good care of your hair involves following a strict regime where regular shampooing and conditioning should be kicked off with proper oiling of hair. The real nourishment of the hair is oil. When it is ripped off the natural oils, the scalp starts feeling dry and flaky and can lead to brittle and damaged hair and scalp acne. Healthy hair is always the most attractive feature of your face. Act before it’s too late. Wash your hair frequently and don’t under-nourish them, babies! 


Which is better- Bed Head Recovery vs Resurrection?

If you have dry and damaged hair, Recovery is the best option. But if you are looking for a specialized shampoo and conditioner range that treats chemically damaged hair, Resurrection is the answer. If you compare Bed Head Recovery vs Resurrection, both are by the same brand and come in 750 ml bottles with many similar attributes but the line of action differs for both. 

Where to buy the Bed Head Recovery Shampoo?

You can find the Bed Head Recovery Shampoo online. Click on the image above to buy it.


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