Bed Head vs Redken: Which Haircare Brand is Best for You?

Haircare is difficult. There are so many different types of hair and only a few brands cater to the need of all. From natural hair to straightforward wavy hair, in Bed Head vs Redken, we are going to discuss every hair type and its suitable products. Bedhead and Redken are some of the leading brands in the cosmetic industry of haircare. Both the brands have products that are highly reputed in expensive salons.

Redken comes under the parent company, L’Oreal. Specifically under the professional range. It is based in America and was founded by Jheri Redding is 1960. With the unique marketing technique and drawing the cutomer’s attention towards its scientific approach for formulating haircare products, the brand soon became well established and a household name for several people. The brand is also cruelty-free unless testing on animals is required by law in some countries. Today Redken manufacturers shampoos, conditioners, hair colors, keratin products, and many more.

Bed Head belongs to the company Unilever and is distributed in high-end salons worldwide by TIGI Linea. Founded by British hairstylists, Toni and Guy in 2003. The famous actor Adrian Bellani was a spokesperson for the brand before getting his role in the famous TV show, Passions. The brand has been incredibly innovative with its formulations when it comes to shampoos, conditioners, styling products, anti-frizz products, and body washes as well. It has actively participated in humanitarian work and is cruelty-free unless required to test on animals by the law in some countries. They have products to improve scalp itch as well.

Bed Head vs Redken for curly hair

Curly hair can be ruthless to take care of. There are several different types of curly hair and it can get dry and frizzy in a matter of seconds. If not styled properly, it can make anyone look like they got dragged through the bush. The basic regimen for curly hair is to start with shampoo and conditioner for the specific curl type then follow up with curl cream or curl spray to keep the locks hydrated and moisturized to maintain the curls.

Redken’s most sold product for curly hair is its Curvaceous Spiral Lock gel. It is a beloved product in the households of many curly-haired people. The product is formulated with Moringa seed oil, UV filters, and a sugar complex to define tight curls and lock in moisture to prevent frizz. The active curl complex is simple to use, just apply to damp hair and diffuse with a hairdryer to lock your curls. One can also mix this Spiral lock for a frizz-free look.

Bed Head has a cult favorite product called Curls Rock Amplifier Curly hair cream. It is formulated with rich emollients and occlusives to lock in moisture, prevent frizz due to humidity and define every curl. The curls are more long-lasting and tighter. Formulated with Vitamin E oil, antioxidants, pro-vitamin B5 also known as panthenol, it is deeply nourishing. It can be used by applying damp hair root to ends and leaving it out to dry naturally or with a diffuser.

Bed Head vs Redken

Bed Head vs Redken for colored straight hair

While straight hair is easier to take care of one does not have to care so much for humidity, frizziness, and stringiness. Volume can be a big problem for people with straight hair. Add harsh bleaches into the mix that strip the hair of its protective barriers while dying it different colors, the hair now needs nourishing products to protect and repair itself.

Bed Head’s Resurrection repair conditioner is amazing at repairing damaged colored straight hair. Formulated with Amodimedicone for moisturization, Behentrimonium Chloride for nourishment, and Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract for moisture retention. Can be used as a regular conditioner.

Redken’s Acidic perfecting leave-in treatment for damaged colored hair is one of the most sought products by hairstylists everywhere. This all-in-one formula reduces frizz, repairs damage, heat protects up to 450 degrees, reduces splits end and breakage, reinforces weakened bonds, balances ph, and smoothens our hair strands. Can be left in the hair after application, does not need to be washed away.

Bed Head vs Redken


Which Bedhead shampoo is the best?

While all shampoos formulated by the bed head are of extremely good quality and deliver their purpose, their most sold-on is Down and Dirty Detox shampoo. Without stripping the hair, this shampoo combines an energizing scent, antioxidants, glycerin, and surfactants to clean out build-up without causing dryness.

Is Bedhead a good hair product?

Yes! The brand is highly reputed and recommended by a lot of hairstylists for a reason. Their products do what they claim to do and be worth it.


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