The Best Cruelty Free Drugstore Foundation for Flawless Skin

Milani Conceal 2 in 1 Foundation

Milani Conceal 2 in 1 Foundation

Perfect base for makeup
Cruelty free
Over 45 shades
Blends perfectly with blender, brush or fingers
Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Perfect for dry skin
Medium to full coverage
Matte finish
Over 40 shades
Salicylic acid composition
SPF 20
Absorbs oil from skin
Cruelty free
Catrice Liquid Foundation

Catrice Liquid Foundation

Less effort, full coverage
Variety of shades
Comes with easy applicator
No water dilutes needed
Cruelty free


Best full coverage foundation
Lasts up to 24 hours
Not transferable
Matte finish
Cruelty free
A Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

A Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

Best for dry skin
Dewy finish
Glowing skin
Comes with a mixer
All season foundation
Cruelty free
Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

Matte finish
Oil absorbent
Not transferable
Variety of shades
Go-to and everyday makeup
Cruelty free
l.f, Flawless Finish Foundation

l.f, Flawless Finish Foundation

Cruelty free
Dry skin
Over 27 shades
Smooth finish
Covers uneven skin texture
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

Light absorbent
Perfect for selfies
Cruelty free
Matte finish

In the makeup industry, the foundation is one of the most used products over the years. It acts as a base to work one’s way up the makeup. With increasing demands, many bigger brand names have developed all kinds of foundations. Each making your job easier and providing more flawless results than ever. Therefore, we believe that you should know what the best cruelty-free drugstore foundation is.

With an increase in demand and the need for quicker supplies, the practice of animal testing saw a huge surge in the market. Cruelty free makeup is not only free from animal testing but they also use healthier materials to make the products. Foundations are available in liquid and powder form as well. It is all up to you to determine what works best for you. You need not stay on the same foundation forever. Especially with the increasing options for you in the market.

And on top of that, if you want such fulfilling products at a much cheaper price then there is no better option than drugstore products. They are quality certified and have amazing reviews all around.

Best Cruelty Free Drugstore Foundation – Buying Guide

So how would you select the best cruelty free drugstore foundation for your skin and for your wallet which are also…you guessed right? Cruelty-free! But in case you do not want to rely on our list, we will still give you a few factors that you should look for while searching your favorite store for that flawless foundation concerning your skin type.

Factors to check before buying the best cruelty free drugstore foundation

  1. Pick out your foundation shade: Your complexion isn’t the best foundation shade. Your undertone is. You will either have a cool or a warm undertone.
  1. Try out your foundation on your face or your neck: Any professional would highly advise you against checking the tone of your foundation on your wrist. It does not work. So, apply swatches on either your cheek. Preferably near your jawline. You can also test the shade on your neck if the skin tone around your neck matches that of your face.
  1. Know your skin type: As mentioned above, the foundation in the market today are variably customized. You will find the foundation for your dry, oily, or both kinds of skin types! So, before you buy a foundation, make sure it is made for your skin. This not only is related to the health of your skin but is also responsible for that perfect finish you look for in foundations.
  1. What type of coverage do you want: Do you want your mole or you cute birthmarks and your freckles to not be concealed? Some foundations provide all sorts of coverage for you! You can go with medium coverage or full coverage, whatever suits your style and the occasion.
  1. Mix up those shades: Just in case you fail to find that perfect shade that goes with your skin tone, don’t be afraid to mix them up a bit. It is totally up to you if you want the foundation shade to be a bit darker or lighter. Or maybe you just want some color in the shade. Mixing up shades are also fun for seasonal makeups. So, choose your shade according to the weather outside.
  1. Is it cruelty-free: With so many options available for you to choose from, you really should use the best cruelty free drugstore foundation that you can find using the above factors as your filters for choosing your perfect foundation? They are not only good for preventing animal abuse but they are made with much healthier combinations of materials to ensure all over best health for your skin.

Suits your wallet: You need not go overboard with the load on your wallet while buying a foundation. But make sure that the quality is tested. Do not fall for dupes. Always compare the prices of the product with legitimate online stores. You might also find some great reviews there which will help you strut out the store with confidence in the money you spent.

Why use the best cruelty free drugstore makeup brands?

Any reliable and trusted brand that offers you the best of its products must surely ensure that their products have been made with care and concern for not only your skin but also the environment and the animals. They should be promoting cruelty free makeups for this very reason at least. Many celebrities and makeup artists have already boycotted and made a statement regarding this and there is no reason why you shouldn’t take all the steps necessary on your side as well. Plus, what can be better than feeling responsible while saving up some money.

Best Cruelty Free Drugstore Foundation Reviews

  1. Milani Conceal 2 in 1 Foundation

Milani Conceal 2 in 1 FoundationThe makers of this foundation ensure that the product was made through cruelty free practices only. This foundation is one of our top choices when it comes to drugstore makeup products for sure!

  • Coverage: One or two pumps are said to be enough for you to form a perfect base for your face makeup
  • Water-resistant: This is one of the best qualities in any foundation that you look for. Water-resistant technology helps you retain the foundation for definitely a longer time than the ones that are not waterproof.
  • So many shades: Milani offers over 45 shades for all the different types of skin complexions out there.
  • Inspirational: Their products are said to be inspired by everyday looks that normal people like to keep and not the professional models.
  • Use a blender, a brush, or just your fingers! They blend perfectly owing to their texture.

8 Best Cruelty Free Drugstore Foundation

  1. Revlon ColorStay Foundation

Best cruelty free drugstore foundationRevlon is known to offer high-end quality products at inexpensive rates. This foundation is perfect for light to heavy makeup base. Let’s see what makes this foundation so special.

  • Coverage: This foundation gives immaculate medium coverage and also full coverage. So, do as desired. Build it up as you go.
  • Finish: Once you are done applying this foundation, you will fall in love with the flawless blend it gives because of its matte finish.
  • Variety in shades: This product provides over 43 different shades. So even if you want to mix them up to build up your favorite tone, there is no problem. You can go as light and as darker as you want and as it suits your skin tone.
  • best cruelty free drugstore foundation for dry skin: This foundation is perfect if you have normal to dry skin. It keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Formulation: This foundation uses salicylic acid in its composition to help control excessive oil on your skin.
  • SPF 20: The foundation offers an oil-free finish on your skin and also keeps your skin safe from the harmful UV rays with its SPF 20 formula.
  • Duration: You can rely on this foundation for your workday as it gives you 24-hour coverage. So don’t worry if you are busy the entire day and you need to look your best. This Revlon ColorStay has got you covered.

best cruelty free drugstore foundation

  1. Catrice Liquid Foundation

best cruelty free drugstore foundation for dry skinCatrice is PETA certified about selling cruelty free products. If you find yourself complaining about the mess that foundations tend to make, Catrice has a surprise for you. This foundation is one of the best drugstore foundations there is in the market. And here is our take on why it is so:

  • Coverage: Catrice provides medium to full coverage with very little effort. You do not have to use another foundation even if you want a different style of coverage
  • Light on the wallet: With this quality of the product, it can only be seen as a blessing when you look at the price tag. These drugstore makeup brands are truly magnificent.
  • Shade choices: They offer you an amazing shade finder to help you determine your shade of Catrice foundation. Makes your job easier, doesn’t it? We think so.
  • No mess made: Catrice comes with a unique applicator that provides a great deal of ease in application. No drip drops on your hands or your makeup station anymore!
  • Good to your skin: This foundation uses paraben-free formula that is also responsible for its smooth finish on your skin.
  • No dilute needed: You don’t have to use any water to dilute the foundation. It has got that covered for you with its consistency.

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best cruelty free drugstore foundation for dry skin

NYX is a favorite for a huge number of customers because of the finish that it provides. It is an absolute value for money in every way that a foundation can be. This foundation might even be better than some of the high-end brand name foundations in the market. Let us see some of its cool features now:

  • best full coverage cruelty free drugstore foundation: The full coverage aspect of this foundation is something that you should try out. You will not need extra layers of foundation ever!
  • Lightweight: The squeaky-clean application of this foundation will not make you feel self-conscious with its heaviness. It is extremely light weighted. Which also means that you will have no trouble taking it off either.
  • Duration: Owing to being waterproof this foundation stays on your face longer.
  • Non-transferable: Even though this foundation is highly pigmented, it surprisingly doesn’t transfer at all.
  • Matte finish: The texture of this foundation on your skin will be smooth and lightweight because of its matte finish.
  • Vegan: On top of being a cruelty free makeup brand, NYX is also a 100% vegan foundation. This is most customers’ absolute dealbreaker.

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  1. A Pro Coverage Illuminating Foundation

best full coverage cruelty free drugstore foundationUse a brush or a sponge and create a perfect base for your makeup with this cruelty free drugstore foundation that gives an illuminating finish on your skin. The glow that this foundation will leave you with is gorgeous and exciting Let us see how this foundation made its way up to our list:

  • best cruelty free drugstore foundation for dry skin: This elegant L.A. Pro foundation works the best with normal to dry skin and gives a smooth finish with its dewy effect.
  • Illuminating texture: The dewy finish gives a classy illuminating glow on your face
  • Lightweight: The L.A. Pro Illuminating Foundation is lightweight on your face which makes this one of the best foundations there is.
  • Mixer: The white foundation mixer is a lifesaver when it comes to creating that perfect shade. So, pick a shade and mix it up with the customizable illuminating white foundation for your perfect shade.
  • Hydrating: The anti-oxidants and no paraben formula are ideal for providing all-day long hydration and coverage for your dry skin type.
  • All season foundation: With the mixer and the lightweight quality of this product, you will find it perfect for summer, fall, and even winter. So, it is recommended for you to try this foundation out.

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  1. Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

best full coverage cruelty free drugstore foundationWith the revolutionizing Flexi hold technology, this foundation does not only give a flawless finish but also feels lightweight with its strong yet flexible coverage. Why do we recommend this? Here are the reasons:

  • Matte finish: The mattifying powders work magic on the skin as it enhances the finish with a matte look.
  • Oil absorbent: This foundation absorbs all the excess oil leaving the foundation as you applied 12 hours.
  • Non-transferable: Without looking patchy or cakey this foundation will give you a pigment that will not transfer. And we are rooting for that.
  • Shades Shades Shades: This foundation comes in a total of 40 shades so there is no chance that you won’t find your perfect shade this time
  • Cruelty free: The Covergirl TruBlend foundation is tested to be cruelty free internationally. What does that mean? It means that is NEVER tested on animals.
  • Go-to, everyday makeup: This foundation has such a natural finish that you will not hesitate to wear this on your skin every day. So be it your work or a party, it will not disappoint.

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  1. l.f, Flawless Finish Foundation


l.f, Flawless Finish FoundationThis semi-matte foundation will soon become your favorite foundation with its flawless finish. This foundation comes with SPF 15 which in itself is a sufficient reason as to why we need to mention this product. But wait, we have more to tell you. Take a look:

  • Vegan and cruelty free: This e.l.f. the foundation is not only tested cruelty free but is also made of 100% vegan components
  • No uneven texture: The finish is so flawless on your skin that you will not complain about those uneven skin textures on you. It restores the small flaws and makes your skin look pristine.
  • Works with your dry skin: As it has a semi-matte, dewy finish you will not need to worry about the hydration of your skin.
  • best cruelty free drugstore foundation for dry skin: You don’t need to worry about finishing the foundation with a setting spray unless you sweat a lot. This is because it is made ideally for dry skin
  • Over 27 shades: With this number of shade, you will find it much easier to customize your look and find your perfect shade of the foundation.
  • Sunscreen: This foundation comes with SPF-15 to protect your skin from the UV rays.

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  1. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation

This wet n wild foundation is our favorite when it comes to being in front of a camera.  If you are someone who constantly finds themselves filming, then you need this foundation. Not only will it make you look presentable at all times but this will soon become your favorite everyday foundation choice. Look at all its features below.

  • Light absorbent: With its light-absorbing technology, this foundation helps not to reflect unnecessary brightness on your face when you are in front of a camera
  • Cruelty free: In this range of foundation, to be selfie approved and cruelty free is a plus for us.
  • Matte finish: The foundation has been tested to look best on your skin with its matte blend, so you don’t have to worry when you want that no-filter look.
  • Might replace your pricey foundations: This foundation has made us think if we need those expensive foundations anymore. It is worthy to be your first choice.

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So these were our best cruelty free drugstore foundation.

With all that you know now, it should have become ten times easier for you to pick your favorite too. The best foundation is not only the one that makes you look good but it is the one that makes you feel good and not at all overwhelmed with its weight on your face or the price ranges either. This gives you the freedom to change your makeup brand whenever you find a better one or maybe when you feel like experimenting a bit with all there is in the market. With the options only increasing everywhere, it is only fair if you get a proper understanding of how should you proceed to buy your foundation. The above foundations are the highest-rated and highly bought and approved foundations in the makeup industry with good reason as you hopefully just saw. So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick one from the list too.

And of course, when it’s cruelty-free, healthy, and inexpensive?  It should make your list! 


1. What does cruelty free mean?

Cruelty-free means that the products have been certified to have undertaken safe testing practices that don’t involve testing products on animals or using products that come through animal abuse of any kind. You should only believe certified cruelty free companies and not the ones that only claim to be cruelty free. Many brands cannot be trusted with their claims as they are not certified and/or regulated either.

2. Is Maybelline Fit Me Foundation cruelty free?

Being sold in China, where animal testing is required under law, Maybelline fails to be cruelty-free. Just like L’Oreal, which is its parent brand, Maybelline also tests its products on animals. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is not cruelty-free. Animal testing is considered unethical due to Maybelline and L’Oreal have had a controversial reputation.

3. Which foundation is cruelty free?

Several brands have abandoned their animal testing policies or they have had their foundation built on making cruelty-free vegan products that have been attracting more customers every day. All the products in our list above are certified cruelty- free.

4. Is a cruelty free foundation good for skin?

Cruelty free foundations are made with better care and responsibility. They are better from the foundation that is not cruelty free. Animal tested products are relatively harsh and cannot be always trusted.


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